The best cities near Moscow: a brief description

The best cities near Moscow: a brief description
The best cities near Moscow: a brief description

Moscow is an incredible city in terms of its scale and rapid development. It is here that the maximum percentage of interesting events, the country's most global events and attractions is concentrated. Many people, coming to the capital of the Russian Federation, are surprised by the rhythm of life in this city. At first glance, it seems that absolutely everyone is in a hurry on business, even children and pensioners. Today, Moscow is a city filled with people and events, which is increasingly attracting not only Russians, but also foreigners.

Many Muscovites try to escape from the bustle of the city and move to the region. The cities near Moscow (their list is quite long, so the best ones will be described in the article) are more reminiscent of a quiet province than even the most extreme points of the capital, however, the standard of living here is no worse.

Best cities in the Moscow region

  1. Balashikha is the largest city in terms of population.
  2. Podolsk is the unspoken capital of the Moscow Region.
  3. Istra is a tourist center.
  4. Dolgoprudny - the cleanest Moscow regioncity.
  5. Golitsyno is a picturesque region.
  6. Dimitrov is the most beautiful city.
  7. Sergiev Posad - the historical center.

Of course, these are not all the cities of the Moscow region, but only a small part of them. In total, there are more than 30 of them in the region. Let's take a closer look at the best of them.


One of the most popular tourist cities in the suburbs is Istra. Having grown from an ancient settlement, today it is a cultural and educational center filled with historical sights and museums. Istra is a city near Moscow with the New Jerusalem Monastery. It is in it that one of the most ancient drama theaters still operates today. Every year, the most talented actors, honored artists and masters of art take to the stage. Due to its proximity to the capital of Russia, touring performances that thundered all over the world often come here. This city near Moscow with the New Jerusalem Monastery has a history that is striking in its diversity. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov lived and worked here, and it was this city that was the first to be liberated by the Red Army.

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A clean and cozy town in the suburbs of Moscow is rightfully considered one of the most attractive places to live. Due to its location just a few kilometers from the capital, many Muscovites move here to live. A small town was built for workers and bore the proud name of Airshipstroy exactly until the moment when the production of airships was stopped.

Despite theirsmall size, Dolgoprudny is developed no worse than the capital itself, like many large cities near Moscow. Shops with reasonable prices, hospitals and schools, jobs are available to all residents. The construction of new areas of the city attracts people from all over the country, especially since housing prices here are much lower than in the capital itself. The educational system is well developed in Dolgoprudny, there are technical schools and institutes, which provides education for everyone. Moreover, there is a playground for rugby and football, and sailing is popular in the warm season.

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Golitsyno is one of the most picturesque suburbs of Moscow. Recently received its status, this city attracts the attention of not only tourists, but also residents of the capital. It is here that a huge number of country houses are located, which Muscovites use to relax in the warm season. Many cities near Moscow are popular due to their landscapes.

The history of Golitsyno begins at the end of the 19th century with the start of the construction of a large-scale railway linking Moscow, Smolensk and Brest. Initially, the village was formed around the railway station connecting Russia with Europe, and later gained incredible proportions and grew quite strongly. It is interesting that it received the status of a city only in 2004, and until that moment it had been considered an urban-type settlement for decades.

Today, Golitsyno is a developed center with its own infrastructure, closely connected with Moscow, like other cities near Moscow. Herehas its own schools and higher educational institutions, transport system and shops. Due to its geographical location, Golitsyno is considered one of the cleanest areas of the Moscow region, which is why Moscow residents are increasingly choosing this place to relax and live.

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The city is located on the tributary of the Moskva River - Pakhra - and is the second largest satellite of the capital after Balashikha. Podolsk is a center with a developed infrastructure, where it is comfortable to live and work for any person with completely different interests, thanks to which this area attracts the attention of residents from all over the country. Beautiful cozy streets are great for evening walks, both alone and with the whole family.

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The largest city in the Moscow region has long been a popular place of residence for all Muscovites. It has long been at the top of the list of "Best Moscow Region Cities". From here it is convenient to get to the capital itself - Balashikha is located in close proximity to Moscow. The city has a very developed infrastructure. This is what allows it to compete with many large administrative centers of Russia, both in terms of economic development and living standards.

Balashikha attracts attention with its modernity. All cities near Moscow, like this one, are fully in step with the times, which, of course, amazes every person who has had a chance to visit them.

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