Vanderbilt Gloria - American society lady of the mid-20th century: biography, personal life

Vanderbilt Gloria - American society lady of the mid-20th century: biography, personal life
Vanderbilt Gloria - American society lady of the mid-20th century: biography, personal life

Gloria Vanderbilt's name is known in various capacities. American actress, artist, designer, writer and socialite who became the first designer of blue jeans. A bright representative of the bohemian society of the mid-twentieth century, she fully realized herself in all directions, becoming a model of style and success.

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Origin of Gloria Vanderbilt

Gloria was born in 1924 in New York in the family of a major railroad worker, Reginald Vanderbilt. Gloria Laura Morgan Vanderbilt is the only child in the family. My father led a wild life, drank a lot and was fond of gambling. Gloria was one year old when her father died and inherited half of his multi-million fortune.

Gloria's father was the son of George Washington, and married the young daughter of a banker and descendant of pirates named Morgan.

Her mother, Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, became the steward of her fortune until her daughter came of age. Mother and daughter often traveled from New York to Paris with Nanny Dodo andmother's sister Thelma. The girl was left unattended while traveling.

The way of life of the daughter-in-law, which was often reported in issues of the judicial and gossip columns, and her influence on little Gloria, was not liked by Gertrude Vanderbilt, the sister of the late father. She sued in 1934 seeking custody of the child. A scandalous trial with mother's tears and tantrums ended with the transfer of custody of Gloria to Gertrude Vanderbilt.

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Education and artistic taste

Little Vanderbilt Gloria moved in with her aunt on Long Island. Here, surrounded by her father's relatives, she spent her childhood. The mansion had a luxurious decoration, comparable to Versailles. The aunt who sheltered Gloria collected art and was famous in collectors' circles. Living surrounded by authentic masterpieces contributed to the formation of artistic taste.

Gloria Morgan received the right to visit her daughter only under supervision. Even after coming of age, the actress remained a strained relationship with her mother. The mother did not receive financial assistance from her daughter and lived in Beverly Hills with her sister.

Gloria was sent to study at private schools in Long Island, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Gloria developed an affinity for and love for the arts through art student league workshops.

First artwork sold to Hallmark.

In addition to her passion for drawing, Gloria Vanderbilt entered the Actors League of New York and took acting lessons.

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Actress film career

In the late 50s, Vanderbilt Gloria starred in several TV series, where she discovered her acting talent.

The short series "Little Gloria" (1982) was based on the history of litigation that filled the childhood of Gloria Vanderbilt. The series received due praise and was awarded two film awards "Golden Globe" and "Emmy".

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Starting a Successful Design Business

Energy and will, multiplied by talent, helped Gloria Vanderbilt to embody all her undertakings. Despite the inheritance she received, which allowed her to live and not worry about anything, she began to make money on her own, which she did in a big way.

Subsequently, she took up the design and production of her own line of dishes and cutlery, bed linen.

In the mid-70s, Gloria Vanderbilt, whose biography is interesting to many of her fans, became interested in the modeling business. The brand became its own name when the line of scarves was launched. The work of designer Vanderbilt did not go unnoticed, and a proposal for cooperation was received from a modeling corporation from India.

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Gloria Vanderbilt: jeans and perfume

As a result of the collaboration, a line of jeans was launched, with its own logo in the shape of a swan and the words Gloria Vanderbilt on the back pocket. In the 80s, almost every girl wore Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. The “chip” of the development was the use of the new stretch jean technology,emphasizing the attractiveness of female forms. "Revolutionary" jeans have become a miracle and a gift for women.

The project turned out to be successful, and soon there were shoes, blouses, leather goods under our own brand.

Now the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans are classics along with Armani and Calvin Klein brands and enjoy worldwide popularity.

Business developed rapidly, sales grew and designer products were supplemented with luxury perfumes, accessories and liquors.

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Personal life of an actress and a business woman

Vanderbilt's first and brief marriage was entered into by Gloria in Hollywood as soon as she arrived there in 1941. Her husband was agent Pasquale DiCicco.

Conductor Leopold Stokowski became her second husband. From this marriage, the actress has two children: Leopold Stanislav (1950) and Christopher (1952). The union with the conductor also fell apart.

With the famous director Lidni Lumet in the summer of 1956, Gloria Vanderbilt entered into a marriage alliance. After seven years, the couple broke up.

Union with writer Wyatt Emory Cooper turned out to be longer. Married to Cooper, two sons were born. Eldest son Carter committed suicide at the age of 23 by jumping out of a window on the 14th floor. The tragic event greatly affected Gloria, because everything happened in front of her eyes. Overwhelmed with feelings, she joined a group of psychological help for people whose relatives died through suicide.

Second son, Anderson Cooper is a famous CNN reporter and model. Gloria Vanderbilt, whose personal life is in no waycould not get better, widowed after the death of her husband in 1978 during a heart operation.

The actress had a romantic relationship with musician and photographer Gordon Parks for many years until the musician passed away in 2006

This secular lady still has the nickname of a femme fatale who breaks men's hearts. Many have said that Gloria Vanderbilt is a heartbreaker. Orson Welles, Marlon Brando, Howard Hughes and Frank Sinatra could not resist her charm and beauty.

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What else is known about Gloria Vanderbilt

The copyright for the brand with her name Gloria Vanderbilt sold and withdrew from participation in the development. The Jones Apparel Group bought the right to produce jeans from a well-known brand. The Gloria Vanderbilt perfume line has been produced by L'Oréal for several decades.

After leaving the fashion business, Gloria Vanderbilt took up creativity. She creates paintings and writes books. At the first Dream Boxes exhibition in 2001, held in Manchester, the artist presented her paintings and received a positive assessment from the expert community. The next exhibition of 35 paintings was held at the Art Center.

Vanderbilt Gloria has published 3 novels, 4 books of memoirs, she is also published in periodicals. Sometimes she visits her son's TV shows.

The last time Gloria Vanderbilt's personality attracted media and public attention was her autobiography Obsession: Erotic Stories, released in 2009. The book contains descriptions of the actress's love affairscandid nature.

Instead of afterword

Gloria Vanderbilt's life was filled with many bright events of secular, model, social life. She became a muse and inspiration for famous talents: Salvador Dali, Truman Capote, Paul McCartney, who dedicated his song Mrs. Vanderbilt. She has become an icon of style and feminine elegance, inspiring names such as Bill Blass, Diane von Furstenberg and Ralph Lauren.

Here is such an interesting story of the life of an actress, artist, designer who changed the idea of ​​​​fashion, writer, socialite from America and just heartbreaker Gloria Vanderbilt. It is worth noting that today she is still alive. She is 93 years old. We wish this wonderful woman good he alth!

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