Cities of the Kemerovo region: a brief description

Cities of the Kemerovo region: a brief description
Cities of the Kemerovo region: a brief description

Kemerovo region is a subject of the Russian Federation. It is located in Western Siberia, in its southeastern part. The region was formed on January 26, 1943. It occupies an area of ​​more than 95 thousand km22. According to official figures, in 2016 the number of local residents exceeded 2.7 million people.

Most of them (approximately 85%) inhabit the cities of the Kemerovo region. The remaining 400 thousand live in settlements, villages, villages. This area is considered the most densely populated in Siberia. In Russia, it ranks 16th in terms of population and 34th in terms of area. Most of the population are Russians (90%), the rest of the nationalities are Teleuts, Tatars, Shors and others.

cities of the Kemerovo region

There are 20 cities in the region. The largest is Kemerovo (the administrative center of the region). And the smallest is Salair. Its postal code is 652770. The population for 2016 is a little more than 7.7 thousand people. Car code: 42, 142. Tel. code: +7(38463).

The status of the city of Salair was assigned in 1941. Now there is a mining and processing plant. About other citiescan be read below. The article will also include telephone, car codes and indices of cities in the Kemerovo region.

Cities with a population of over 500 thousand people

There are two such cities in the region:

  1. Kemerovo is the administrative center. Erected on the rivers Bolshaya Kamyshnaya (Iskitimka) and Tom. It occupies an area of ​​more than 280 km2. City status was granted in 1918. Currently, over half a million people live here. Most of the inhabitants are Russians (95%). All car codes of cities in the Kemerovo region are the same - 42, 142. Kemerovo indices: 650900-650907; 650000-650099. Tel. code: +7(3842). Unofficially, the city bears the title of the capital of Kuzbass. The chemical, food and processing industries, coke production and trade are well developed here.
  2. Novokuznetsk is the second largest city in the region. According to the 2016 census, almost 552,000 people live here. The city status was received in 1622. Currently, it occupies an area of ​​more than 420 km2. It is an important industrial center. Main economic sectors: metallurgy, production of metal products, mining. City indexes: 654000-654103. Tel. code: +7(3843).
Belovo city, Kemerovo region


If we compare the cities of the Kemerovo region, then only in one city the population is almost 200,000 people (in 2016 - 198,438). The area of ​​the occupied territory is 227.5 km2. Phone code: +7(3846). Indexes of Prokopyevsk: 653000-653099. ATKemerovo region takes pride of place as the oldest city. It received its modern name in 1931, before that it was called Monastic.

Today it is the administrative center of the municipal district of the same name. The country is known as a major coal mining center. Administratively divided into three districts. The most densely populated is Rudnichny (almost 110 thousand people). 57,000 live in Central, and more than 31,000 in Zenkovsky. There are branches of Moscow, Kuzbass, Kemerovo and Novosibirsk universities in the city, there are also about 10 technical schools and colleges.

area codes of Kemerovo region

Cities of the Kemerovo region with a population of 90 thousand people

Three settlements should be highlighted:

  • Mezhdurechensk. The status of the city was assigned in 1955. Previously it was called Olzheras. Postal codes: 652870, 652873-652875, 652877, 652878, 652880-652888. The city is located on an area of ​​335 km2. Currently, almost 99 thousand people live here. The city of Mezhdurechensk in the Kemerovo region is inhabited by Russians, Ukrainians, Tatars and other nationalities. Phone code: +7(38475). The main sectors of the economy are ferrous metallurgy and coal mining.
  • Leninsk-Kuznetsky. It ranks fifth in the region in terms of population. In 2016, the number of inhabitants was almost 98 thousand people. In 1925 the status of a city was given. Now the area of ​​Leninsk-Kuznetsky is 128 km2. Tel. code: +7(38456). City index: 652500. Main economic sectors: coal, construction,engineering, chemical, food.
  • Kiselevsk. City status was granted in 1936. According to the census, in 2016 the number of inhabitants was more than 92 thousand people. Tel. code: +7(38464). National composition: Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Armenians and others. Kiselevsk Square – 160 km2. Zip codes: 652700-652799.
city ​​of Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovo region

Cities with a population of 70 to 80 thousand people

Here you can highlight the following cities:

  • Yurt. The number of residents in 2016 increased to almost 82 thousand people. The city covers an area of ​​45 km2. Most of the population are Russians (93%), the rest are Germans, Tatars, Ukrainians and other nationalities.
  • City of Belovo (Kemerovo region). In 1921, a railway line was built in the village. In 1938 it receives the status of a city. The number of inhabitants in 2016 decreased to 73.4 thousand people. 652600-652699 - postal codes. Mining, open and underground coal mining is well developed in the city. The following industries also occupied an important role: transport, trade, metallurgy and others. The city of Belovo (Kemerovo region) covers an area of ​​over 200 km2.
  • Anzhero-Sudzhensk. The population in 2016 decreased to 72,800 people, although at the end of the 20th century it exceeded 90,000. In 1931, the village of Anzherka was transformed into a city. Tel. code: +7(38453). 652470 - index. The area occupied by Anzhero-Sudzhensk is almost 120 km2.
indices of cities in the Kemerovo region

Cities with a population of less than 40,000

Let's name four settlements:

  1. Berezovsky is a city in the taiga zone. The area is dominated by forests. The area is small, only 74 km2. The number of inhabitants is 47,140 people. More than 80% of the economy is occupied by the coal industry.
  2. Osinniki is a small town on the river. Condoma. Until 1938 - the village of Osinovka. For more than 10 years, the population has been declining, in 2016 it is only about 43 thousand people. Like other cities of the Kemerovo region, it is the center of coal mining.
  3. Toes. The title of the city was received in 1956. Currently, there are almost 42 thousand permanently registered residents. Located in an area of ​​108 km2.
  4. Mariinsk is an agricultural center. Built on the banks of the river Kiya. The area is only 54 km2. The population is a little less than 40 thousand.

Cities with 20 to 30 thousand people

Finishing describing the cities of the Kemerovo region, we will briefly talk about Topki, Polysaevo, Taiga, Guryevsk, Tashtagol and K altan. The population in each city is less than 30 thousand people. Like other settlements in this region, they are important junction stations and coal-mining centers.

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