Anthracite: color in the interior

Anthracite: color in the interior
Anthracite: color in the interior

When we hear the phrase "gray", most people associate with something boring, mundane and uninteresting. Anthracite is a color that is one of the shades of a rich gray palette. However, paradoxically, the range of these shades in the interior is one of the latest trends in design. Will a room decorated in gray look dull and uninteresting? How to correctly and interestingly use the color anthracite in the interior?

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The gray color itself is very interesting. It represents a kind of cross between black and white, the most contrasting colors. Therefore, most people stereotypically perceive it as intermediate, average and indefinite. However, we want to dispel this myth. This color has a lot of positive aspects, they just need to be able to present. The interior, made in gray tones, can look luxurious, elegant and stylish.

Anthracite - a color that itselfitself is calm, not attracting attention, perfectly emphasizes other color accents. The interior, decorated in gray tones, contributes to the concentration on one's own sensations and feelings. The property of this color is a neutral background, not conspicuous, unchanging and stable, detached and impartial. That is why anthracite is often used to decorate office space. Photos of such interiors can be seen in specialized magazines and on the Internet.

The richness and uniqueness of gray in its shades. They are obtained by mixing pure gray with other colors. Warm shades of gray (yellow, brown, beige-gray, etc.) will create a homely, cozy and peaceful atmosphere in the interior. The cold range of shades will bring rigor and elegance to the interior. The latter also includes anthracite - a noble and restrained color. Due to its neutrality, gray goes well with other shades. The ceiling or one of the walls in the room, painted anthracite in combination with natural wood, will look spectacular.

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Shades of grey, white and beige are very practical to use in interior design. In combination with each other, they look surprisingly harmonious. You can diversify the monochrome interior with the help of bright decor elements and accessories: dishes, textiles, paintings, etc. Anthracite is a color that, for example, in tandem with yellow, pink or turquoise, will bring playfulness to the interior and give a modern look. Gray ceramic tiles look good in the kitchen,emphasizing comfort and cleanliness.

The interior of the bedroom, designed in pearl gray or light gray tones, looks very elegant. The choice of this color for this room is not accidental. It will create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

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However, despite its versatility, designers do not recommend the use of anthracite in the interior of a children's room. Unless for hyperactive children who just need a calm environment. To do this, you can use muted anthracite. The color solution should be diluted with grass green, light pink or blue.

Anthracite is the most suitable color for a study room. Using it as the main one will create a conservative business atmosphere in the room.

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