Actor Alexey Shutov: biography, creative activity and personal life

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Actor Alexey Shutov: biography, creative activity and personal life
Actor Alexey Shutov: biography, creative activity and personal life

Alexey Shutov was born on July 20, 1975 in the city of Yakutsk, Russia. Today he is a well-known theater and film actor. Most of all, Alexei was remembered by viewers in the image of Maxim Zharov in the popular television series "The Return of Mukhtar". It is worth noting that this is not the only significant role in his acting career. Marital status - married, has a daughter, Daria.

Biography of Alexei Shutov

Shutov was born in a family where there were no creative people. Alexei wanted to become an actor since childhood. When the boy was at school, he always tried to participate in all kinds of performances. In the fifth grade, he decided to join the theater at the Palace of Pioneers. Alexei visited his circles and the theater all his free time. Even sometimes he could skip doing homework. Because of this, he got into trouble at school.

Alexey Shutov

Parents of actor AlexeiShutov tried to influence his hobby: they wanted to send him to study mathematics. It was believed that this male profession suits him perfectly. But he remained adamant. The guy did not want to give up the dream of his life. In the ninth grade, a classmate told Alexei that they had come to their city to recruit students at VGIK. Shutov passed the selection and entered the educational institution of his dreams.

After the future actor received a certificate, he decided to move to Moscow and try his luck there. Alexey entered VGIK and began to study under the guidance of Dzhigarkhanyan and Filozov. The direction of the Jesters was chosen by the "acting department".

Creative activity

In 1995, Alexei received a higher education and got a job in the theater of his teacher, A. Dzhigarkhanyan. After some time, he will go to the Kazantsev Drama Center. However, after a year of hard work, he will return to his leader again.

In 1996, actor Alexei Shutov got his first role in the serial film "Kings of Russian Investigation", where he got used to the image of Andrei Kudelnikov well. Later, the aspiring artist appeared in two short films: "Stop" and "Winter".

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From 1998 to 2011, Alexey played in a huge number of TV shows and films. But a series called "The Return of Mukhtar" brought him great fame. Shutov got the role of Maxim Zharov, who held the rank of lieutenant. All participants in the set were forced to visit three cities: Moscow, Minsk and Kyiv. play itAlexey started the series only from the seventh season.

actor Alexei Shutov

In his interviews, Alexei talks a lot about this particular picture. For example, that before filming he needed to get used to the dog and vice versa. After the actor and the shepherd named Graf began to trust each other, the filming process began.

In 2014, the artist was invited to play roles in such films as "The Stars Shine for All" and "Maya". In 2017, Shutov joined the youth theater troupe. There he was offered roles in the performances "The Fool" and "The Yard as a Leaving Nature." The following year, Alexey starred in the serial film "According to the laws of wartime 2". On the set, the already popular actor worked together with Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Ekaterina Klimova, Maxim Drozd and Evgeny Volovenko.

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Personal life of actor Alexei Shutov

The artist's family life has been quite successful. He met his wife on the set of the film "The Barber of Siberia". The fateful event happened in 1998. Catherine was engaged in professional ballet and had nothing to do with acting. But one day she drew attention to the process of filming the film and involuntarily became interested in the young man. After that, Alexei's future wife decided to visit the theater where the actor worked. The couple met there.

Actor Alexei Shutov and his wife fell in love with each other almost immediately. After a while between the guys beganstormy romance. Two years after it began, Alexei and Ekaterina decided to get married. The couple has a daughter, Dasha, who was born in 2006.

Filmography of the actor

The famous artist has a considerable amount of creative work behind him, which can be seen below:

  1. "Petersburg secrets" - shooting from 1994 to 1998.
  2. "Kings of the Russian detective" - ​​1996.
  3. "Winter" - 1998.
  4. "Stop" - 1998.
  5. "The Barber of Siberia" - 1998.
  6. "Poor Nastya" - from 2003 to 2004.
  7. "Sel" - 2003.
  8. "Formula Zero" - 2006.
  9. "Theft" - 2006.
  10. "My Prechistenka" - from 2006 to 2007.
  11. "Challenge 3" - 2008.
  12. "Challenge" - 2009.
  13. "The Last Cordon" - 2009.
  14. "Adventures in the thirtieth kingdom" - 2010.
  15. "Efrosinya" - from 2010 to 2013.
  16. "Return of Mukhtar 7" - 2011.
  17. "Return of Mukhtar 8" - 2012.
  18. "Unlucky" - 2016.
  19. "According to the laws of war 2" - 2018.

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