Life is unfair: quotes, reasoning

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Life is unfair: quotes, reasoning
Life is unfair: quotes, reasoning

It is often said that life is unfair. Someone believes in fate, someone calls it karma, and there are those who are alien to philosophical reflections. They live an ordinary life and do not delve into questions about the eternal. Some write poetry why life is unfair. This is a favorite subject of soap operas and Indian films. If you also think that life is unfair, the quotes and sayings collected in this article are for you.

life is unfair
life is unfair


Many of us often complain about how unfair life is. Some have cars, apartments and yachts, while others barely make ends meet - is that fair? Why is life so unfair and is there a chance to fix everything? How do you feel about expensive cars, things, the lifestyle of rich people? If you are ready to talk all day long about the fact that all those who have earned money are crooks, thieves and not the best people, you will never live in abundance. Money is perceived as a source of something unpleasant, evil, respectively, they cannot come into the life of a person who thinks in this way. Such people are cold in winter and too hot in summer. In every day they see only the negative side. There is no love, no joy. All day long they are ready withoutend complaining about your misfortunes.

why is life so unfair
why is life so unfair

How to Attract Abundance

Accept for yourself that money is not evil, but simply a means to fulfill your cherished desires. Be in love with the energy of money. Get them a beautiful wallet, preferably gold or black. Green or brown shades are also suitable. Treat banknotes with care, do not wrinkle them in your pockets. There is a wallet for money. If you see a coin on the street, pick it up. To walk past money is to show disrespect for money egregore. But be careful if the money lies at the crossroads. With the help of small coins, people pay off something bad. Look closely at the wallet itself, in which your money lies. It should not contain receipts from purchases or any other receipts - the money will go away.

life is unfair
life is unfair

Unfair claims about money

Before you talk about life being unfair to finances, take a close look at beliefs. Some of them are presented here:

  1. Money comes with great difficulty and the only way.
  2. You can't earn money doing what you love, all the places are already taken.
  3. The world is ruled by blat and connections. You just can't get anywhere.
  4. You will never even earn a wheel from this fancy car, never go on a trip, never wear expensive things.
  5. Money is only for those who steal or earn dishonestly.
  6. No one in your family was rich, which means you are notshining.
  7. You don't need money.
  8. Money is slipping through your fingers.
  9. Prices are rising and the way you live is the government's fault.

Instead of complaining about poverty, think about how you can make money. This will help you focus on solving the problem.

life is cruel and unfair
life is cruel and unfair


Specialists in the field of psychology agree on one thing: no one can get a good life without proper attention to himself and his personality. Allow yourself a little more than you have now, and the world will give you the opportunity to receive more. Love yourself and indulge, and money and love will catch up by themselves.

Victim State

Life is often unfair, but still good! Any troubles can be solved, and difficulties can be overcome. With their help, the Universe allows us to grow and rise a little higher. Do not be afraid to win and set high goals for yourself. The sun shines the same for each of us. By complaining, you tune in to the frequency of trouble. Physics has proven that everything that surrounds us is energy. By tuning in, a person attracts certain circumstances like a magnet.

Unrequited love

How many people around the world say that life is unfair, just because one person does not pay attention to their person. What to do so that the object of dreams finally looks in the direction of a loving heart? Accept for yourself one not too pleasant truth - you are not obliged to love. The other person is not obliged to have mutual feelings, even if you are a real miracle. Each meeting, no matter how unsuccessful, rewards you with experience and a new vision of the situation, bringing you closer to that one person.

Most likely, you lack emotions. You are trying to get them through love for another person, more precisely, falling in love with the created positive image. Any manifestation of attention is perceived as evidence of compliance or non-compliance otherwise.

life is unfair
life is unfair

You make yourself believe that life is unfair. No one can inspire you with love, self-respect, confidence.

A favorite thing as a source of joy

Life is cruel and unfair, that's what most people think. Unloved job, bad relationship with the family, tomorrow to pay for the loan, but no money, I would like to go somewhere, but there is no light in my business. Every day is like one big today. How to stop this circle? Answer yourself a simple question: what brings you happiness, what would you do if you didn’t have to earn money? The answer may be found only in a few days. Do not hurry. Once you figure out what gives you joy, think about how to turn it into a source of income. Just don't treat it like a job, but like a hobby that also brings in money.

life is not fair quotes
life is not fair quotes

The most unusual professions

If you think that life is unfair, and the poems and songs you listen to and read confirm this theory, the most unusual professions in the world will help you.

