Climate in the Tula region by season

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Climate in the Tula region by season
Climate in the Tula region by season

Tula region is located almost in the middle of the East European Plain. The northern border of the region goes to the valley of the Oka River, and the southern outskirts descends to the Zushi and Beautiful Mecha rivers. The Tula region borders on the Moscow, Lipetsk, Ryazan, Oryol and Kaluga regions. From west to east, the territory stretches for 200 kilometers, and from north to south - almost 230 kilometers.

Climate of the Tula region briefly: basic information

Tula region is a temperate continental climate zone, so the weather in this region is quite comfortable for life throughout the year. The winter months are often snowy, without severe frosts and temperature fluctuations. Summers are pleasantly warm, with moderate rainfall and a predominance of changeable cloudiness. As for spring and autumn, these seasons also do not cause much inconvenience to the locals. The temperature changes gradually, warming gradually replaces the cold and vice versa.Therefore, the climate of the Tula region can be called favorable for life. This is celebrated by both the indigenous population and the guests of the region.

Tula region

Spring in the Tula region

Pretty cool weather is observed in the region at the beginning of spring. During the day, the temperature rises on average no higher than 6 degrees Celsius, at night frosts to minus 10 degrees are still not uncommon. Since April, the atmosphere begins to warm up more, during the day the thermometer can rise to 15 degrees Celsius. However, cold snaps are not ruled out at night. There is little precipitation, sunny days are increasingly replacing cloudy weather. As mentioned above, the climate of the Tula region is changing gradually, weather forecasters can quite accurately predict the temperature for the near future. So, the last month of spring pleases with warm and clear skies with enviable regularity. On some days, the air can even warm up to 25 degrees!

Summer is the time for outdoor recreation

If we give a brief description of the climate of the Tula region in the summer months, then the phrase "summer is the time for outdoor festivities" perfectly describes the weather conditions at this time of the year. Already from the beginning of June, the temperature becomes quite comfortable for walking and outdoor recreation. The average temperature is 23 degrees Celsius. Since July, the probability of heat increases. The temperature in the area can reach 30-35 degrees Celsius. Precipitation during this period is present in small quantities. In August, the heat gradually subsides, but the temperature remains quite comfortable for being outside, about 20-25 degreesheat.

Summer evening

Tula region in autumn

What is the climate in the Tula region in autumn? September begins, or rather continues, with warm weather. The average temperature value of the first half of the month is 18 degrees. There are many sunny days, almost no precipitation. In October, the region gradually gets colder, with slight frosts possible at night. However, there is also little rainfall. Starting from November, the thermometer begins to fall below zero values ​​even during the day and the precipitation becomes significantly more, up to 8 days per month. The climate of the Tula region in autumn can be described as a smooth preparation for the cold.

forest zone

Tula region in winter

The climate of the Tula region in winter is marked by a rather gradual increase in frost. In December, the average daily temperature is about minus 5 degrees, at night it can drop to minus 10-15 degrees. Sunny days give way to cloudy skies, the chance of precipitation is quite high. Since January frosts are gaining momentum. The air cools down to minus 5-15 degrees, one-time cooling down to minus 25 degrees and below is possible. Precipitation in this month is not uncommon, but clear skies are quite rare. In the last month of winter, frost slows down, the air becomes a little warmer, approaching the values ​​of the beginning of winter. At night, it is also not uncommon for temperatures to drop to minus 15 degrees. The chance of precipitation is high. Windy days are also not uncommon. Toward the end of winter, the air begins to warm up gradually - nature is gradually preparing for the arrival of spring.


In any case, regardless of the season chosen for a trip to the Tula region, do not forget to play it safe in case of weather vagaries and take warm clothes with you in the winter months and off-season. And in summer, on the contrary, light-colored change of clothes will be useful.

Have a nice trip and good weather conditions!

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