Eared fennec fox and other funny animals of our planet

Eared fennec fox and other funny animals of our planet
Eared fennec fox and other funny animals of our planet

Mother nature is active in fiction: evolution does not stand still, she experiments. Once upon a time, our planet was inhabited by terrible and large reptiles called dinosaurs. But in nature, as in the universe, nothing is eternal, everything moves, everything changes. So, strong and beautiful animals once came to replace the huge animal lizards! But in their shadow there are also such creatures that you simply cannot look at without laughter and tenderness. So, what are they - the funniest animals? The photos of all these creatures are original, this is not a photomontage!

Fenech, or baby fox

Fenechs are the smallest representatives of the Canine (Canine) family. In addition, these are the funniest animals of the fox family. They can be found in North Africa and in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. Compared to their closest relatives - foxes - phoenixes seem to be very tiny. It is understandable: an adult chanterelle hardly grows up to 22 cm at the withers, andtheir weight does not exceed 1.5 kg. These little ones!

It will sound paradoxical, but it is simply impossible not to notice a small fennec fox when a fluffy and funny creature with huge ears and big black eyes runs along the hot desert sands. The length of the ears of this mini-chanterelle has a relatively impressive size - 15 cm. It is the large ears and small body that make fenech so funny. By the way, these funny animals look like that for a reason.

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There is nothing random in nature. Since the fennec fox is predominantly a desert fox, its large ears are a kind of “cooling radiator”: thanks to the blood vessels located in the ears, the fox can remove excess heat from the body. This is vital in a sultry desert climate. So the fennec fox is the little giant of the big deserts!

Very fluffy rabbit

Some funny animals are decorative creatures artificially grown by man. Nevertheless, it is impossible to remain silent about them, because they are all children of nature. One of the funniest creatures is the angora decorative rabbit. It differs from its relatives in "increased fluffiness." The wool of this creature is 93% pure down. These rabbits are bred for the most part for their soft and long coats. In some specimens, it reaches a length of 30 cm!

"Crazy" desman

Desman is not just a funny word, but also a relic species of mammals belonging to the Mole family from the orderShrews. Like it or not, desmans are truly very funny animals! Just look at them. At first glance, it may seem that the animal has gone crazy, but no! Their funny and "bulging" eyes, combined with an ever-smiling mouth and raised paws, make these animals obscenely funny and cute at the same time.

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Emperor to all emperors

Marmosets are, without exaggeration, funny animals that live in the tropics of South America. Among these small and funny monkeys there are representatives not only of pygmy marmosets and marmosets, but also of tamarins - chain-tailed monkeys. Their funniest species is the so-called imperial tamarin. If you look at this creature, then everything will immediately become clear: these monkeys have lush white “mustache” on their muzzle. You can meet this miracle of nature in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and in the rainforests of the Amazon.

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Army, or aye-aye

The Madagascar bat is the only representative of the family of the same name. This mammal belongs to the Demi-Ape order. Its second name is aye-aye. He has fluffy and black fur, a long tail and elongated thin fingers. It lives in the tropics of Madagascar and is nocturnal. Looking at this creature, you might think that the great writer John Tolkien "copied" the well-known Gollum from him.

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