  1. Professional hugger. Have you heard that a person needs at least 8 hugs a day to feel true happiness. In Europe and Japan, you can hire someone to hug you for a fee.
  2. A relative for hire. A real find for those who are tired of being alone at family celebrations or other similar events. If you have not found your love, but really want to avoid uncomfortable questions - this is what you need. They will professionally impersonate a boyfriend or an old grandmother's granddaughter, it all depends on the wishes.
  3. Toilet guide. Yes, you read that right, this profession is widespread in Japan. A special person will show where the nearest institution is located. At the same time, it is precisely such an entry that appears in the work book.
  4. Dream merchant. For a very solid reward for you, for one day, your most cherished dream will come true.
  5. Professional sleepyhead. An ideal workplace for those who love to sleep. With their help, hotels or furniture stores check the convenience and quality of goods.
life is sometimes unfair
life is sometimes unfair

Magicians, psychics, psychologists

Life is unfair only when any negative event is perceived as a nuclear explosion on the scale of your local world. Everyone deals with difficulties in their own way. Some need the help of a qualified psychologist, others turn to tarologists and bioenergetics. Of course, there are people who can help you figure out what is difficult for you personally. But inside you must bean irresistible desire to change your life. Without this, any advice is useless. Some are looking for instant relief from problems in cards or rituals for success. This only happens in fairy tales. The reality is that you will leave the specialist exactly the same as you came with. The environment is the scenery for the world within you.

You deserve better

Despite the fact that life is sometimes unfair, it still gives us gifts. Another question is whether we can accept them. It would seem that difficult? But in practice, things work a little differently. For example, a man was offered a dream job that he had wanted for many years. But doubts come at the most decisive moment, it seems that there is not enough experience, that there are no guarantees, the fear of losing a "stable place of work" comes. Or the girl finally met the man of her dreams. As soon as he confessed his love to her, there was a fear of not living up to the expectations of his lover. There can be many reasons: a simple family, the inability to do something that other girls usually like (to sew, cross-stitch or cook). Or maybe the appearance is far from ideal in terms of ideas. Probably, this happens because everyone wants to be perfect for their soulmate. Even if we ourselves do not reach our own ideas about this ideal.

How is this implemented at the external level? There are a lot of obstacles. From the outside, it may seem that circumstances do not depend on us and occur by themselves. In fact, it is our unwillingness to have what we want that creates difficulties: the boss does not signdocuments, a loved one suddenly behaves strangely. The Universe seems to be saying: “What did you want, you said that you don’t need it, which means that you will either live without what is really dear to you, or through difficulties you will grow to understand that you deserve it, what I want to give you.

You're all right. You are a unique person, even if for some reason it seems to you that this is not so. A person himself comes up with criteria for ideality and suffers because of his own inconsistency with him. Let go of all theories and allow yourself to breathe freely. You will definitely be loved for who you are.

Poems about the injustice of life

Why is life so unfair? Poems are often written on this subject. Here are some, for example.

Life will fly by, resentment is inappropriate, Don't hoard them in your heart.

Injustice and untruth everywhere, But does that get in the way of loving life?

It's so easy to offend a person, Take and throw the phrase angrier than pepper.

But then you will not have enough century, To heal a wounded heart.

Quotes About Unfair Life

  1. "No one will leave life innocent, life will break everyone." Kurt Cobein.
  2. "A sense of humor is the only weapon against the injustices of life." Pierre Richard.
  3. "One gets a donut, the other gets a hole from it. That's democracy." Mayakovsky.
  4. "It's very hard to be unfair to your loved ones." Oscar Wilde.
  5. "He is right with his wrong intentions,but we don't with our right ones." "South Park".
  6. "Children feel injustice more than anything." Charles Dickens.

Why the Universe is in no hurry to grant wishes

Sometimes it seems that life is unfair, because our most cherished dreams are somehow in no hurry to come true. We are exhausted, but nothing works. The fact is that often people are not inclined to think beyond their own window. Just think what the World in its broadest sense goes to to push two people!

The opening of new opportunities can look like a loss on the outside. For example, to get a new job, you must first quit your old one. For a dream relationship, you need to part with your former, once beloved partner. Do you still feel that life is unfair to you personally? Then think about the fact that difficulties are given only to those who strive for something. This means that there is a potential hidden inside you that you do not even know about at the moment. Any difficulty or negative experience is sent for a person to grow a little as a person. In terms of development, there is no middle ground: either up or down. Rejoice at any opportunity to express yourself, you will grow in your own eyes and the eyes of the environment. Imperceptibly, but very truly and radically, thinking will change, life will become interesting. In addition, your experience can help another person become stronger or survive something. Maybe it is your words that someone else badly needs or will need.

Several ways to make life better

You can talk as much as you likeabout how unlucky in life, but you can make it better. Here are some simple yet effective ways.

  1. Read books. Just half an hour a day will make you an interesting conversationalist and one of the smartest people in your environment.
  2. Learn languages. This will open career prospects and provide an opportunity for interesting acquaintances.
  3. Take care of your body. Physical activity relieves heavy thoughts.
  4. Drink clean water and eat more fruits and vegetables, your body will thank you.
  5. Call your family more often. By expressing love, you will receive more love from others.
  6. Don't think of things that didn't happen.
  7. Make time for little pleasures.
  8. Make time for outdoor activities.
  9. Stop screwing yourself around. Most of the situations that the brain replays throughout the day will never happen.
  10. Don't eat yourself up with guilt. You did it because there were reasons for it. Forgive yourself. If possible, try to fix the situation, if not, let go.
  11. Allow yourself to be yourself without copying others, and do as you see fit.