Tuti Yusupova. Actress of Uzbekistan

Tuti Yusupova. Actress of Uzbekistan
Tuti Yusupova. Actress of Uzbekistan

Tuti Yusupova is a memorable actress from Uzbekistan. She has the title of Honored Artist of the Uzbek SSR, which she received in 1970, as well as the People's Artist of Uzbekistan, which she was awarded in 1993. In addition, for merits in the culture of the country, she became twice an order bearer. A wonderful actress and a woman with a memorable appearance.

At a Glance

Yusupova Tuti Uzbekistan

Future actress Tuti Yusupova was born on March 10, 1936 in Samarkand, Uzbek SSR. She acquired her skills at the Tashkent Theater and Art Institute named after. N. A. Ostrovsky. In 1957 she came to the Tashkent Drama Theater named after Khazma, where she is currently working.

Honored and People's Artist

The biography of Tuti Yusupova is indeed very short, since the heyday of her work fell on the years when the USSR had already collapsed and Uzbekistan had become an independent republic. Before the collapse of the Great Power, she worked in the theater. There she embodied the complex images of Hafiza in the play "Silk Suzan" and Khodjara in the production of "Voice from the Hump"Abdullah Qahhar. Her role as Sonya in Chekhov's play "Uncle Vanya" is considered deeply felt. Her other equally significant roles have become a hallmark for admirers of theatrical art in the city of Tashkent.

Actress Tuti Yusupova endowed her heroes with strong characters, spiritual beauty, and also remained the embodiment of a woman outside of nation and religion, who adorned the world of men with her existence. Many of the roles she performed on stage became for people the embodiment of herself. That is why, not being a movie star, she receives the title of Honored Artist, and later - the People's Artist.

Outside the theater

Actress Yusupova

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the stage of her native theater, Tuti Yusupova was in demand in television plays and radio shows. In total, the actress has more than a hundred works that brought her fame in her native republic. But only cinema brought her fame beyond the borders of Uzbekistan.

The genres of films where Tuti Yusupova starred are very diverse - lyrics, comedy, drama, and fantasy. The actress plays all her versatile roles with inspiration that only real talent can give.

Success in movies

Tuti Yusupova started acting in films since 1991. Fame outside her native country brought the actress the picture "Abdullajan, or Dedicated to Steven Spielberg", filmed in 1991. This lyrical kind comedy fell in love not only with the people of Uzbekistan, but other countries.

Then, in her filmography, such works as Father's Valley, Orator, Dilhirozh,“New buy”, “Tsetochek”, “Have you seen the matchmaker?” and Berlin-Akkurgan. Each of these films is worthy of careful viewing, however, at the moment they are not always available to foreign viewers. That is why the actress Tuti Yusupova remains little known outside her republic.

Worthy rewards

Two orders that the actress has prove that her work has played an important role in the life of Uzbekistan. In 2000, she was honored to become the owner of the Order "El-yurt Khurmati", which translates as "To the Respected People and Motherland". And in 2014, along with the military, Tuti Yusupova was again awarded the Fidokorona Khizmatlari Uchun Order, which translates as “For Services to the Motherland.” Such awards for an actress cannot be insignificant.

The show goes on

Tuti Yusupova

Despite a very respectable age - 83 years - the actress continues to live a fairly active life. Her last film was released in 2018. In addition, fans can see their favorite in a TV show. In the comments on films with the participation of Tuti Yusupova, they do not skimp on declarations of love, good wishes and touching epithets. To some, she reminds her mother, who remained in her homeland. Such recognition is worth a lot.

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