Biography and creative activity of Dmitry Palamarchuk

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Biography and creative activity of Dmitry Palamarchuk
Biography and creative activity of Dmitry Palamarchuk

Dmitry Vadimovich Palamarchuk was born in the spring of 1984 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The famous artist is thirty-four years old, his zodiac sign is Aries. Dmitry Vadimovich is a famous theater and film actor. Many people know him from such films as "You can't be pardoned", "Alien", "Leningrad 46" and "Nevsky". Marital status - married, has a daughter Polina.

Biography of Dmitry Palamarchuk

There is very little information about the childhood years of the actor. It is known that he fell in love with creativity when the parents of his best friend gave them tickets to the theater. Since then, Dmitry tried not to miss performances, and later decided to try himself on stage. As a child, he enrolled in a children's theater group and honed the basics of art. In addition, the boy participated in school plays.

Dmitry Palamarchuk

Actor Dmitry Palamarchuk after graduating from school entered the Academy of Theater Arts. He studied under the guidance of Professor Veniamin Filshtinsky. With Palamarchuk on the course studied suchfamous artists like Konstantin Khabensky and Mikhail Porechenkov. After the young man graduated, he was hired by the Alexandrinsky Theater.

Work in the theater

Dmitry worked on the theater stage for about two years. During this time he acted in many performances. His first work was the production of Oedipus Rex. The director of this work was Theodore Terzopoulos. The next few years in the theater, Dmitry worked closely on such productions as Romeo and Juliet, Lerka, Leviathan and The Double.


Dmitry started working as an actor while still studying at the academy. The first role of the artist was episodic, in the military detective story "Own someone else's life." Thanks to this small game, the actor was invited to shoot the sixth season of the popular TV series Streets of Broken Lights. After that, Dmitry began working in the youth comedy "Touched" in the role of Cyril. The film tells about three friends who loved adventures of various kinds. In the process of filming the films, they sometimes used tricks, in which Dmitry himself also participated.

creative activity

Palamarchuk tried himself as a dubbing actor. So, he helped voice films such as Cloud Atlas and Once Upon a Time. After some time, the series "Hounds" and "Cop Wars 3" appeared on the screens, where the young actor starred with Daniil Strakhov, Yuri Stepanov and Alexei Buldakov.

In 2015, the next work on the film brings tangible results to Dmitry. He starred in the TV series Alien as Toch.Thanks to the well-played image of Dmitry Palamarchuk, he was nominated for the Golden Eagle Award for Best Actor. Later, the already famous actor auditioned for roles in such projects as "The Fifth Blood Type", "The Word of a Woman" and "Weapon". Dmitry played the most key roles in two more subsequent works.

actor Dmitry Palamarchuk

Dmitry's fans love him for his multi-faceted and bright game, and also note the individuality that is noticeable in each hero. In the filmography of Dmitry Palamarchuk, there are already more than forty works.

Actor's personal life

It is worth noting that such a charming man has a lot of fans. However, Dmitry's personal life has already been arranged. The chosen one of the artist was Inna Antsiferova. Dmitry's wife is also a creative person. She starred in such series as "High Stakes", "Survive at all costs" and others.

personal life

Inna and Dmitry met in 2009. Then they both participated in the filming of the film "Stigma". Dmitry got the role of Yakov Shvedov, and his future wife played the image of Yulia Vitalievna. Inna is several years younger than Dmitry. In addition, she also graduated from the Academy of Arts.

In many interviews, the famous artist said that he fell in love with his wife Inna at first sight. In 2011, a couple in love decided to sign, thereby becoming even closer to each other. Some time later, Inna and Dmitry had a daughter, whom they named Polina.

In his free time, Dmitry likes to walk with his Shih Tzu dogs. In addition, the artisttries to travel with his family out of town or to the sea. Dmitry often posts content related to his work on his Instagram page.

Today, the actor continues to act in films. In 2017, Dmitry took part in several projects at once. His last work, which was filmed in 2018, was the series "The Last Article of a Journalist". There, the artist played the main character Oleg Verkhovtsev.

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