Svetlana Shvaiko - actress of Soviet cinema

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Svetlana Shvaiko - actress of Soviet cinema
Svetlana Shvaiko - actress of Soviet cinema

Svetlana Shvaiko is an actress who performed several famous episodic roles in Soviet films. Thanks to her memorable appearance and bright, expressive, characteristic characters, she won the love of many generations of moviegoers.

Svetlana Shvaiko - biography

The actress was born on June 13, 1939. Little Svetlana showed interest in acting, surprised her parents and acquaintances with her mastery of disguise, often organized home performances and productions.

In 1960 Svetlana Shvaiko entered the State Cinematographic Institute. In 1964 she successfully completed her studies. Svetlana stood out among her fellow students, thanks to which she earned the favor of the founders of the acting course Makarova and Gerasimov.

Since 1965, she worked as an actress at the State Theater-Studio of Film Actor.

On the set of a movie
On the set of a movie

After the end of her creative career, Svetlana Shvaiko went into business. Together with her closest friend, actress Alla Budnitskaya, she opened a restaurant, which at one time was very popular not only among her fans, but also among all lovers of good cuisine. Institutionlocated on Bolshaya Ordynka.

Unfortunately, in the 1990s, the restaurant, called "Grandma's", was set on fire by competitors and completely burned down. The friends have already failed to restore their business.

Svetlana Shvaiko passed away in 1999. The cause of death was a serious illness, which the actress could not cope with. Her grave is located at the Kuntsevo cemetery.

Private life

Svetlana Shvaiko was married to one of the most famous and revered film actors of the Soviet era - Yuri Belov. After several years of a happy marriage, the couple had a son, who, at the insistence of Svetlana, was given the sonorous name Svyatoslav.

Actress husband
Actress husband

Despite the constant employment at work, participation in filming, frequent performances, Shvaiko paid a lot of attention and time to her family. She enjoyed working with her son, teaching him the basics of acting.

During Yury Belov's long illness, Svetlana was always by her husband's side, took care of him, fed him wholesome homemade food. Unfortunately, in 1991 the famous actor passed away. Svetlana Shvaiko was left alone. After the death of her beloved husband, the actress made no attempts to arrange a personal life.

According to her best friend, Alla Budnitskaya, one of the reasons for Svetlana's premature departure from life was the stress of losing her husband.

One of the roles
One of the roles

The only son of Svetlana Shvaiko Svyatoslav did not link his fate with the world of art. Almost nothing is known about his life at the present time, in addition,that he works in construction and lives in a small apartment.


After graduation, Svetlana immediately began acting in films. Among the most significant works are the following:

  • "Vitya Glushakov" (played the role of the mother of one of the characters, a member of the parent committee);
  • "Pokrovsky Gate" (remembered by all employee of the marriage registration department);
  • "For family reasons" (cheerful and cheerful secretary, constantly late at her workplace).