Actor Boris Bibikov: biography, creative activity and personal life

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Actor Boris Bibikov: biography, creative activity and personal life
Actor Boris Bibikov: biography, creative activity and personal life

Boris Bibikov was born on 9 (in other sources 22) July 1900 in Serpukhov. He was a Soviet theater and film actor, as well as a teacher and theater director. Marital status - was married, has adopted children - a daughter and a son. Date of death of the actor: November 5, 1986.

Biography of actor Boris Bibikov

Nothing is known about the childhood of the honored artist. In 1921, Boris graduated from a theater school, where he was engaged in creative work under the guidance of M. A. Chekhov. The following year, the young guy is taken as an actor of the 1st studio of the Moscow Art Theater. Five years later, the honored artist begins his creative career as an assistant director and actor of the Revolution Theater.


Since 1935, the creative biography of Boris Bibikov and personal life are closely intertwined. So, this year the actor begins to work on performances with his future wife Olya Pyzhova. His notable works include The Taming of the Shrew, The Tale, I Want to Go Home, Invasion, Twenty Years Later, and The Snow Queen.

Bibikov Boris
Bibikov Boris

In 1949, he began working at the Central Children's Theater, where he staged the first performance of "Her Friends" with his wife. In addition, from 1934 to 1941, Boris Bibikov worked at GITIS as a teacher. Since 1942, the honored artist has been the head of the acting workshop.

Among his students were such famous artists: Leonid Kuravlev, Nadezhda Rumyantseva, Tamara Nosova, Ekaterina Savinova, Maya Bulgakova, Svetlana Druzhinina, Nonna Mordyukova, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Sofiko Chiaureli, Tamara Semina, Lyubov Sokolova and many others.

Working in movies

During the Great Patriotic War, Boris Bibikov began acting in films. On the set, the actor played generals. His most popular film was "Come Tomorrow …". The film starred Ekaterina Savinova, who played the role of Frosya Burlakova. She comes to the capital of Russia to start her career as a singer. The girl wanted to enter a specialized educational institution, but did not have time. The entrance exams are already over.

actor Boris Bibikov
actor Boris Bibikov

At the institute, Frosya met a respected professor Sokolov, who decided to listen to her. During the impromptu exam, the man is surprised to realize that he has a very talented girl in front of him. Despite the fact that she grew up in the provinces, she has an excellent voice, outstanding appearance and a sense of beauty. After that, the professor asks the commission to include the girl in the ranks of future students. Also, thanks to the teacher, Frosya got a place in the hostel.

Many believe that in this filmBoris Bibikov played himself. In 1974, the actor worked in the last military film, Front Without Flanks. In 1978 he moved to Tashkent with his second wife. In the city of Dushanbe, a talented figure taught at the Higher Educational Institution of Arts named after M. Tursun-Zade.

Private life

The first wife of a famous actor was Olga Pyzhova. Her work was also related to creativity. Olga had a daughter from her first marriage. The girl was named Olga, and she bore the same surname as her mother. According to unconfirmed reports, Olga could give birth to a daughter from the famous actor Vasily Kachalov. Pyzhova was in a relationship with this man even before Bibikov. Boris Bibikov did not have a relationship with his wife's daughter.

Honoured Artist
Honoured Artist

The second time the actor married a Tajik - Malika Jurabekova. She was forty-seven years younger than her husband. Bibikov's wife was a student at VGIK in a Tajik studio. In 1972, the girl moved to study in the capital of Russia. At first, Malika was a nurse for the seriously ill Olga Pyzhova. After her death, she tried to be always close to Bibikov and support him, as he began to lose his sight.

creative activity
creative activity

Later, Malika and Boris officially legalized their relationship. The actor's wife was 31 years old, and Bibikov himself was 78 years old. In the same period, the actor decided to sell his Moscow apartments and buy a cottage in Dushanbe. At home, Malika began working at the State Institute as a teacher of acting. In the same educational institution, BorisVladimirovich helped her as a consultant. The couple released a course and organized more than one performance.

When Boris Bibikov died, Malika married a colonel. However, family life did not work out, and they divorced. After some time, a civil war began in Dushanbe, and the woman was forced to leave. She took all the professor's books and moved to her son in France. Today, Malika helps raise her grandchildren.


Boris Bibikov starred in a huge number of films:

  1. "Our Girls" - 1942.
  2. "Kotovsky" - 1942.
  3. "Ships storm the bastions" - 1953.
  4. "Stories about Lenin" - 1957.
  5. "Pages of the past" - 1957.
  6. "Swallow" - 1957.
  7. "The Tale of the Fiery Years" - 1960.
  8. "A Night Without Mercy" - 1961.
  9. "Come Tomorrow" - 1962.
  10. "The Return of Veronica" - 1963.
  11. "Stitches-tracks" - 1963.
  12. "To the attention of citizens and organizations" - 1965.
  13. "Wick" - 1965.
  14. "26 Baku commissars" - 1965.
  15. "Sofya Perovskaya" - 1967.
  16. "Major "Whirlwind" - 1967.
  17. "A tenth of the way" - 1968.
  18. "The Night Before Dawn" - 1969.
  19. "Stars do not go out" - from 1970 to 1971.
  20. "Affairs of the Heart" - 1973.
  21. "Front without flanks"- 1974.
  22. "Profession - film actor" - 1979.