Disturbing is The meaning and origin of the word

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Disturbing is The meaning and origin of the word
Disturbing is The meaning and origin of the word

"Disturbing" - this word is associated with strong emotional arousal, a wave of trembling running through the whole body. What is exciting, positive or negative meaning of this word and where does it come from?

Word details

"Disturbing" is a participle derived from the verb "disturb". This verb itself comes from the noun "burdock" - a fussy, restless person. The noun it originates from the word "budor" (or "butor", as we can still hear in dialects), that is, noise, din. From the mentioned verb, others are also formed, for example, "excite" and the participle "excited".

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Shades of meaning

The word "disturbing" can have different emotional connotations. Initially, the verb "disturb" carries a negative charge and is associated with a loss of calm and composure, unnecessary anxiety. Therefore, "disturbing" also in some cases has the same connotation. At the same time, the excitement that this word carries can also be with a plus sign. Love,enthusiasm, a riot of fantasy, in general, the boiling of life in full force. Everyone wants to experience a riot of emotions sometimes.

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What is called?

Exciting lover's touch, exhilarating taste of adventure, exhilarating book. Everything that lights a light in the eyes and makes the heart beat faster. But there can also be scandals that disturb society, disturbing experiences. It can be a sight that stirs the blood. This is roughly synonymous with the expression "chilling" and speaks of the shock and horror experienced by a person. What are disturbing feelings, events? The intensity of passions can be joyful or painful.

If you pay attention to how the word "disturbing" is used in the literature, we will often meet something alive, joyful and alluring, something that a person himself aspires to. After all, writers are passionate people, and they, like no one else, reflect people's desire for novelty and vivid impressions. Although the shade of soreness, feverishness also sounds. After all, even falling in love can cause loss of sleep and peace.

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