Animal world: hinny and mule difference

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Animal world: hinny and mule difference
Animal world: hinny and mule difference

To obtain new and useful qualities in animals, experts cross horses not only among themselves, but also with donkeys. The result is an amalgamation of the best qualities from both the former and the latter. The resulting hybrids have strength, calmness, good he alth and longevity.

Hinny and mule - the difference between them is that the first mother is a donkey, and the father is a stallion. For the second, the father is a donkey, and the mother is a mare.

What is interesting about mules

The cultivation of mules began to be practiced a very long time ago, back in the Middle Ages. The people were faced with the task of obtaining a large animal capable of bearing the weight of a heavily armed knight, along with all his equipment. As riding animals, mules were popular with the clergy, women and other segments of the population. The hybrids, which had special qualities, were highly appreciated by travelers.

Female mules were most often used for riding, while males served as pack animals.

hinny and mule difference photo
hinny and mule difference photo

If you compare a mule and a hinny, the former are much easier to breed. get offspring frominterspecific hybrid is almost impossible. The male mule is 100% sterile, and females in most cases will not bring long-awaited babies.

In the entire long history of the existence of these animals, only 60 cases of offspring are known. The point here lies in the fact that horses and donkeys have a different number of chromosome sets. In view of this feature, for the most part, the normal formation of germ cells does not occur.

Mule characteristics

What is the difference between a hinny and a mule? The difference in the photo is visible to the naked eye. You only need to look at the pictures to see it. Mules are superior to horses in the following ways:

  • endurance;
  • lifespan;
  • no food requirements;
  • no special care required.

The love fruit of a donkey and a mare can be of draft or pack type. The first have a weight of 400 to 600 kg, the second from 300 to 400.

All male mules are castrated at 18 months or 2 years of age. Training to work begins at the age of two, and mules can carry a full load from the age of 4. These animals have an amazing mind, do not tolerate cruelty, but at the same time they are very patient and loyal. Mule farming is practiced on every continent.

Riding mules are used not only for a variety of work, but also to participate in sporting events. Animals are eligible for the same disciplines as horses:

  • dressage;
  • driving;
  • runs.

As for the races, herethere are special races exclusively for mules.

Who is this hinny

These animals are the offspring of stallions and donkeys. External features hybrids inherit from donkeys. The exception is the head (ears are shorter), and hinnies make slightly different sounds.

The breeding of such animals is carried out in Asian and Mediterranean countries. Horses have less stamina and performance compared to mules, and therefore they are much less common.

hinny and mule difference
hinny and mule difference

As for the general characteristics of the hybrid, they are as follows:

  • height at the withers 110–140 cm (for pack type), up to 160 cm (for harness);
  • hair color - inherited from mother;
  • animals are draft, riding, pack.