The Hensel sisters: photo, personal life

The Hensel sisters: photo, personal life
The Hensel sisters: photo, personal life

The Hensel sisters are Siamese twins, but despite this, their life is not much different from the lives of other people. Their names are Abigail and Brittany. These girls are cheerful, sociable, and they have their own dreams and goals. They, like other children, went to school, studied hard, graduated from university and got a job. But since each sister has her own personality, it becomes interesting how they get along in the same body.

Dicephalus Gemini

The girls were born on March 7, 1990 in New Germany. They turned out to be conjoined dicephalic twins. It is very rare for two people to have the same torso with two legs and two arms. At the same time, the body has its own difficulties, so they have three lungs. Also, each girl has her own stomach and heart, which are connected by one blood circulation. In addition, they have three kidneys, two gallbladders, one large intestine and a liver. Two spines end in a common pelvis. All organs, starting from the waist, are one for two, includingsex.

Hensel sisters

The Hensel sisters are a huge rarity, in history only four pairs of dicephalic twins were recorded who were able to survive. But to date, these girls are the only survivors. Besides, they lead normal lives.

Anatomical differences

Although the sisters have the same circulatory system, their body temperature is different, and they feel it. Abigail often gets hot, but her sister is often cold at these moments. Twin girls have different heights. Abigail is 1 m 57 cm, but her sister is 10 cm lower. This is noticeable in the location of the head and along the length of the legs. To make the body look more harmonious and balanced, Brittany always stands on her toe.

Who is the master in the body?

Abigail and Brittany Hensel

Abigail and Brittany Hensel are fused twins, so each girl only controls the part of her body that is on her side. So, for example, Abigail cannot raise a hand that is on Brittany's side or does not feel pain or touch from her side. Despite this, the girls have learned to move smoothly, so much so that they manage to perform movements as if they were one person. Thanks to this, the sisters walk well, can run and ride a bicycle. The sisters also learned to swim and even drive a car. During their school years, this teamwork helped them take part in local competitions.

Different people

But the fact that sisters Abigail and Brittany Hensel are different people proves not onlytheir body structure. Each girl may have her own reaction to a particular product. For example, unlike Abigail, Brittany's heart reacts to coffee and her heart rate increases. At the same time, Brit loves milk, but her sister does not. And if they eat soup, Abby only sprinkles crackers on her soul mate, because the other girl does not like this mix.

Abigail and Brittany Hensel twins

But that's not the only difference between the sisters. These are really two different personalities, each has its own character, tastes, preferences and even dreams. Their views on clothing and choice of entertainment also do not coincide. But since they have to share one body, they have learned to compromise.

Girls' family

Twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel were born and continue to live in Minnesota. In their family, mom works as a nurse, and dad is a carpenter. Girls are not the only children. Parents decided on the birth of another daughter and son. Their family is very friendly, they, despite the difficulties, are support for each other. There is always a lot to do at home, since the parents own a farm with cows and other animals.

When the girls were still small, the doctors strongly recommended that they perform an operation and separate the twins. But that meant that one of the daughters would die. Despite the complexity of the decision, the parents resolutely refused. Mother was not ready to sacrifice one of her beloved girls. Today, Abigail and Brittany are immensely grateful that mom decided to leave everything as it is. And indeed, because the daughters grew upcheerful, sociable and active. Parents and friends call them Abby and Brit.

How was my childhood

sisters abigail and brittany hensel conjoined twins

Despite their unusual appearance, the parents sent the girls to a normal school. Here the Hensel sisters learned not to respond to ridicule. Although it is worth noting that in the town where they live, they are treated friendly and completely normal.

But one of the main difficulties was for the sisters to learn to give in to each other. Before this happened, they constantly argued, there were quarrels and even fights, like all brothers and sisters. Once in deep childhood, when they disagreed again, Brittany grabbed a stone and hit her sister on the head. But this was a lesson for both, the girls were very scared and asked each other for forgiveness with tears.

Gradually, Abby and Brit learned to peacefully resolve their disagreements. To do this, they can flip a coin or ask their parents for advice.

