What happened to Andrey Danilko? Andrey Danilko: biography, personal life

What happened to Andrey Danilko? Andrey Danilko: biography, personal life
What happened to Andrey Danilko? Andrey Danilko: biography, personal life

Today, probably, there is not a single person who did not laugh at the songs and dances of the popular Verka Serduchka. She is loved by people of all countries, she is a bright, groovy, cheerful woman. Today we will tell you all the details of the life of a star. And also you will be the first to know what happened to Andrey Danilko.

Childhood years of the star

Danilko Andrei Mikhailovich was born in the city of Poltava in Ukraine on 02.10.1973 in the family of a driver. Mother worked as a painter. When the boy was 7 years old, his father fell ill with lung cancer and died. The poor mother started working three shifts to feed her children. There were two children in the family. The family lived constantly in poverty, they had to live in one room in a barrack, where there were no living conditions. When Andrei was 17 years old, they lived so poorly that he had nothing to buy a suit for graduation. From the age of ten, the boy played in the local theater, he had a love for the stage from an early age.

Andrey Danilko's performances

School life

Andrey was a secondary student. Was shy at schoolas a boy, sometimes he even hid behind the backs of his classmates so that they would not notice him. He participated in the school KVN team, and was chosen as the captain. His team won first place in all competitions. He was a favorite in the class, all the teachers loved him very much, and his classmates respected him. At the same time, much to the surprise of those around him, he was a quiet and modest boy. The teachers constantly asked Andrey to draw all sorts of posters for the holidays, and he did it pretty well. But what happened to Andrey Danilko now, that he has changed so dramatically, no one can say.

First steps in art

Immediately after Andrei Mikhailovich Danilko graduated from school, he takes exams for admission to a music school. In the end, he does not enter: the examiners decided that he did not look good on stage, and simply flunked him. Andrew is very upset. Having fallen into despair, the guy goes to study as a cashier-seller. After graduating from vocational school, the guy again goes to the music school to hand over the documents, but they already knew him there and refused. During this time, he worked at a kiosk.

April 1, 1993 at the "Humorin" in his hometown for the first time presented the image of Verka Serduchka. Andrey receives a prize for the best acting work and becomes a contender for a prize at a competition in Kyiv.

Andrey Danilko went to Germany

April 1, 1995 Andrey's miniature is shown at the "April Fool's Day" in the capital of Ukraine. And already in the summer he was invited by Privatbank to star in his advertisement.

Towards the end of 1996, Andrei meets a music producerYuri Nikitin and begins to actively cooperate with the Mamamusic company.

Closer to 1997, Danilko enters the circus school, but studies there for only a year and a half. In the end, Andrei failed to get a higher education. He releases his first song called "Just Faith". As Andrey Danilko himself said, his biography, his personal life turned out to be quite fun.

Spring 1997 brought Andrey good luck at the beginning of his career. Verka Serduchka was invited to act as a host on the 1 + 1 channel in a show called Sv-Show. Andrey played the conductor, to whom various celebrities came to the show.

Personal life of a star

Andrey is already 40 years old, but he is still not married, and he does not have a life partner. After breaking off relations with his school girlfriend Anya Serdyuk, he did not start a relationship with anyone for quite a long time. At the beginning of his career, he began an affair with Inna Belokon, who was a dancer in his ballet. They have been together for more than thirteen years.

where is andrey danilko now

After he meets a certain Inna Yaremenko on his way, who helped him come up with his stage image and played the role of his caring mother. Due to the fact that they were constantly nearby, they began an affair. But in the end, the relationship ended in nothing. The girl married another guy, but, nevertheless, they communicate, Danilko is the best friend in their family. But they secretly continued to meet, even though Inna is married and has a son. Andrei was very secretive about this relationship. But it wasn't longSecretly, at the concert of the famous star Lyubasha, Andrei drank well and began to kiss Inna openly, in front of everyone. Danilko thought that Inna wanted to break up with her husband, but it turned out to be the opposite, she just wanted to end the affair. Mom for Andrey is the most important and only woman who always supports and loves him.

Why such a pseudonym - Verka Serduchka?

