Who are they - the daughters of Sylvester Stallone?

Who are they - the daughters of Sylvester Stallone?
Who are they - the daughters of Sylvester Stallone?

The personal life of Sylvester Stallone has always interested his fans. This man appears before the audience as an action movie hero who tirelessly fights violence and cruelty. But what is it like in everyday life? Does he have a family and children?

sylvester stallone's daughters

Sylvester Stallone's wife

Sylvester is a loving husband and father. He and his wife, Jennifer Flavin, have three daughters. Sylvester Stallone was married three times and the last marriage was clearly the most successful. Family ties have been linking the famous actor and his wife Jennifer since 1997. The strength of this relationship has been repeatedly emphasized by representatives of show business, and Stallone himself is confident in the eternity of the marriage union with a woman who is 22 years younger than him. Confirming the inviolability of their love, Sylvester made a tattoo on his forearm with the image of his wife's face. And three roses frame the portrait of Jennifer, symbolizing their girls.

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The wife made a career as a model, Sylvester Stallone's daughters follow in her footsteps.The actor himself, with intonations of pride in his voice, calls himself a weed among a blooming and fragrant flower bed.

Children of famous Rocky

Before the premiere of the new film "Creed" (the seventh in a row about the adventures of Rocky), the seventy-year-old artist paraded along the red carpet with his own stars, introducing three very grown-up daughters to the audience. Being undoubtedly a very presentable man, Stallone has a non-standard appearance. Daughters are more like their mother.

Sylvester had two sons from his first marriage. But in June 2012, the oldest of them died of a heart attack at the age of 36.

Sylvester Stallone with his wife and daughters

What are the names of Sylvester Stallone's daughters?

Many will be interested to know the names of their idol's daughters. Their names are: Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet. All names begin with the letter "S". Either by accident, or intentionally, following one well-known sign, Sylvester Stallone gave the children names with the presence of a letter in their own names and surnames. The names of the sons from the first marriage are Sergio and Sage.

The Stallone sisters are of great interest, their personas are subject to close attention from fans of the famous Rambo.

Sophie Stallone

Oldest daughter Sophie was born in 1996. Having a heart disease from birth, the girl made her parent very worried by undergoing two heart surgeries. She does not like to comment on this sad event, since her half-brother from her father's first marriage died fromheart disease. Sophie is more like her father than other daughters, speaking of her in an interview, Sylvester reverently calls her "the love of his life."

What are the names of Sylvester Stallone's daughters?

Today Sophie is a student at the University of Southern California. She lives separately from her parents in a student dormitory, getting used to an independent life, which is not very to the liking of a formidable dad. He is not at all ready for the fact that guys look at his girls, who sooner or later, with trembling knees, will ask for blessings from the impregnable head of the family. It will be difficult for a father to recognize someone worthy enough of his beautiful daughters.

sophie stallone

In 2016, Sophie played small roles in three films. She tries herself in the modeling business, acts in commercials with obvious pleasure and, I must say, skillfully poses for the covers of glossy publications, attends social events.

Middle daughter - Sistine Stallone

Sistine Stallone (born in 1998) also proved herself in the modeling field, where she is predicted to have a great future. She has already signed several contracts with fashion agencies and has been praised by Vogue magazine. At such a young age, the girl is self-confident, wise and cautious, boldly expresses her opinion. Thinking about acting in spicy videos. She most of all looks like a bright, catchy mother. The girl is not going to become an actress. Possessing a fatherly sense of humor, she is self-critical about her acting abilities. Although he believes that the work of the model is a kind of acting game, which includeschange of image.

sistine stallone

Cute Scarlet

Baby Scarlet (2002) is reputed to be a prankster. She is still small to seriously think about her future destiny. Now her main goal is to study hard. But as an actress, she still tried herself, playing a cameo role in the thriller Get Me If You Can. Her father played the lead role in the film. The girl is a supporter of sports, like her father, but because of her predisposition to heart disease, she does it very moderately.

scarlett stallone

Sylvester has something to be proud of…

Sylvester Stallone's daughters were honored to present the Golden Globe statuettes to the winners. This became known at a social event in Hollywood. By tradition, one "Miss Gala Evening" is chosen, but at this celebration there will be three of them: Sophie, Sistine and Scarlet Stallone. The eldest of the daughters of the star couple in a response speech thanked the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Lorenzo Soria for the honor and high trust, and parents for this amazing opportunity. The 2017 Golden Globe Awards will take place on January 8, 2018.

Stallone's daughters

The famous actor has repeatedly focused on the main priority of life, which he considers the family. He regrets that most of his life he was busy with vigorous activity, devoted himself to work and devoted little time to children. And now, with age, as much as possible takes partin the life and destiny of their children.

Sylvester Stallone with his wife and daughters are frequent guests at social events. All three - clever and beautiful - receive offers from famous brands and fashion houses. Photos of Sylvester Stallone's daughters regularly appear on social networks, on the covers of glossy publications. They look great, and the famous surname opens up even more opportunities for them in the world of show business.

Scarlett Sophie Sistine Stallone

The daughters of Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin are the heirs of the talent of star parents, and in the future - enviable brides. Soon, proposals from representatives of the strong half of humanity will fall, as if from a cornucopia. And who will make the choice (the girls themselves or their formidable father) remains a mystery.

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