Actress Angela Little: complete filmography

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Actress Angela Little: complete filmography
Actress Angela Little: complete filmography

Angela Little is an American actress and former model. Known to comedy lovers thanks to the films American Pie 4 and My Boss's Daughter. Angela also had small roles in All Women Are Witches and Malcolm in the Middle.

Angela Little photo
Angela Little photo

Movie career

Angela Little made her feature film debut in 1999 with a small role in the crime drama Chasing the Dream. The film was not successful at the box office.

This project was followed by a small role in the comedy "Animal Nature". The film stars Patricia Arquette and Tim Robbins. Despite a good cast, the film was not liked by critics and failed at the box office, collecting only $1.5 million on a budget of $8.5 million.

Angela Little actress
Angela Little actress

More successful for Angela was the comedy "Rush Hour 2", in which she starred with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Like the first part, the tape was excellent at the box office, collecting $ 347 million. However, this film did not bring Little the desiredfame, as her role was quite small.

One of Angela Little's most famous films is the teen comedy "American Pie 4". Fearing a box office failure, the producers decided to release the tape straight to DVD. The film found its fans, but was not as successful as the previous parts.

In 2003, Little received a cameo role in the comedy Pauly Shore is Dead. The film had a limited release in the United States, where it grossed only $11,000. Both critics and viewers met the tape cool.

Another noteworthy project in the filmography of the actress is the comedy "My Boss's Daughter". The film did well at the box office, but did not like the critics at all.

TV roles

Angela Little doesn't have many big roles on television yet. She has appeared in several popular TV shows, including All Women Are Witches, Detective Monk, C. S. I.: Crime Scene Investigation, Detective Rush, and Malcolm in the Middle. In all these projects, the actress played episodic roles.

Angela Little received a regular supporting role in 2014 in the satirical series "Nanny for an Idiot". The series tells about a young woman who has been unlucky with her job for a long time. In order to somehow provide for herself, she agrees to look after Jean Russell, the eccentric daughter of a we althy businessman. Then the girl did not yet know that this hasty decision would deprive her of peace for a long time. The series received mixed reviews from critics and did not gain much popularity - the firstthe season was watched by only 500 thousand viewers.

Private life

Angela Little was married to actor Andy McKenzie. From this marriage, Angela has a daughter, Farrah.

In the 90s, Angela worked as a fashion model, often appearing on the covers of magazines. In August 1998, she posed for Playboy magazine.