Ivan Shakhnazarov: biography, films, directorial work

Ivan Shakhnazarov: biography, films, directorial work
Ivan Shakhnazarov: biography, films, directorial work

The old saying that nature, as a rule, rests on the children of talented parents, is completely inapplicable to the main character of our article. Ivan Shakhnazarov, the son of Karen Shakhnazarov, the most famous director in the former USSR, inherited the best genes from his parents. Despite his very young age, this young man is already known as a screenwriter, actor, dubbing director. Just like his talented father, he has experience directing.

Ivan Shakhnazarov: biography

This guy was born in Moscow in 1993 (today he is only 23 years old). His mother is Daria Mayorova, a fairly recognizable actress who had experience in filming full-length films, and she also worked as a TV presenter. His father, the legendary Soviet and Russian director Karen Shakhnazarov. From this marriage, the parents had two sons: Ivan and his brother, Vasily. It is clear that the family was creative. It is unlikely that Ivan Shakhnazarov, whose photo is presented in our article, could choose for himself a path far fromcinematography.

Ivan Shakhnazarov

After graduating from school, the future actor and director entered the appropriate department at VGIK. Being a fairly sincere and open young man, Ivan Shakhnazarov, with a certain degree of self-irony, says that his choice could not have been different, since he did not study very well at school and, except as an actor and director, could not imagine who else he could become.

Despite the fact that Karen and Daria divorced, the boy never felt abandoned. Ivan Shakhnazarov says that his father greatly influenced his personal development. As a child, the famous director made his son read a lot and play sports, for which the grown-up offspring is very grateful to him.

Famous surname and legendary dad

Many children of celebrity parents often complain about the high level of visibility, popularity, and press coverage of their personal lives. Ivan Shakhnazarov, unlike other star children, is not cunning and says that his father's surname helps him a lot in life. Everyone immediately understands whose son Vanya is, and this helps the actor solve many technical problems. Of course, the requirements for the son of a famous director are much higher than for his peers. But the young man agrees that the benefits of such a famous relationship are much greater than any inconvenience.

Ivan Shakhnazarov biography

Father Ivan perceives as the most authoritative teacher and mentor. All your ideas, scripts and preliminary drafts of work, the son alwaysshows Karen Georgievich and listens to all his remarks. Working on the same set with his father, he can calmly and without prejudice call him dad. At the same time, the son says that he mainly discusses work issues with Shakhnazarov Sr. Vanya never addresses him with everyday problems, because he does not want to disturb the master of directing with such trifles.

First played roles

Ivan Shakhnazarov, whose filmography so far has only a few films, has already managed to acquire his staff of loyal fans. Vanya played his first two episodic roles in his father's films. In 2008, he took part in the filming of the film The Vanished Empire. Then, 4 years later, in 2012, he starred in the film Love in the USSR.

Serious film debut

In 2015, Ivan got a full-fledged role in the Russian youth film The Elusive. The young man says that when he received an offer to star in this tape, he had a little doubt, since Shakhnazarov Jr. himself defines his acting abilities very self-critically as mediocre. But still, he decided to take part in the filming on the recommendation of his father, who said that if such offers come to a person at the age of 21, then they should not be refused.

Ivan Shakhnazarov photo

Producer of the film "The Elusive" Anastasia Hakobyan recalls that before Ivan, 250 applicants tried to pass the casting for this role. And only Shakhnazarov was able to work out all the tests to the end, and he did it completely on his own, without any kind of pull. Bythe script he got the image of the modern Ostap Bender - a kind of jester-swindler. After the release of this tape on the wide screen in 2015, many really started talking about Shakhnazarov Jr. as a very talented and very promising actor. Ivan himself does not rely on the acting profession in the future, but tries to give all his strength to directing.

Working as a screenwriter and directing experience

Studying at VGIK, the young man had the opportunity to shoot his first directorial short films as a student. Between 2010 and 2012, he made four short films, including films: The Author's Method, Without Words, Players and Rock.

The last film was made as a graduation work and had some success. Shakhnazarov Jr. during the preparation of the film acted not only as a director, but also as a screenwriter. At the annual international festival held by VGIK, this film received prizes for the best cinematography and script.

Ivan Shakhnazarov filmography

After that, in 2014, the work was exhibited at the annual prestigious film festival "Kinotavr". Then Ivan had the opportunity to present the film in Cannes at the annual film festival as part of the Short Film Corner program. After that, the young man received a very lucrative offer to make a full-length film based on his Rock. Filming is scheduled to begin this summer.

Heart of young talent

Ivan Shakhnazarov, whose personal life worries many of his female fans today, behaves quite modestly. He is notis a major, does not position his superiority and in all interviews is quite self-critical. Sometimes he is even prone to slight self-irony. Ivan gives the impression of a very talented and modest person who is not shy about his last name and famous father, but at the same time does not brag about them at all.

Ivan Shakhnazarov personal life

As a well-mannered man and a real gentleman, Ivan does not advertise his relationship, but makes it clear that there is a close person in his life and the heart of a young talent is already taken.

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