Museum of Applied Arts in Moscow. Art museums in Moscow

Museum of Applied Arts in Moscow. Art museums in Moscow
Museum of Applied Arts in Moscow. Art museums in Moscow

The capital of our Motherland is famous not only for the opportunities that open up for its inhabitants, not only for its stunning architecture and rich history. The cultural aspect also contributes to the overall image of the ancient city. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists and indigenous people visit Moscow museums in order to get to know and learn more about Russian culture.

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Known far beyond the borders of our country, the Museum of Applied Arts in Moscow is located in the Osterman House estate complex, named after its former owners. At the end of the 17th century, the building was owned by the boyars Streshnevs, then it was inherited by Count I. A. Osterman. At the end of the 18th century, the manor acquired an appearance close to modern. It happened after the reconstruction according to the project of the architect, who wished to remain anonymous. The building often changed its owners. At one time, the Moscow Theological Seminary was located here. It was on her initiative that an extension was made to the right gallery, intended for the diocesanhostel. During the Soviet era, the building was in the possession of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, after which it housed the Presidium of the Supreme Council, and then the Council of Ministers. Today it is a museum, which is an architectural monument of the XVIII-XX centuries.

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Formation of the museum collection

The museum's collection was formed by combining a variety of collections. Presented to the attention of the exposition contains about 238 thousand items. The museum includes several sections: stone and metal products; bone and wood; glass objects and ceramics; lacquer miniature; works of fine art; fabrics. Manuscripts, various scientific documentation and rare books are also exhibited.

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Many exhibits were provided by the All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts, the Handicraft Museum and the Museum of Folk Art of S. T. Morozov contributed, many unique items were transferred by the Research Institute of Art Industry by decision of the Moscow Government in August 1999.

How do other museums in Moscow differ from the All-Russian Museum of Applied Arts?

Moscow museums offer their visitors to touch the past of our nation, the culture of the peoples of the country. The difference between the All-Russian Museum of Applied Arts and similar institutions lies in the fact that it is the only one of its kind that combines in its collection the best samples of folk products.crafts, factories for the manufacture of souvenirs, as well as works of author's applied art.

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Museum Fine Art Collection

The Museum of Applied Arts in Moscow boasts an exposition of works of brilliant Russian masters of the widest time period, from the era of Peter the Great to the period of the fall of the Romanov dynasty. The unique collections gathered here also contain the creations of Russian ceramics masters, glassmakers, enamellers and many others. Visitors are presented with a stunning collection of author's graphics and paintings, as well as works by well-known artists in the field of applied art.

All-Russian Museum of Decorative Applied Arts

Having visited the hall of the section called "Traditional folk art", you can enjoy the patterns of the Volga house carving. The hall exhibits painted details typical for peasant houses in the regions of the Russian North. Other halls of the museum present unique samovars, jewelry and collectible porcelain to the attention of visitors. All this can be seen by visiting just one museum in a city like Moscow. Attractions - photos with descriptions - are presented in this article.

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History in books

Not all Moscow repositories of antiquity have in their arsenal such a rich collection of unique folios and printed publications as this museum of art. The Rare Books Department is its real pride, because it containspolygraphic monuments of special historical significance, corresponding to the main profile of the museum. The library includes a wide collection of various kinds of publications, one way or another related to applied art in all its manifestations.

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"Property of Russia" - a new project

The Museum of Applied Arts in Moscow is launching a new project called "Property of Russia". The main objective of the program is to develop concepts for the development of the museum. Its basic provisions can be called the creation of a globally recognizable brand, the policy of "open doors", the active participation in various international projects. It also implies the organization of so-called traveling exhibitions in all regions of Russia, and the active involvement of young talented artists and design specialists in them. The five-year project has room for many thematic workshops and conferences. The first in line is an exhibition dedicated to lacquer miniature, followed by demonstrations of lace products, as well as projects related to bone carving and other materials. The organizers of the exhibitions claim that not only exhibits from the museum's collection will be presented to the attention of the audience, but also works from private collections specially transferred for this event, and works by contemporary artists. The pearl of the vernissage, in particular, will be a completely unique panel with the poetic name "Seasons. Seasons".

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Masterpieces of exhibitions

As part of the "Property of Russia" project, the screenings will feature works such as:

  • box with the intriguing title "The Tale of Tsar S altan" by Yuri Petrov and many of his experimental works;
  • illustrations for the well-known literary work "The Tale of Igor's Campaign" by Nikolai Lopatin;
  • Amazing imagination work of Alexander Smirnov - panel "Russian Babylon";
  • "Time Clock" ("The Thieving Magpie") - Lev Nikonov's exclusive chest.

Of course, this is not all the exhibits presented at the exhibition. On the eve of its direct opening, a conference was held on the theme "Lacquer Miniature of Modernity", which brought together many respected experts. There were much more people interested in the conference than the organizers expected. Representatives of the world of art from different countries, museum specialists came together. One of the most anticipated guests at the conference, an expert from the Louvre itself, unfortunately, could not come himself, but presented his written report to the attention of the public.

"Property of Russia" is a large-scale and global project, which is an integral part of the concept for the development of the Moscow Museum, which was approved by the Board of the Ministry of Culture. Currently, the Museum of Applied Arts in Moscow is planning to complete the reconstruction of one of its buildings and create a depository. It is planned to spend about 1.3 billion rubles for the reconstruction. The main part of the amountwill be received from the state budget, the rest of the money is planned to be received from interested sponsors who consider art museums a profitable investment.

Upgrade plans

Relatively recently, the Museum of Applied Arts in Moscow posted a new strategic development program on its website. According to the press service of the museum, a large-scale reconstruction will be completed by 2017-2018. Various tasks have been set in the renovation plans. The first thing to do is to evict from the building an art museum called "Finding Freedom", which, by the way, is nothing more than a branch of the Russian Museum of Modern History. Next, it is planned to restore the currently empty outbuilding. Already in 2016, the reconstruction of the museum park will be completed, and the courtyard will become accessible for walking. The museum plans to open its own shop and even a cafeteria. The plans of the museum administration include comprehensive cooperation with masters of design and crafts, expansion of the historical part of the museum collection. For advanced smartphone owners, it is planned to develop a special mobile application where you can view the latest news from your favorite museum. Perhaps even the name of the institution will undergo some changes.

Applied art exhibitions

Art museums in Moscow are as popular and visited as exhibitions. This spring there will be a number of exhibitions of applied arts, for example, an outdoor exhibition of the Tsaritsyno museum called "Flowers on Porcelain". From February 7th to the end of Marchan exhibition at the Museum en titled "Yoke, primus, spinning wheel", designed for a young viewer. The purpose of this performance is to introduce children to objects that were once an integral part of a person's daily life, but today have lost their relevance.

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