Politician Vladimir Resin: biography, career, activities

Politician Vladimir Resin: biography, career, activities
Politician Vladimir Resin: biography, career, activities

The biography of Resin Vladimir Iosifovich is closely connected with politics. He was the first deputy of Yuri Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow. Deputy of the sixth convocation and adviser to the Patriarch of All Russia in the field of construction. Head of the architectural complex, reconstruction and development of Moscow. After the resignation of Luzhkov, he temporarily performed his duties. Head of the board of directors of the Glavmosstroy holding and member of the board of the Union of Russian Entrepreneurs and Industrialists. Professor and Doctor of Economics.


Resin Vladimir Iosifovich was born on the twenty-first of February 1936 in Minsk (Belarusian SSR).

His father, Iosif Gilimovich, and mother, Roza Volfovna, come from an old town on the Dnieper, Rechitsa. The head of the family came from a poor family, received almost no education, and studied at school for only three classes. But over time, he was promoted by the Komsomol to a leadership position, thanks to his acumen to management.Rosa Volfovna comes from a we althy family, albeit one with many children. Received a good education.

Resin V.I. is married to Chadaeva Marta Yakovlevna. They had a daughter, Ekaterina. Resin has an adult grandson (born in 1983).

Vladimir Resin


Vladimir spent his childhood in Moscow, in a house on the northern outskirts, on the street. Agricultural. In 1941, when the war began, the family had to be evacuated to Siberia. The father remained in the capital. After the family returned to Moscow, Vladimir, like many boys, was fond of football, went to the cinema, ran around wastelands and had fun with his peers.

Smoking and alcohol did not attract him even in his teens. He did not like fights, although he could well fight back. He often acted as a peacemaker in yard fights, being a very fair guy. Semyon Farada has been his friend since childhood.


Vladimir Resin went to first grade near Tomsk, in the village of Cheryomushki. After the family returned from the evacuation, he continued to study at a Moscow school. Vladimir received his certificate in 1953. He entered the Moscow Mining Institute, the economic department. His father insisted on this direction, promising his son a great future. Already working, he completed postgraduate studies at the Mining Institute. In 1995 he defended his doctoral dissertation.

Resin Vladimir Iosifovich

Work activity

After graduating from the institute, Vladimir was assigned to the Ukrainian village of Vatutyno, as a mining foreman. His job was to mine coal. Andmanagement demanded to extract it as much as possible. But fate brought him back to Moscow. In 1960, Vladimir Resin received a transfer and worked in the subway, drilling wells, freezing the foundation and performing a number of other works.

Then he moved up the career ladder, becoming the head of the drilling site on the Kola Peninsula, in the city of Apatity. Then in the same position - at the construction site of the Lyubertsy station, chief engineer of the installation department in Kaluga. He worked at many construction sites in the Tula, Smolensk and Kaluga regions.

Resin Vladimir Iosifovich position

In 1964, Vladimir Iosifovich received an offer to the Glavmosstroy company and was appointed head of the SU-17 section. A promotion followed four months later. Then he worked as a chief engineer, manager. But after painstaking work, Vladimir Iosifovich Resin, whose position was raised in 1974, was appointed deputy head of Glavmosinzhstroy. Under his leadership, the following were built and modernized:

  • Luzhniki;
  • Dynamo and Young Pioneers stadiums;
  • SC of the Central Sports Club of the Army;
  • DS "Izmailovo";
  • SC "Olympic";
  • major highways and avenues;
  • hotels and many other large facilities.
Vladimir Resin biography

After ten years of work at Glavmosinzhstroy, he became the first deputy. In 1985, he began to lead this organization. In 1987, he was already the head of Glavmospromstroy. From 1990 to 1991 Resin Vladimir Iosifovich worked as deputy chairman of the Moscow Construction Committee. In 1991 wasappointed Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Moscow and head of the city's construction complex. From 1996 to 2001, Vladimir Iosifovich was the first deputy and headed the organization for the development of the capital.

Activities in high positions

Vladimir Resin was the organizer and initiator of many urban planning projects and social programs. He made a great contribution to their development and implementation. Resin V.I. is one of the leaders in the engineering infrastructure that determines the development of Moscow. Acts as the initiator of the underground urbanism of the capital, a very complex design and construction complex, which includes archaeological excavations, systems of structures for the quality functioning of Moscow, etc.

Resin's scientific, creative and engineering activities are mainly related to new projects in the most complex construction industries, these are underground works, preparation of sites for the construction of facilities, collector tunnels and much more. The main project of Vladimir Iosifovich is the socio-economic and technical coordinated organization of infrastructure subsystems.

Resin Vladimir Iosifovich reception

Awards and achievements

Vladimir Resin is the head of the Department of Economics at the Russian Academy. Plekhanov. Professor of International Moscow University, academician of many international and Russian academies.

Members in:

  • Presidential Prize Commission;
  • Olympic Committee;
  • Union of Architects;
  • Editorial boards of some publications.

Awarded oneState Prize and two Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union. As well as two State Prizes and one President of the Russian Federation.


  • For services to the fatherland of the third degree.
  • Honor.
  • Two Red Banners of Labor;
  • Friendship of peoples.
  • Badge of Honor.
  • Miner's glory 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree.
  • Eagle.
  • Russian Academy of the first degree.
  • Saints Stanislaus and Constantine the Great.


  • Defender of a free Russia.
  • Great Silver International Academy.
  • Commemorative International Academy of Sciences.
  • Zgold them. Shukhov and many others.

Resin V.I. was awarded the titles:

  • Honored Builder and Engineer of the Russian Federation.
  • Honorary Builder of Moscow and Russia.
biography of Resin Vladimir Iosifovich

Work Attitude

Vladimir Resin, whose biography is described in this article, considers work to be his main hobby. He speaks of her as fruitful and very interesting. I became interested in it when it was necessary to restore buildings destroyed after the war, restore old ones, and build new ones. Vladimir Iosifovich likes to watch how the capital is growing and modernizing more and more and to take a direct part in this.

Political activities

Resin V.I. was elected a deputy more than once. Tries to listen to all suggestions and answer incoming questions. Resin Vladimir Iosifovich, whose reception is always open forvisitors, tries not to refuse to help citizens visiting it. He was awarded the title of honorary citizen in the following cities: Yerevan, Balakhna and Gyumri.

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