Actress Amalia Goldanskaya

Actress Amalia Goldanskaya
Actress Amalia Goldanskaya

Amalia Goldanskaya is one of the most mysterious personalities in Russian cinema. Where is the actress now? What was her birth name? And how did the acting path of Amalia Goldanskaya begin?

Amalia Goldanskaya

Early years

Lyudmila Parygina (this is the name that was recorded in the birth certificate of the heroine of today's article) was born in 1973. The father of the future actress left the family before her birth. Some time later, Amalia's mother remarried. The man adopted the girl and gave her his last name.

As a child, Amalia Goldanskaya dreamed of becoming a director, but after graduating from high school she applied for the acting department at the Shchukin School and GITIS. She was accepted into both schools. Amalia preferred the Shchukin school.

Career start

Amaliya Goldanskaya made her film debut in 1993. It was the movie Road to Paradise. In the same year, she starred in the film "Dreams" by Karen Shakhnazarov. Then there were the films "Fatal Eggs", "Hello, young tribe …", "Lovers die." In 1997, Amalia Goldanskaya played a small role in Pavel Chukhrai's film The Thief. In the following years, she was quite activefilmed. But the real fame came to her in 2000, when the series "The Hunt for Cinderella" was released.

Amaliya Goldanskaya played for several years on the stage of the Lenkom Theatre. She was involved in the performances of Marseillaise, Anna Bollein, Restless Spirit.

Amalia Goldanskaya filmography

Amaliya Goldanskaya: filmography

In the period 1998-2002. the actress starred in the television film "Imposters", in which Mikhail Ulyanov played the main role. Ekaterina Rednikova, Igor Kostolevsky and other famous actors became Amalia Goldanskaya's partners. The heroine of this article played the role of a cunning, self-serving and purposeful girl. This is not the most significant work in the filmography of Amalia Goldanskaya, but it was after the TV series "Imposters" that the directors paid special attention to the aspiring actress.

In 1999, Goldanskaya played in Yegor Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky's psychological thriller The Recluse. The protagonist of the film is a writer whose works are shrouded in mystical mystery. Action-packed detectives do not leave the shelves of bookstores, they are willingly translated into all major European languages. However, the author is even more mysterious than his characters. The writer leads an extremely secluded lifestyle. But one day, a student of the philological faculty, Anna Skorokhodova, played by Amalia Goldanskaya, appears on the threshold of his house.

In 2006, the series "Parisians" was released on Russian screens, telling about the inhabitants of one of the Russian villages, which bears a name consonant with the name from the French capital. Once upon a time in the wildernessthe province attracts people who are disillusioned with the capital's way of life: a former official, a former deputy, a once popular singer and a businessman with a criminal past. Amalia Goldanskaya's partners on the set were Igor Bogoley, Valentin Golubenko, Vadim Andreev, Vladimir Sychev and the legendary French actor Pierre Richard. However, despite the participation of a comedy star, the series did not gain wide popularity among viewers.

Other films with the participation of Amalia Goldanskaya: Radio Day, Guilty Without Guilt, Generation P, Healing with Love, Three Musketeers, The Right to Love.

Amalia Goldanskaya biography

Private life

One of the most interesting moments in the biography of Amalia Goldanskaya for her fans is the repeated change of surname. In this regard, she became the absolute record holder in the Russian acting world. For the first time, Amalia Goldanskaya married Igor Zorin. In the credits of her debut film, she was designated as Lyudmila Parygina, then, as you know, she changed her first and last name. Became Amalia Goldanskaya. She inherited this surname from her second husband, with whom she lived for only 4 years. Soon the actress changed her name again. The third husband was Vadim Belyaev. In total, Amalia Goldanskaya has four children. Until 2016, she lived with them in Goa. Not so long ago, the actress left for the USA.

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