The most mysterious disappearances of people: unsolved stories

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The most mysterious disappearances of people: unsolved stories
The most mysterious disappearances of people: unsolved stories

Our world is full of mysteries. Alas, most of them were never solved. We strive to study space and the depths of the World Ocean, but we still do not know who or what lives next to us. Numerous testimonies of meetings with the otherworldly are just the tip of the iceberg. It's much worse when people just disappear. What is it? The intrigues of otherworldly forces or the influence of natural factors that cause delirium and hallucinations in people, which ultimately leads to suicide?

Alas, the stories of mysterious disappearances of people remain mysteries that humanity cannot explain. Although there are many theories, they remain only speculation.

Secrets of the water depths

Mariana Trench
Mariana Trench

We have studied a negligible part of the oceans. What lives there, in the dark depths? History knows many facts about the disappearance of entireships and even planes flying over mysterious areas of the water surface.

Most often, scientists explain these disappearances as follows: there are probably places on Earth with powerful electromagnetic radiation, which causes clouding of reason. Moreover, the weather suddenly changes, and the instruments fail. And all because of the powerful electromagnetic radiation.

Although there are also theories about time portals or monsters from the depths of the sea. So, in recent years, satellites are increasingly recording living objects in the area of the Mariana Trench. They are completely hidden in the depths of the ocean and are not similar in shape to military installations. Perhaps the giant prehistoric megalodon sharks are still alive. And this means that the myths about the huge inhabitants of the deep sea, which are present in every culture, are partly true.

Voice of the Sea

There is also such a phenomenon as the "voice of the sea". One of the crew members of the ship "Taimyr" drew attention to the fact that when he brought a balloon filled with hydrogen to his ear, he felt a sharp pain in the eardrum. It passed as the object was removed from the ear. Geophysicist Vladimir Shuleikin soon gave an explanation for this phenomenon. He believes that the wind during a storm creates low-frequency infrasonic vibrations that are inaudible to our ears, but dangerous to human he alth. At a frequency below 15 hertz, a disorder of the brain centers, such as vision, occurs, and at a frequency below 7 hertz, people can even die.

Missing ships and crews

missing ships
missing ships

This is one of the most famous and mysterious cases of the disappearance of an entire crew. The empty ship "Mary Celeste" was discovered in 1872, all things on it remained intact. Some of the items were overturned, and the lifeboats were missing. Where the people disappeared to remains a mystery to this day. And there are a lot of such stories.

Indonesian fishing schooner "HiM 6" was discovered near Norfolk Island by the Coast Guard. The crew did not respond to the order to anchor - and then it was decided to examine the ship. There was no one on it. At the same time, provisions remained on the ship. There was no sign of panic. The team was searched for but never found.

In 1881, the military training ship "Evredika" disappeared in the Irish Sea. That day was incredibly calm, but suddenly, according to assumptions, a storm broke out. There were 358 people on board. Subsequently, neither people, nor lifeboats, nor the ship itself were found. Later, some ships reported that the Eurydice became a ghost ship - in the fog, people saw her silhouette more than once, which quickly dissolved.

The merchant ship "Joyta" with crew and passengers mysteriously disappeared in the South Pacific in 1955. Soon the ship was discovered, but there were no people on it.

It is noteworthy that after such mysterious disappearances of ships, sailors often see the ghosts of the missing. Such cases are especially frequent in the waters of Alaska, in the Bermuda Triangle, in the Dragon's triangle and in other anomalous zones. Even in the Black Sea there is a kind of anomalous triangle: people drown at a depth of one meter.

Canadian Eskimo Village

eskimo village
eskimo village

Perhaps the most resonant disappearance was the disappearance of the inhabitants of Angikuni, a Canadian fishing village with about 2,000 inhabitants. The Inuit have always been very friendly, hunters often stayed in the village for the night. In 1930, Canadian Joe Labelle decided to visit the village to spend the night and recuperate. However, the village was completely empty. Things remained in their places, food was cooked in pots. Joe initially thought the Inuit had decided to leave, but there were no footprints in the snow.

When the police got to the village, there were even more questions. Graves were dug in the cemetery, a pack of dead dogs lay nearby. But the Eskimos considered pets to be breadwinners and considered family members. It is noteworthy that other Inuit believed that the inhabitants of Angikuni were kidnapped by Thorngasak, a demon who controls evil spirits.

Roanoke Croatoan

Another mysterious disappearance has occurred in North Carolina on Roanoke Island. W alter Riley founded the settlement at the urging of the Queen. It consisted of about 170 people. However, the village was surrounded by numerous tribes of hostile Indians, so the inhabitants of the village did not live very comfortably.

When W alter Riley went to England to replenish food supplies, he managed to return to the island only after 3 years. However, there were no residents in the village. The only word carved into the tree was "Croatoan". Later there wasa version has been put forward that the inhabitants of the village were taken into slavery by the Croatoan Indians.

Hoer Verde

The mysterious disappearance of an entire Brazilian village occurred in 1923. Soldiers arrived at the Hoer Verde settlement, but did not find a single living soul. It seemed that the inhabitants had simply disappeared: food was being cooked, the radio was on, plates with half-eaten food were left on the tables. Even a gun that had been fired recently was found. And on the blackboard of the local school there was only one inscription: "There is no escape."

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Watchers

Flannan Islands
Flannan Islands

The Flannan Archipelago is located near Scotland. At the beginning of the 19th century, there were three keepers at the lighthouse. On December 15, 1900, the crew of the Arktor reported that the lighthouse was not working. However, no one paid attention to this.

