Golden Youth today

Golden Youth today
Golden Youth today
Golden youth

The concept of "golden youth" in the domestic mentality is endowed with a brightly negative connotation. It is believed that this category includes people whose lives are successful: they do not worry about their material well-being, nor for their studies or careers. All this does not bother them due to the fact that the “golden youth of Russia” are the children of famous, influential, very rich people of the country. Among these people are billionaires, movie, sports, show business stars, composers, writers and others. In ancient times, when there was a division into estates, young people of the aristocratic class, children of the most influential people, would be considered “golden youth”. Today, this concept is seen somewhat differently.

During the Soviet era, it was considered prestigious to have access to some kind of scarce goods, but then almost everything was considered a scarcity. At that time, deputies, party leaders, famous singers, composers, writers, athletes, astronauts and others received high salaries. All of them had access to foreign-made goods. Modern "golden youth" are the sons, daughters of all those famous and famous people in the past. From childhood they possessed more than others,lived in prosperity, better than others. In addition, the “golden youth” (of Moscow and St. Petersburg) had the so-called “blat”. Many got into prestigious universities thanks to their parents' connections.

It should, however, be said that concepts change over time. So, for example, in the past, “majors” (children of public figures), having “worked up” in their youth, became famous, achieved success in one or another field of activity. Today, the concept of "major" has significant differences from what it used to be.

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"Golden youth" today is a special category of young people. A certain set of "brands" is given paramount importance. It is believed that in order to fall into the category of "golden youth", you must have a very expensive car, exclusive clothes, watches, shoes. Be sure to have breakfast, lunch, dinner in the most prestigious and expensive restaurants. In addition, you must visit the most expensive resorts in the world. And even if the parents are well-known scientists or public figures, but cannot provide their children with expensive things, then the children are not included in the category of “golden youth”. Those who wish to fall into the "unofficial estate" must have a certain set of brands. The more of these "brands" a person has, the better, the more prestigious his position in society.

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Thus, there are quite a few positive features left from the past concept. Today, in the first place is not fame, but the we alth of the family. Previously, the definition of "major" in somedegree intersected with the concept of "the color of the nation." Today, the "golden youth" is often the exact opposite of those who are in the "color of the nation" category. In the modern world, the children of rich and influential people form a certain crowd. It is attended, as a rule, by the children of officials and those whose activities are related to show business. Many of the "golden youth" have children who automatically fall into this "unofficial class".

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