Andrey Loshak, Russian journalist: biography, personal life, documentaries

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Andrey Loshak, Russian journalist: biography, personal life, documentaries
Andrey Loshak, Russian journalist: biography, personal life, documentaries

Andrey Loshak - a journalist with a bright author's style and a clear civic position, attracts attention with high-profile and sensational investigations and films. Recently, he has become in opposition to mainstream journalists. Let's talk about the professional path and personality of Andrey Borisovich Loshak, his achievements and outlook on life.

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Early years

On November 20, 1972, the future journalist was born in Moscow. The family of Andrey Borisovich Loshak is creative. The head of the family, Boris Grigoryevich, and his wife, Olga Alexandrovna Uvarova, were graphic artists. Andrei's uncle, his father's brother, Viktor Loshak, is a well-known journalist, former editor-in-chief of the Moscow News newspaper and Ogonyok magazine, and now he is the strategic director of the Kommersant publishing house. Andrei's aunt, Viktor Loshak's wife, director of the Art Museum. A. S. Pushkin in Moscow. And their daughter, Andrei's cousin, a well-known presenter, creativeproducer of the Dozhd TV channel, journalist Anna Mongait. From an early age, Loshak moved in creative circles, and this influenced his views and choice of profession.


In 1991, a new student appeared at the Faculty of Journalism - Andrei Loshak. He decided to get an education at the best university in the country, and he chose the direction of training under the influence of his uncle, a successful journalist. Andrei studied at the newspaper department and was going to become a writing journalist. But already in his fourth year he began working on television in the group of Leonid Parfyonov, who at that time was releasing the program "The Other Day" on NTV.

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The beginning of a television career

Starting as an administrator in a television program, Andrey Loshak quickly began to independently make stories for Leonid Parfyonov's program “The other day. Non-political news for the week. Andrei successfully mastered the profession of a correspondent and showed undoubted talent in this area. He learned from Leonid Parfyonov professional techniques, that you don’t need to make passing stories, you need to pay attention to every little thing. However, Parfyonov's program was soon closed, and Loshak began working as a screenwriter, and then as chief editor in the About This program on NTV. Working in this program, Loshak understands that he likes to make provocative stories.

In 2000, Parfyonov launches a new project - the series "Russian Empire", and Andrey works in this project as a screenwriter. Since 2001, he returns to the profession of a reporter, he makes stories for NTV programs“Today”, “Country and World”, and when Parfenov revives the “The Other Day” program in a new form, then for this project. For several years, Loshak has traveled almost the whole world, he works in the genre of "grand reporting", creating a story for 7-10 minutes for the final weekly program. At this time, he had the opportunity to communicate with a variety of people, to visit different situations and alterations. Gradually, Andrei Loshak becomes a real master among reporters. He develops his own style and presentation of the material, outlines his own theme. He did not want to work in politics and was engaged in various bright news stories.

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Profession Reporter Program

In May 2004, the NTV television company closed L. Parfyonov's program "The Other Day" with a scandal. Loshak was left without a main place of work, but by this time his own creative line had already been outlined. He is actively working in the Profession - Reporter program, as one of the many authors. In October 2004, the transmission undergoes significant changes. This program, like the name, was invented by L. Parfyonov. At first it was a 15-minute program consisting of several stories. It later evolved into a film format. Prior to that, many journalists worked in it, only 4 main authors remained in the new format. Andrey got into this number. Over the course of 5 years, he has created many memorable reports, including "Shore of the Dead", "I Want to Consume", "Life Against the Rules", "The Cure for Death", "Leaving Private Life", "The Third Sex" and many others. In 2008, Loshak makes a film"Now there is an office" about the destruction of cultural heritage, which causes a scandal. The management of NTV removes the program from the air, as important people are mentioned in the plot. The journalist remains in the program for some time, but soon leaves it.

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Career path

After leaving NTV, Andrei Loshak, whose biography is already inextricably linked with television journalism, does not work for STS for long, making stories for the Big City program. In 2011, he decides to return to print journalism and becomes the editor of Esquire magazine, but this collaboration lasted only about a year. Loshak can no longer live without a camera. In 2012, he appeared on NTV with a new project, with a five-episode investigative film Russia. Total Eclipse” about foreign agents and patriots. The film was shot in a documentary style and caused a flurry of responses. The author wanted to take viewers out of the stupor into which they are immersed in traditional TV shows, and he succeeded.