The girls didn't want to be different, so they also pursued their own hobbies. So they learned not only to sing beautifully, but also to play the guitar and piano.

What are the twins arguing about?

hensel sisters siamese twins

Some may think, well, what can Siamese twins not share, because they should already learn to feel each other? But Abigail and Brittany Hensel are different people, each of them has their own opinion and it can be difficult to make concessions. For example, it can be difficult for girls to choose a vacation, because Abby likes to stay at home. But Brit is notcan sit at home, because she likes dancing, funny companies, parties, or at least she just needs to go to the movies. In this case, the girl tries to defend her preferences to the last. But sometimes it is difficult for her, because her sister is one of those people who do not need to "reach into their pocket for a word", she often becomes the winner in disputes.

How to choose clothes

Sometimes the Hensel sisters do not agree on what to wear on their body, because Abby loves "cool" and bright outfits, she believes that jewelry should be original, youthful. But Brit, on the contrary, prefers a restrained style in clothes, neutral shades, and from jewelry - something calm and sophisticated, such as pearls. To buy a new thing, they have to negotiate.

Sisters go to ordinary stores in search of things. If they both like a T-shirt or jacket, they buy it and alter it a little at home. If it's a dress or blouse, they make a second neckline. And so the Hensel sisters try to make sure that there are no zippers and buttons on the clothes.

How girls live in one body

hensel sisters photo

The Hensel sisters (there is a photo on this page) are trying to lead a normal life. They have many girlfriends with whom they spend time. Since it is difficult to sit all your life in a small town, they go to other places. In a new environment, they are helped by friends who try to monitor the reaction of people. The difficulty is that people are unpredictable and often want to photograph the twins or just touch them. But this attitude to girlsunpleasant, girlfriends try to close them from the lens.

Girls like attention, but if it's within the bounds of decency. For example, if a person wants to take a picture, he just needs to come up to say hello and get to know each other a little. In this case, Brit and Abby will be happy to smile at the camera.

But if this does not happen, and people brazenly take pictures of them as a "curiosity", the sisters begin to get nervous and worry. They have to go somewhere else. Despite such a reaction of people, after a change of scenery, the girls are not upset, but continue to have fun, as if nothing had happened. It is worth noting that Abby's character is a little quick-tempered and aggressive, while Brit is softer and more artistic.

Driving a car

It seems surprising to many that sisters Abigail and Brittany Hensel, conjoined twins, can drive a car. Both girls have this skill. Each of them took a driving theory test, but they passed the practice together. Sitting in the driver's seat, both sisters perform their actions, which they agreed on in advance. For example, one presses the gas, the other must press the brake. The sisters have two driver's licenses, each with their own, as well as passports. When they are stopped at the checkpoint, the girls ask whose documents to present.

Besides traveling by car, Abby and Brit fly by plane. But here they often have difficulties, because they are required to present two tickets, because there are two names on the passenger list. But the girls are in no hurry to pay because they only need one seat.

sisters abigail and brittany hensel

Study and work

At the end of school, the girls had another difficulty. Brittany loved literature, while her sister was good at math. They needed to go to university, but in such a way that the interests of the twins were taken into account. As a result, the girls agreed that they want to be teachers of elementary grades. This way each sister can teach the subject she likes.

After graduating from university, Brit and Abby took a job teaching at a school, but they are paid the same salary, as if two people share the same salary. But the girls do not agree, because they have two diplomas. In addition, while one is conducting a lesson, the other can check notebooks from her classes.

Students enjoy being in the Hensel sisters' classes. Children learn from them not to give up and have a positive outlook on life.

Hensel sisters: personal life and dreams

Abby and Brit are sociable and love to talk, but always avoid the topic of personal life. But the fact is that girls and their mother dream of marriage. Once in a newspaper there was a sensation that Brittany was already engaged, but the sisters said that this was a “cruel joke.”

Today, girls have gained wide popularity because they are written about in newspapers, invited to TV shows, and even a series was shot with their participation. They are happy, famous and successful people who may soon be lucky, and the sisters will be able to meet a loved one and even become mothers.

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