Details of the meat dress

Details of the meat dress
Details of the meat dress

Lady Gaga has always been able to impress her fans. After some of her next antics, you begin to think that she will no longer be able to “throw out” anything more outrageous, but her next crazy act proves the opposite. Worth only her meat dress.

meat dress

The singer gained popularity not only for her unpretentious songs with deep meaning. Every now and then in her videos, she shocked the audience with her extraordinary outfits. She has repeatedly managed to lead all sorts of fashion charts, and in different guises. She was both the best singer and the queen of style, and also managed to win the award in the category "worst dressed star".

But Lady Gaga's recent outfit - a dress made of meat - completely "blew the brain" not only to all her fans, but also to most of her colleagues. Indeed, the outrageous appearance of the singer in front of the people caused a great stir. This crazy Saturday she was invited to MTV Video Music Awards.

lady gaga in meat dress

The singer appeared before the public in three different outfits. One dress reflected someByzantine motifs. It was made for the latest collection of the late Alexander McQueen, whom the artist greatly adored and loved. She said more than once that she grieves and regrets that a person dear to her and a friend has passed away.

The next black dress, which was made by the legendary Armani, replaced the first one. Well, after all this, Lady Gaga appeared in a dress made of meat. It was made especially for the star by controversial designer Frank Fernandez. It was an application made of pieces of meat interconnected. The sight is not for the faint of heart. This outfit can be safely called ugly-bewitching. On her head, the artist wore an author's hat, which was made from pieces of tenderloin. Her shoes were shoes that were wrapped in rather large pieces of meat. In all likelihood, they were cut from the femoral part. And, of course, the meat dress itself.

lady gaga meat dress

Everyone had questions: "Isn't she disgusted, it must smell disgusting, how can she be in it?", "For the body it is definitely cold, how does she tolerate it?" Such and similar questions were repeatedly voiced to each other by those present in the hall. And it is fair to say that this dress made of meat is most likely very uncomfortable for the singer. At least looking at him, comfort is not felt, to put it mildly. Although Gaga changed three outfits in all the time, it took a lot of time to sit in this hall until she was presented with an award. Yes and more thanobviously, organizations that protect animals, as well as the interests of vegetarians, will still express their claims to her more than once.

It is fair to say that the efforts of the star were not in vain. After all, she was awarded eight awards from the MTV channel, one of which was "For the best video." Moreover, Lady Gaga was handed personally by the singer Cher, whom you will not envy. Indeed, in addition to hugging the artist in a meat dress, she also had to hold the same meat purse.

It should be noted that this is not the first appearance of the singer in this outfit. She already had experience posing in a meat bikini for the cover of the Japanese Vogue magazine.

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