Moscow estates: Altufyevo, an estate in the city

Moscow estates: Altufyevo, an estate in the city
Moscow estates: Altufyevo, an estate in the city

Moscow estates are a separate page in the history of the capital, illustrating the life of the nobility and preserving important relics and information for future generations. Among them is the estate "Altufievo", which eventually turned out to be part of a large metropolis and got lost in it. It is of great interest to lovers of history and architecture.

Altufievo: Moscow from time immemorial

The earliest mentions of the village of Altufyevo are found in a cadastral book of the end of the 16th century. They are associated with the name of the first owner of the estate, Neupokoy Dmitrievich Myakishev. He served under the royal throne as a housekeeper in the Khlebenny house. The lands that he owned were rich in animals, fish, and forests. Myakishev's yard was located on the banks of a small river Samoteka, which influenced the development of the landlord economy under the following owners.

Arrangement stages

The development of the estate can be seen in the table.

Owner Period Changes in the appearance of estates
N. D. Myakishev K. XVI c. A large wooden hut in which the owners and servants lived.Burned down in troubled times
Akinfov brothers 1623 Wasteland
N. I. Akinfov K. 1670s Two manor houses, barnyards, Church of the Ex altation
N. K. Akinfov 1721 Unidentified
A. N. Yusupova-Knyazheva 1725 Unidentified
N. K. Akinfov 1728 Unidentified
Yu. N. Akinfov 1755 Unidentified
I. I. Velyaminov 1760s Church rebuilt in stone
S. B. Kurakin and descendants 1786 - 1849 Stone house and services, regular garden, brewery and watermill
N. A. Zherebtsov 1849 -1861 Stone manor house in the old Russian style, stable, greenhouse
G. M. Lianozov 1880s No Information
The State of the Bolsheviks since 1917 A hospital is equipped in the master's house. Church closed
USSR-RF 1990s Reconstruction of the church and bell tower with strong distortions

But later we will tell a little more about the owners of the estate, and about the changes that have taken place in it.

From hand to hand

The first owners of the estate, which arose on the site of the Myakishev yard, were the Akinfov brothers. Nothing is known about these people. Perhaps these are the descendants of a native of the old Novgorod boyar family, Fedor,who left his father with his brother in Tver. Later, Fedor was a governor in Moscow. His sons Arkhip and Ivan became the owners of Altufyevo.

Arkhip was appointed governor of Krasnoyarsk, and Ivan - Shui. Ivan, under Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov, rose to the rank of steward, and then received the post of ambassador in Warsaw, so Arkhip remained the sole owner during the absence of his brother. After his death, Ivan again becomes the owner of the land, since Arkhip had no heirs. And after Ivan - his son Nikita. He was a duma nobleman, as well as a steward at the royal court.

Nikita Kanbarovich Akinfov inherited the estate from his grandfather Nikita Ivanovich.

Anna Nikitichna Akinfova, in the marriage of Yusupov-Knyazhev, and her husband Prince Grigory Dmitrievich sued the estate from Nikita Kanbarovich. However, he soon managed to sue the estate back. In the case of the Lopukhins under Peter I, N.K. Akinfov fell into disgrace and was exiled to a monastery. The estate returned to the state treasury.

Nikolai Arsentyevich Zherebtsov was a famous writer. He served as an official in the field of communications, by profession he was an engineer.

Ivan Ivanovich Velyaminov - lieutenant, graduated from the Land Gentry Cadet Corps. Served as city governor.

Stepan Georgievich Lianozov was a well-known industrialist and oil tycoon. Having a lot of money, he could afford to actively participate in patronage activities. He devoted time to work in the political arena.

Master's House

The main house of the Altufyevo estate in Moscow was rebuilt by Zherebtsov. The owner himself painted the ceiling in the main room.I chose a theme for the plot from national history.

Manor Altufyevo

Major changes took place during the period of ownership of the estate Lianozova. The house was built in the old Russian style. The family coat of arms is fixed on its southern facade. It's hard to tell who it belongs to. The facades of the house are richly decorated with figured architraves. Of the elements of ancient Russian architecture, kokoshniks were used. The entrance to the house of the Altufyevo estate (Moscow) is decorated with an extension, resembling a portico with a facade. The entrance is flanked by Ionic pilasters. The portal is lined with white stone blocks or bricks.

Decor of the manor house

Altufevskaya Church

Altufieva Church was consecrated in the name of the Ex altation of the Holy Cross. She is fenced off from the outside world. The entrance to the territory of the church is through the front gate in the form of a triple arch, the central volume of which is higher and wider than the side ones.

On the volumes there are figured attics, on the central one there is an icon. All three volumes are crowned with onion-shaped domes. At the corners of the fence there are one-story outbuildings, square in plan, covered with a semicircular vault, framed on four sides by triangular pediments. Above - a light tower-lantern topped with a helmet-shaped dome.

Altufievskaya church

The temple has the shape of a "ship": in fact, the temple-chapel, the refectory and the bell tower. Its three-tiered form is formed by a drum with large windows and a turret-lantern topped with an onion dome.

The bell tower consists of threetiers. The lower one is quadrangular, the middle and upper ones are octahedral, decreasing in size. The walls of the second tier are cut through with large light windows.

The facades of the church are painted beige with burgundy decor. The decor of the church repeats the decor of the front gate: figured attics, lancet arches and window frames, imitation of windows on the facade, rustication of wall fragments.

Altufievo today

Now the Altufyevo estate is a district of Moscow. At the moment, the main house of the estate is almost destroyed. A park is organized around, reminiscent of the old Altufievsky park. Now it is a favorite vacation spot for children and adults. The park is called Lionozovsky, because the area is named the same - Lionozovo, after the name of its last owner.

Lianozovsky park

It has playgrounds equipped for vacationers of different ages and interests: playgrounds, sports and fitness corners, areas for fans of scooters, bicycles and roller skates, etc.

Here in a cafe with an optimistic name "Good mood", located on the banks of the Altufevsky pond. Traditional Russian cuisine is presented here, as well as dishes of modern European cuisine. And all this we alth is located near the metro station "Altufievo" in Moscow.

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