Since 2013, Andrey has been working with the private channel Dozhd, for which he makes various reports, and also shoots a series of 6 episodes “Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow: a special path.”

Since 2015, he has been a co-founder of the information portal that promotes charitable organizations and foundations - "Such things", and for some time works as its editor-in-chief. Today, Loshak maintains his column on the portal.

In 2017, Loshak said that journalism had ceased to be his main source of income. The journalist wins in itDirector and screenwriter, Andrei has focused his efforts on making films. In 2018, he releases two films at once: "The Age of Disagreement" and "Berezovsky - who is this?".

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The journalist has quite a lot of interesting materials. The most famous documentaries of Andrey Loshak are:

- Ordinary Antifascism (2005) about radical youth movements in Russia.

- "Now the office is here" (2008) about the destruction of architectural monuments in Moscow and the forced eviction of people from their homes.

- "The Russians are coming!" (2013) about the Velikaya River procession and Orthodoxy.

- "The Second and Only" (2013) about the unique Moscow Lyceum "Second School".

- Anatomy of a Process (2013) about two Soviet dissidents, their fate and the protest movement in the USSR.

- the series "The Age of Disagreement" (2018) about young people supporting A. Navalny.

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“Who is Berezovsky?”

In 2018, TV journalist Loshak releases a 10-episode web series about Boris Berezovsky, this is Andrey's longest film. The title contains the phrase of V. Putin: "Berezovsky - who is this?". The series is dedicated to understanding the events of the 90s in Russia. The film was shot in parallel with the writing of a book about Boris Berezovsky by Pyotr Aven, for which many candid interviews were filmed. The material did not fit in the book, and therefore it was decided to make a series. The work was shown outside the competition program at the ArtDoc Fest festival and on the Dozhd channel.

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Journalist Andrei Borisovich Loshak, despite his highest professionalism, rarely receives official recognition of his merits. He has only a few awards to his credit. In 2003, he became the winner of the TEFI professional award as the best TV reporter. In 2005, GQ magazine awards him the "Person of the Year" award in the "Face from TV" nomination. In 2007, Loshak received the medal "For Services to the Fatherland" for his contribution to the development of domestic television.

In 2010, the journalist is recognized as the “Rain Man” and receives an award from the Silver Rain radio station. The wording of the award is: "for the actualization of the protest against Nazism in modern society." For the film Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow, Loshak receives the Laurel Branch Award as the best documentary filmmaker. In 2017, Loshak is awarded the Russian government's media award.

Private life

Many active journalists say that they have no time and energy left for their families, Andrey Loshak is one of them. The reporter's personal life remains a closed topic for him. It is known that the journalist was married to Angela Izyaslavovna Boskis, who, by the way, was his distant relative. She also worked as a reporter, together with Loshak she made reports for the About It program, and then became a producer (Karusel TV channel) and a TV presenter. Two creative units could not save their marriage, and in 2004 the couple broke up. Nothing is known about Andrei's current marital status, he claimsthat his lifestyle is not yet compatible with his family.

Interesting facts

At the age of 16 Andrey Loshak got a job as a cabin boy in a river shipping company. With the team, he made flights from Leningrad to Moscow. The work itself was not easy, besides, the young man had to deal with hazing, and even then he realized that he did not want to go to the army. Later, he wrote an article on this topic in the industry publication of the shipping company, and with this publication he entered the journalism faculty of Moscow State University.

In 2009, a journalist's famous retro scooter was stolen. It was an exact copy of the vehicle from the Italian film Roman Holiday, which starred Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Loshak, however, noted that his Vespa had already ceased to please him, because half of Moscow rides such mini-bikes.

Andrey Loshak is a vegetarian. He says he gave up meat after a friend of his who was a vegan was killed. The journalist does not consider himself an ideological vegetarian, but refuses to eat the corpses of animals.

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