Only on December 26, people sailed to the lighthouse in order to find out the reason why the lighthouse does not work. The door was tightly closed, the dishes left in the kitchen remained untouched. The table was overturned and the clock stopped. Two rubber boots and two waterproof jackets were missing. The last entry was made on December 15th. The caretakers wrote about the storm that broke out, but no storm was actually recorded. The mysterious disappearance of the men remains a mystery.

They just vanished into thin air

missing person
missing person

Next, we will talk about the most mysterious disappearances of people that defy logical explanation. So, in 1880, a farmer fromAmerica David Lang was with his wife and daughter in the yard. Soon he saw the approaching carriage and went to him to greet the guest. However, after walking a few steps, he vanished into thin air right in front of his own family. At the place of disappearance, the men did not find anything, except for spots of yellowed grass, unknown from what. Since then, the animals living on the farm have begun to bypass this part of the territory.

And in 1867, a certain Parisian Lucien Busier came to his neighbor, Dr. Bonvilain, complaining of weakness. While the doctor was looking for a stethoscope, the patient undressed and lay down on the couch. However, when Bonvillain returned, the neighbor was not on the couch. Only his clothes remained. Wondering why Bussier went home naked, the doctor went to his house. But no one answered him. A man without clothes has disappeared - and has never been found.

In 1815, a man named Dideritsy put on his boss uniform and wig to look like him as much as possible and went to the bank to withdraw money from the account. The chief himself had died of a stroke by that time, so the risk of detection was minimal. However, the bank exposed the fraudster. He was sentenced to ten years in prison. Once the prisoners were taken for a walk in the yard. According to eyewitnesses, Dideritsa's body gradually began to become transparent, and soon disappeared altogether. Only empty shackles remained. Nobody saw the man again. And the local authorities concluded that this was the will of God.

The scientific version of what is happening

Science believes that in our world there are so-called microscopicblack holes, which are voids filled with nothing. A person, getting into this hole, gets stuck there forever. Although there are cases of time travel.

Ivan Sanderson put forward the theory of the presence on Earth of "damn cemeteries" - these are places where the laws of physics operate in an unusual mode. In these cemeteries, according to the scientist, the strongest electrical vortexes arise, transferring people to other dimensions.

damn graveyard
damn graveyard

The case of the British diplomat

Benjamin Bathurst is a British diplomat who was returning from Austria to London. Along the way, he decided to make a stop in a German village near Berlin. He spent the night in a tavern, and in the morning he was informed that the carriage was ready. Benjamin told the assistant that he would be waiting for him in the carriage. However, when he went out into the street, the diplomat was neither in the carriage nor in the yard. Though he was last seen walking by the front door.

The police with service dogs searched the forest and even the river Shtepenits. The search yielded no results. However, Benjamin's coat was later found in the restroom, and the trousers of the diplomatic representative were found in the woods. But his body was never found.

Secret of the Sagers family

In November 1987, the police received information about the disappearance of Corrina Sagers Malinoski, a resident of South Carolina. The girl was on her way to work, but she parked her car in front of the Mount Holly plantation. Four years later, her eight-year-old daughter Annette was waiting for a school bus near the same plantation. However, the girl is notwaiting for transport. A note written by Annette was found near the bus stop: "Dad, mom is back. Hug the brothers for me."

And in 2000, the police received a report that Annette's body was buried in Sumter County. But the grave was never found. However, like mother and daughter. It should be noted that mysterious disappearances of children occur all over the world with appalling regularity.

Death of Eliza Lam

Eliza Lam
Eliza Lam

History knows numerous cases of mysterious disappearances of people in the 21st century. Of particular interest is the death of a young girl, Eliza.

Eliza Lam is a Canadian student who lived at the Cecil Hotel. The girl was last filmed by a surveillance camera installed in the elevator. Eliza was acting strange. It was as if she was talking to someone invisible. The girl chaotically pressed the buttons, but the elevator did not go, and she left it. Nobody has seen her since. And only a month later her body was found in a water tank on the roof. All thanks to the guests who complained about the strange taste and color of the water in the taps. It is noteworthy that the cameras did not record how Eliza got on the roof of the building.

The hotel itself is full of mystical secrets. Serial killers have repeatedly filmed there. During the operation of the hotel, many deaths occurred in it. And the roof of the building has long been chosen by suicides.

Russian mysticism

It is noteworthy that in Russia mysterious disappearances of people took place as early as the 17th century. In the Novgorod chronicles there is a story about how MonkKirilov disappeared from the monastery right during the meal. It is also mentioned there how, right in the middle of the square of the Suzdal Principality, in front of the eyes of the whole people, the scandalous Manka-Kozlikha disappeared. People said that "the devil took her."

Today, cases of missing people are also not uncommon. Many of them are soon found dead or alive. Searches for others have yielded no results. So, in 2013, Alexander Krylov, a resident of Petrozavodsk, disappeared under very strange circumstances. He was returning with a friend from a business trip, but had an accident. When the police arrived at the scene, the man was not in the car. No signs of a struggle were found either. Alas, the man was never found.


Numerous mysteries have not gone unsolved. We can only guess where people and entire settlements disappear. Researchers do not exclude that this may be the result of UFO visits or contact of the disappeared with a parallel world. Today, even scientists do not exclude the possibility that other realities do exist.