Biography and creative activity of Arseny Shulgin

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Biography and creative activity of Arseny Shulgin
Biography and creative activity of Arseny Shulgin

Arseny Shulgin was born on November 8, 1998 in Moscow, Russia. He is the youngest son of the famous composer and producer Alexander Shulgin and the famous singer Valeria. The guy is closely involved in music, especially the piano. In addition, he works as an entrepreneur and maintains his video blog. Marital status - single, no children.

Biography of Arseny Shulgin

Arseniy was born into a creative family. At that time, his father was already famous. He wrote music for such famous singers as Kristina Orbakaite, Irina Allegrova, Alexander Malinin, and also worked with the Lube, Mumiy Troll, Moral Code and Alisa groups. Arseny's mother Valeria often performed on stage. His parents divorced. The main reason was domestic violence. In 2004, his mother found happiness again and began to live with Arseny's stepfather Iosif Prigogine.

Arseniy's family

Besides Arseny himself, older brother and sister are growing up in the family.Brother Artemy studied abroad as a programmer and stayed there to live. Sister Anna is engaged in a creative career. Shulgin Jr. has been indifferent to music since childhood. When the boy was 4 years old, he was sent to a music school.

Music activities

At the age of thirteen, the young man played at the Nutcracker piano competition. Arseny was awarded the second place. In 2012, he was awarded two Grand Prix at once. The first - at the international music competition "Night in Madrid", and the second - at the competition of children's and youth art "Open Europe".

musician Arseny Shulgin

The young musician found admirers not only in Russia but also abroad. He gave concerts in Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Moscow region, Giessen, Nuremberg and Frankfurt. At his performances, Arseny Shulgin, whose photo can be seen in the article, performs works by famous musicians of a bygone era. For example, Bach, Mozart, Rachmaninov and Scriabin.

His first concert was organized on the stage of the Moscow House of Music. At that time, the guy was only fifteen years old. And at the age of seventeen he gave a solo concert of classical music.

Business activity

In 2015, a young musician decided to start a business project. Together with friends, he opened a cafe-bar on Lubyanka. Later, Arseny admitted that he did not think about the successful work of this institution. However, his mother appreciated her son's idea and praised it.

After that, the guy did not stop and decided to open anotherinstitution - restaurant Nebo Lounge. This place was intended only for successful businessmen and other famous personalities. But the young man does not consider that this is his main activity. He plans to develop online trading and e-commerce.

Later, the young man said that music will remain for him as a hobby. Arseniy does not intend to make money with creativity. However, for himself, the guy decided to graduate from the central music school at the Conservatory. P. I. Tchaikovsky.

Private life

When the musician was sixteen years old, he met a girl named Stefania, the daughter of the famous singer Dmitry Malikov. Arseny Shulgin and his girlfriend even went on a trip together. They chose Italy as their destination. They were joined by Inna Malikova and her son Dmitry. After breaking up with Stephanie, the young guy was seen hugging the former soloist of the Tatu group, Yulia Volkova. Many media attributed the novel to them. But the guys denied everything.

In 2015, the musician's fans vigorously discussed the possibility of a romantic relationship between Arseny and video blogger Alexandra Spielberg. The reason for the rumors was the video posted by the girl. It was an interview with Shulgin Jr. In addition, the guys often posted joint photos online.

personal life

Today, the young man is dating model Anna Sheridan. In 2016, Arseniy and Anna went to Dubai for a summer vacation. When he was eighteen years old, the guy threw a grand party, where he also invited his girlfriend.The family of a talented musician warmly accepted the new passion of Arseny. Young people are still dating and their feelings are getting stronger.

Arseny Shulgin

Many relatives and friends were invited to Shulgin Jr.'s birthday. He received a huge amount of congratulations. Later, Valeria admitted that she was still a little sad, since her son had already grown up. Celebrities such as Yana Rudkovskaya, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Igor Krutoy, Marina Yudashkina, Philip Gazmanov and others were seen at the young man's holiday.

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