As Andrei says, he thought for a long time what pseudonym to take, and finally decided to become Serduchka. This is due to the fact that in his school years he was very fond of the girl Anya, whose last name was Serdyuk, they sat at the same desk with her, they were always together. In the class, the girl was called Serduchka. And so a new Andrey Danilko appeared - Serdyuchka. And, as it turned out, the choice of stage name was a happy one. Yes, Andrei Danilko admits not without reason: his biography, his personal life are eventful.

The start of a flurry of activity

In 1999, after a fun and successful role in the show, Danilko was offered to go on tour in Russia and Europe. And already in 2000, Verka Serduchka was awarded the "Cup of Humor". And from that time on, stormy tours began throughout Europe. In the summer of 2003, a concert tour called "I was born for love" begins, which brings the star immense popularity. Soon, Andrey Danilko's performances conquered millions of fans' hearts, and already at the end of 2003 he was awarded the Diamond Disc.

Already January 1, 2004, Danilko plays the role of Sofya Prokopievna in a musical called "For Two Hares", which he rehearsed for 20 years in a row since his school years. Afterplaying a role in this musical, the star goes on tour to America.

what happened to andrey danilko

2007 brought Andrey great success. He represents Ukraine at Eurovision. He didn't win first place, but he still managed to win the People's Choice Award.

In 2008, former President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko issued an order to Verka Serdyuchka as a national star of Ukraine. After this time, there is a lull in the artist's career. Many of his fans ask each other what happened to Andrey Danilko, why there are no more of his performances.

The biggest star scandals

The very first scandalous incident was Danilko's performance at Eurovision. The scandal arose due to the fact that in his song there was a chorus with the words "Russia, goodbye!" The Russians were very offended by the star and began to actively condemn him. The media began to write a lot of all sorts of awkward information about him. Since that time, his journey and tours to Russia have ceased forever. Nobody knows where Andrey Danilko is now.

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The second scandal was the purchase of a very expensive car lead singer of the group "Queen" Freddie Mercury. The amount was initially a secret, it was not disclosed, but it soon became known that the car cost him more than three million rubles. This fact of the purchase caused a lot of discontent among the fans, who felt that the star was just showing off his big income.

The next nonsense was the attribution to Andrey that he turned to the services of a surrogatemother due to the fact that he does not have a wife, and he is not going to start a family. A certain woman bore him two sons, they even came up with a name - Vanya and Misha.

After discussing the personal life of the star, gossip began about his he alth. They began to believe that Danilko is an alcoholic who cannot live without alcohol for a day. There were even such versions that he was treated in many clinics. Newspapers and magazines began to write many articles about this.

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The final scandal that angered the star was that many began to consider him a homosexual. All the fans were at a loss, because no one could believe that this was all Andrei Danilko, whose songs were sung by both young and old, because it was he who gathered millions of people at his concerts.

Departure of the star from Ukraine

Already at the beginning of 2014, the next scandals, failures in life led to the fact that Andrei Danilko left for Germany. As Andrei himself said, Kyiv became a prison for him. As it turned out later, the star went abroad for an indefinite period. It is only known that Andrei really likes it there, and he feels good there. In addition, he will restore his strength and improve his he alth. Lately, he's had frequent fainting spells. During a performance at Mitya Fomin's birthday party, he nearly passed out on stage. The director of the star gave an interview in which he said that Andrei needed a rest, and they had to cancel all the concerts. Why everything happened like this, what happened to Andrey Danilko - no one knows.

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Most recently it became known that fans of the show-star will be able to watch the American film "Spy Comedy" in 2015, in which Danilko will star together with famous actors. In the film, Andrei will dance the dance that he danced at Eurovision.

Danilko's return to the stage

In Kyiv, where Andrey Danilko is now, everything began to improve. The fans are very happy that he was able to gain strength and return to show business again. He is happy and will continue to delight people with his creativity. The artist says that he loves his fans very much and is grateful to them for always supporting him. Everyone is looking forward to the premiere of the film with the beloved star in the lead role, which will premiere in May 2015. As always, Danilko will be irresistible.

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