Shakhrai Sergey Mikhailovich: biography, career, activities

Shakhrai Sergey Mikhailovich: biography, career, activities
Shakhrai Sergey Mikhailovich: biography, career, activities

The bright Russian politician and prominent statesman Shakhrai Sergei Mikhailovich comes from a family of hereditary Terek Cossacks who settled along the banks of the Terek and faithfully served Russia since the 16th century. He was born on April 30, 1956 in Simferopol, in the family of a military pilot, after the accident and due to the reduction of the armed forces, he returned to his native village of Soldatskaya and for a long time headed the collective farm.

Shakhrai Sergey Mikhailovich

Years of study of a future politician

After graduating from high school with a gold medal, he became a student at the Faculty of Law of Rostov University and, having graduated with honors in the speci alty "State Studies", entered graduate school in 1978. Four years later, Shakhrai defended his dissertation and was awarded the title of candidate of legal sciences. He rose to the next scientific level already in 2005 in the city on the Neva, having defended his doctoral dissertation. A year before, he received a diploma from the Financial Academy, established under the government of the Russian Federation.

Teaching and counseling

Immediately after graduating from graduate school, Sergei Mikhailovich Shakhrai studiedteaching activities. Directly within the walls of Moscow State University, he created a laboratory of legal informatics and cybernetics, which he led until 1990. In 1991, he received an invitation as a consultant to take part in the work of one of the committees of the USSR government. As part of the duties assigned to him, Shakhrai led the creation of an electronic counting system for voting and developed the legal component of its algorithm. This elaboration was successfully used during subsequent meetings.

Shakhrai Sergey Mikhailovich biography

Start of climb

Shakhrai Sergei Mikhailovich began his political career in January 1990, becoming a member of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR as a deputy representing the voters of one of the metropolitan districts. In this structure, he led the Legislation Committee. Since then, his career has gone up dramatically.

After a short time, he becomes Deputy Prime Minister, overseeing the work of the State Committee for National Policy, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Security. One of the most important moments of his state activity of that period is participation in the preparation of documents that preceded the creation of the Union of Independent States and the Federal Treaty.

Leaving the post of vice-premier in 1992, he headed the temporary administration in the territory where the Ossetian-Ingush conflict broke out for some time, and then received the post of vice-premier. Not surprisingly, when the vacancy for the head of the Committee onnational policy, Shakhrai Sergei Mikhailovich was recognized as the best candidate for its replacement. Nationality and belonging to one or another ethnic group, unfortunately, often became the cause of clashes.

Shakhrai Sergei Mikhailovich political figure

Election to the State Duma

The subsequent period became very significant for Sergei Mikhailovich. In 1993 he became a deputy of the first Russian State Duma, and in 1995 - the second. As a member of the highest legislative body of the country, Shakhrai took part in the work of a number of its most important deputy groups and was a member of the committee that developed the regulations for the work of the State Duma, and also performed a number of other duties.

In December 1996, Shakhrai Sergei Mikhailovich, whose biography is inextricably linked with all the most important events of the period of formation of a democratic state in the post-Soviet space, becomes a member of the Constitutional Court as a representative of the head of state. In addition, in the presidential administration, he performs the duties of deputy chief. During the years when the Russian government was headed by E. M. Primakov, Shakhrai was his adviser on issues of legislation and regional policy.

Statesman Shakhrai Sergei Mikhailovich

Work in the Accounts Chamber and the trial of the CPSU

In 2000, Sergei Mikhailovich Shakhrai, a politician of a new democratic type, was nominated to work in the Accounts Chamber and, despite being extremely busy, continued teachingactivity as a professor at MGIMO. One of the most striking episodes of the early nineties were the sessions of the Constitutional Court, in which Shakhrai took part.

Sergey Mikhailovich was considering legislative acts on the termination of the activities of the Communist Party. His undoubted merit lies in the fact that, having managed to demonstrate the illegality of the usurpation of power in the country by one particular party, he nevertheless did not allow the investigation of its activities to turn into another Nuremberg trial.

Shakhrai Sergey Mikhailovich nationality

Top ranking of Russian politicians

In 1993, among the variety of political parties in Russia, another one appeared - PRES, founded by Sergei Mikhailovich Shakhrai. The policy pursued by her was focused mainly on conservatism and centralism, with a combination of local self-government with federalism. She had significant success in the December 1993 elections, when she managed to get 6.8% of the vote, and her representatives, who received 33 seats, created one of the most influential factions.

In the same year, the new Russian Constitution was born. Among other leading lawyers, Shakhrai also took part in its development. Sergei Mikhailovich, according to the overall results of the year, topped the rating of leading Russian politicians. The following year, when, based on the idea of ​​civil reconciliation put forward by him, the process of political amnesty for participants in the well-known events that took place in the autumn of 1993 was carried out, he became one of his most activeperformers. Everything that happened near the walls of the White House, Shakhrai characterized as an element of civil war and a national tragedy.

Shakhrai Sergey Mikhailovich photo

Problems related to the Chechen war

The next year, Sergei Mikhailovich Shakhrai, for a number of reasons, interrupts his work as Minister for Nationalities. Many observers explain this by the difference in his approach to the events of the Chechen war and the demands made by the country's leadership. In their opinion, Sergei Mikhailovich was a supporter of negotiations and compromises, which made it possible to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, while tougher measures were demanded of him.

Active political life

In subsequent years, Sergei Mikhailovich Shakhrai, Honored Lawyer of Russia, held a number of prominent government posts, among which, in addition to his activities in the Accounts Chamber, membership in the board of directors of Gazprom-Media should be noted. Also, his track record includes the positions of Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of the Russian Union of Taxpayers, President of the National Badminton Federation, member of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for Physical Education and Sports and a number of other responsible posts. In 2009, Shakhrai was appointed a member of the interdepartmental commission on education.

Family life of a prominent politician

There are people who have the ability to combine the affairs of state with the care of the house. Shakhrai is one of them. Sergei Mikhailovich, his wife Tatyana Yurievna and sons Sergei, Mikhail, and daughter Maria are a truly strong family. Allthe children received an excellent education. The eldest of them, Sergei, heads the housing inspectorate in one of the Russian regions.

Shakhrai Sergey Mikhailovich wife

And today Shakhrai Sergey Mikhailovich, whose photo is presented in this article, is full of strength and willingness to serve Russia, giving her his energy and experience. There is no doubt that he has a worthy place in the galaxy of political figures who ensured Russia's transition from a totalitarian state to a democratic one. Despite all the difficulties our country is going through today, the merit of these people is undeniable.

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