Polina Vasnetsova (Ekaterina Starshova): character of the series "Daddy's Daughters"

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Polina Vasnetsova (Ekaterina Starshova): character of the series "Daddy's Daughters"
Polina Vasnetsova (Ekaterina Starshova): character of the series "Daddy's Daughters"

Fans of domestic serials remember well the Button - Polina Vasnetsova. The real name of the girl who played this character is Ekaterina Starshova. Button was the heroine of the popular series "Daddy's Daughters". The creators of the comedy project were Alexander Rodnyansky and Vyacheslav Murugov. The once famous series was filmed on the Russian TV channel STS.

Heroine Story

The series "Daddy's Daughters" was the most popular project on the STS channel. Many viewers fell in love with the average Moscow family, and closely followed the life of the sisters and their eccentric dad. Sisters are independent girls who fall in love, make new acquaintances, study and get a job. Each of them is interesting in its own way. This also applies to the youngest sister from this family - Buttons.

How was the series "Daddy's Little Girls" created?

The Russian comedy project was created and organized by companies such as Yellow, Black and White, CostaFilm, and Kinoconstanta. The authors of the idea were Alexander Rodnyansky and Vyacheslav Murugov. They have significantly increased their ratings.popular TV channel by signing an agreement to show the sitcom. Over the entire history of the project, he was awarded four television awards.

The series "Daddy's daughters"

The actors for the film were selected very slowly and carefully. Actor Alexander Samoylenko auditioned for the role of the father. However, at the end of the casting, he was offered the role of a family friend - Dr. Antonov. They also wanted to take the famous artist Alexander Tsekalo to this place. But in the end this image went to Andrey Leonov.

Besides this, the organizers of the project have been looking for actresses for the role of sisters for a long time. The image of Masha wanted to play Anastasia Sivaeva, but embodied the role of a goth girl. About 200 girls auditioned for the role of Polina Vasnetsova, whose photo can be seen in the article.


Work on the series began in the spring of 2007. The producers planned to shoot sixty episodes. However, the project brought the creators a resounding success, and the continuation of the series was not long in coming. In the process of filming, new characters appeared, many storylines received an unexpected development.

After a while, the actor Andrei Leonov began to talk about leaving the project. The artist explained this by the fact that he had too much workload in acting. In addition to the youth project, Andrey worked on the stage. But despite these threats, the series lasted until 2013. This year, the organizers filmed the twentieth season of the project and officially announced its closure.

In some news sources there was information that they would shoot a feature film based onthis series. However, these rumors were not confirmed.

The image of Buttons in the television series

Polina Vasnetsova, or Button is the youngest child in the family. This is a charming girl who thinks beyond her years. In addition, she is a very sociable child and even became friends with businessman Vasily Fedotov.

Polina Vasnetsova

Polina Vasnetsova is a talented girl and has many hobbies. She also managed to become a small star, starring in commercials. In front of her fans, Button is growing up: turning from a little girl into a teenager and even falling in love with her classmate.

Button and Bagel

The whole family of Polina Vasnetsova loves her and indulges her in every possible way. However, the girl grows up as a kind, cheerful, decent and honest person. Button-Bright loves her sisters and always tries to help them in solving any problem. Like many children, Polina loves sweets. Button-Bright has a favorite bear named Bagel.

Who played the role of Polina Vasnetsova?

The image of the Button was embodied on the screen by Ekaterina Starshova. To date, this is already an adult girl, whose photo can be seen in glossy magazines. In total, Starshova played the role of Polina Vasnetsova in the series "Daddy's Daughters" for six years. The active and smiling girl was remembered by many viewers for her performance in an impromptu performance dressed as a carrot. Ekaterina became popular among the creators of memes. So, many remember her image with the catchphrase: "Ek-makarek!".

Ekaterina Starshova

Whenlittle Katya began acting in small roles, she began to understand that she wanted to do this all her life. Like all children, Starshova wanted to go out with friends, have fun and relax, but she devoted almost all her free time to studying and her favorite hobby. In addition, the girl was engaged in figure skating. Ekaterina Starshova succeeded in this direction. And a little later, she was invited to take part in a TV project that puts on ice numbers for children.

Actress Ekaterina Starshova

It is worth noting that the popular actress has not stopped filming. She accepted the offer to play in such films as "Black Lightning" and "Mermaid". There she also portrayed a funny and charming baby. The acting activity of Ekaterina Starshova is not yet very successful, as she devotes a lot of time to her studies. It was assumed that the organizers of the series "Daddy's Daughters" would invite a famous actress to film the full-length version of the project.

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