Actress Lily James: biography, personal life, interesting facts

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Actress Lily James: biography, personal life, interesting facts
Actress Lily James: biography, personal life, interesting facts

Lily James is a young and promising British actress. She gained fame in her homeland after filming the TV series Downton Abbey, and the main role in the film Cinderella by Kenneth Branagh brought her worldwide fame. What path did the aspiring actress go through to achieve such fame?

Career start

The future actress was born in 1989 in the UK. Her mother, Ninette Thompson, is also an actress, although less successful than her daughter. The girl's father, James Thompson, was a musician. It was he who became the ideological inspirer of Lily, who prompted her to start a career as an actress. Unfortunately, in 2009 he passed away from cancer. In memory of him, the girl took his name as a pseudonym - Lily James. Her grandmother was also an actress. Her most significant role was voicing a computer in the legendary film Alien. Lily also has two brothers, but they have nothing to do with the acting environment.

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As a child, under the influence of her father and grandmother, the girl became interested in acting. Immediately after graduating from high school, she began studying at the London School of Music and Drama.Guildhall. In 2010, the girl successfully graduated from it and began to build her career. At first, Lily played only in theaters. On stage, she embodied the image of Desdemona from the play "Othello" by William Shakespeare. She also played in venues in Richmond and London, including the famous Young Vic theater in the capital.

Main filmography

He made his television debut with a small role in the final season of the popular British sitcom Secret Diary of a Call Girl. However, fame in England brought her the role of Lady Rose McClair in the historical drama Downton Abbey. Lily James played in this project for 3 seasons. He also became the first step for the actress on the path to popularity. The next project of the future star is the comedy short film "Chemistry", in which she played the main role. In 2010, she took part in the filming of the family series Just William.

On the big screen, Lily James first appeared in 2012, taking part in the film "Wrath of the Titans" by the famous British actor and director Kenneth Branagh. Subsequently, he will invite the girl more than once to participate in his major projects. However, the film was a limited success - it did well at the box office worldwide, but was completely trashed by critics. Lily returned to television, where she starred in the film "Broken", playing the cameo role of the matured main character. In addition, she played in the film "Fast Girls" - a sports drama about the intense rivalry of track and field athletes. Then the actress took a short break between filming, appearing only in a short film.Boycott 2013.

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In 2014, Kenneth Branagh begins preparations for a new adaptation of the famous cartoon Cinderella, starring Lily James. In addition to her, such eminent actresses as Alicia Vikander, Saoirse Ronan and Emma Watson also auditioned. The picture was a huge success and received positive reviews from critics, overnight making the young British actress popular all over the world.

Followed by roles in major Hollywood projects: "Chief Adam Jones" and "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." In the last film, the girl played the role of Elizabeth Bennet, the cult heroine of British literature. It was followed by another adaptation. This time, Lily James got the role of Natasha Rostova in the British TV series War and Peace. Its production was commissioned by the BBC - the largest in the UK. It consists of 6 episodes, which were released at the beginning of 2016. Thus, Lily James, whose filmography includes more than a dozen projects over the past few years, can be called one of the most successful British young actresses.

Private life

Nothing is known about the relationship in which the actress was at the beginning of her career. Only in 2014, rumors began to appear in the press about the growing romance of Matt Smith and Lily James. Personal life is a topic that a girl avoids while talking to journalists. However, by 2015, no one had any doubts that they were in love with each other.

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Matt Smith- a popular British actor, whose popularity brought the role of the Eleventh Doctor in the fantasy series "Doctor Who". Together with Lily, he also took part in the filming of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The couple has been dating for two years now. They do not seek to cover their relationship in public, but often appear at official events together, and are also friends with their families.

Future projects

Lily James continues to act actively. At the end of 2016, she became the official face of the new Burberry fragrance. Most of the time the actress spends on an advertising campaign for perfumes and participating in numerous photo shoots. She also returned to the theater again. Lily James, whose photo now graces many London advertising spaces, will again work with Kenneth Branagh in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. In 2017, she is scheduled to participate in the films "The Last Kiss of the Kaiser" and "Young Driver".

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Let's hope that Lily James' career will develop rapidly and she will embody many more bright images on the screen. So far, the actress has all the makings to become famous not only in her homeland, but throughout the world.

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