February 11: holidays, significant events

February 11: holidays, significant events
February 11: holidays, significant events

It is worth opening the calendar, as it turns out that almost every day some kind of holiday is celebrated. It can be significant or, conversely, little known, but nevertheless it exists, which means that if you wish, it is quite possible to organize a party or a modest family feast.

For example, almost all of us know when St. Valentine's Day is celebrated, but do you know what celebrations are held on the planet on the occasion of, say, February 11? Not? Well, in vain … After all, quite a lot of famous and prominent people were born on this day in different years. Why not remember them again? In addition, February 11 is a great occasion to spend time at the family table or in a fun friendly company. What is the reason? Let's try to find out.

However, this article will not only introduce you to what events took place on February 11 in the world, the reader will learn about an extraordinary celebration in Japan, about the glorification of the patron saint of shepherds, about an unusual church holiday.

And it will also tell about what kind of people celebrated their birthday on February 11 and what kind of scientific discoveries were made in different years in the history of the planet.

International Day of the Sick

Not everyoneit is known that February 11 is a holiday for those who are lucky to be cured of any serious illness.

February 11 events

The initiator was none other than Pope John Paul II. He wrote a special message in which he took the initiative to create a world holiday - the Day of the Sick. This date was accepted by the world community and approved in May 1992

This decision was a kind of social step that was made to support all the people suffering from diseases on the planet.

The Pontiff also clarified the purpose of the day in his message, emphasizing the urgent need to improve care for the suffering and sick people. The date was not chosen by chance, but in strict accordance with the Catholic Day of the Infirm, which was always celebrated by the church and its parishioners exactly on February 11.

There is a belief that once in the French town of Lourdes on this day the Mother of God appeared and healed all the suffering. After this incident, she was considered a symbol of hope for the sick.

Now on this day in many countries of the world there are actions and events dedicated to the treatment and prevention of various kinds of diseases.

Great Veles Day

All farmers and shepherds celebrate Veles Day on February 11th. Note that Veles has long been considered the patron saint of shepherds and livestock. On this day, to improve the he alth of cattle, villagers still sprinkle it with water.

February 11th

Women on Veles perform a special ceremony for the obedience of oxen: they drink stronghoney, and then beat their husbands.

On this day, rituals are held in some villages to prevent the “cow death”, the final stage of which is the battle between Veles and Marena-winter. At the end of the day, there is a feast, which, by the way, is forbidden to eat beef.

February 11 in Japan is a national holiday

In the middle of the last winter month, the State Day is solemnly celebrated in the Land of the Rising Sun.

February 11 is a holiday in Japan

This day is approved as a national holiday throughout the country. Neither banks, nor shops, nor any government agencies are open. Tourists who did not know about February 11, a nationwide holiday, are somewhat confused. It turns out that it is almost impossible to buy even the most necessary things on this day, because. supermarkets are closed.

The State Day was appointed on this date not by chance. It was February 11, 660 BC. Jimmu, the first Japanese emperor, ascended the throne.

Officially, the holiday became national in 1966 and began to be celebrated on a grand scale in 1967

Laurence Day

This holiday is appointed in honor of the Monk Lawrence, who became famous for his gift of healing. People with vision problems worshiped him, as it was believed that the saint had the power to completely cure anyone from blindness whose request was sincere.

On Lawrence they watch the moon: if it grows, the weather of this day will last until half of March, but if a new moon falls, then suchdays, warm or cold, with or without precipitation, will remain until the end of February.

Also, on Lavrentiya, they monitored the smoke from the stove and the firewood in it. The first was supposed to be smooth, the second to crackle. Otherwise, expect a rainy and stormy summer.

By the way, today the name day on February 11th is celebrated by people who were lucky at birth to receive the name of this saint, which is quite rare these days. Religious people prefer to go to church on this day, while the rest simply arrange small family feasts.

The first motor ship is patented

As one would expect, February 11th dates are marked by a wide variety. Let's fast forward to the world of science and technology.

February 11 dates

Although scientists have been working on the use of steam energy since the 17th century, the American R. Fulton patented the first functioning steamboat on this very day in 1809. This scientist became the first inventor of the steamboat. Since then, for almost 10 years, his ship called the Claremont has regularly operated commercial flights.

By the way, not everyone knows that almost before his death, Fulton also designed a warship powered by a steam engine.

Recall that in Russia the first ship - "Elizaveta" - was built in 1815 by K. Byrd in St. Petersburg. "Elizaveta" was first tested on the Neva, and then allowed on a flight between St. Petersburg and Kronstadt.

The Vatican became an independent state

It's hard to imagine that the area of ​​the Vatican is only 44 hectares. And thisautomatically turns it into the smallest state on the planet.

February 11 holiday

It is located in the capital of Italy - Rome. The Holy See is located here - the most important administrative body of the Catholic Church. On the territory there is a square intended for the worship of all Catholics, as well as a huge St. Peter's Cathedral.

The entire perimeter of the Vatican is protected by a wall more than 3 km long. Many would like to know why this dwarf state has such a name. It's all about location, it turns out. The state lies on the hill of the same name.

If you are ever asked to answer the question of who was born on February 11, you can absolutely correct the person by noting that it would be more correct to say not “who”, but “what”. In fact, on this day in 1929, a new state appeared on the world map.

The necessary Lateran Accords were signed, as a result of which the Vatican received the status of an independent state. The leadership of the city-country is carried out by the Pope, who is elected for life by secret ballot of the college of cardinals. The Vatican also has the smallest army in the world, consisting of only 110 Swiss Guards.

Thomas Edison's birthday

Now let's talk about who was actually born on February 11, ie. we will tell about an outstanding personality for everyone who is related to the world of science.

who was born on February 11

On this day in 1847, the brilliant American inventor Thomas Edison was born.He took up inventing in 1868, and two years later he opened his own scientific laboratory in New York. In 1887, he created and headed a special research center.

Edison's inventions were an incandescent lamp, an electric meter, a base and a cartridge, a recorder, a megaphone and a phonograph, later supplemented by him. He also designed the lighting system and rotary switch, improved Bell's phone.

Thanks to Edison, parallel switching of lamps appeared. The scientist also built super-powerful electric generators, and in 1881 he launched the world's first power plant, which supplied electricity through an extensive network.

In addition, Edison invented the alkaline iron-nickel battery, the railway brake, the phone recorder, and improved the cinematographic camera. Truly, this is one of the most talented people on the planet.

Lyubov Orlova - world famous Russian actress

Name day on February 11, however, like her own birthday, was celebrated by Lyubov Orlova, an outstanding Soviet singer, theater and film actress.

name day February 11

Orlova was born on February 11, 1902 in the Moscow region, in a noble family. At the age of seven, Lyubov began to study at a music school, and the first to notice the girl's talent was the brilliant F. Chaliapin, who, moreover, was a friend of Lyuba's family. Subsequently, Lyubov studied at the Moscow Conservatory and as a choreographer at the Moscow Theater College. After that, she began working at the Moscow Musical Theater, performingas an opera singer and choreographer.

The actress made her film debut in 1934 in G. Roshal's silent film Petersburg Night. Later, the role in "Jolly Fellows" became a decisive moment in the work of the actress. They say that Stalin himself admired her game.

Lyubov Orlova always looked after herself and looked great, was not only a great actress, but also a real idol of absolutely all Soviet families of three decades of the last century. Her songs were known and sung by the whole Union. In recent years, the actress devoted herself to working at the Moscow Theater and, by the way, practically did not sing.

Of course, these are not all the events that marked February 11 for many years of human existence, but, undoubtedly, the most interesting.

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