Inna Mikhailova and her husbands

Inna Mikhailova and her husbands
Inna Mikhailova and her husbands

Inna Mikhailova is the wife of a famous singer working in the chanson genre. Do you want to know where she was born and with whom she lived before meeting Stas? All the necessary information is contained in the article.

Inna Mikhailova

Short biography

Inna Mikhailova (nee Ponomareva) was born on May 9, 1973 in Kirovograd (Ukraine). She grew up in an ordinary Soviet family. Parents worked at a local enterprise. The family lived paycheck to paycheck. There was only enough money for food and utility bills. Inna's wardrobe was rarely replenished with new things.

At school, our heroine studied well. The teachers considered her a purposeful and responsible girl. My father began to drink more and more. During another scandal, he almost killed Inna's mother. Because of this, the man went to jail. The girl never saw her father again. He hanged himself in his cell.

Already in adolescence, the guys began to pay attention to Inna. They courted her, gave her flowers and tossed love notes in the mailbox.

First husband

Inna had a lot of admirers. But she was not going to fool the guys and change them like gloves. The girl met the Lithuanian footballer AndreiKanchelskis. On June 22, 1991, their wedding took place. The celebration was attended only by relatives of Andrey and Inna, as well as friends of the football player. In the same year, the newly-made family moved to England.

The young wife tried to be in the shadow of her famous husband. She was doing household chores. In December 1993, the couple had a son, who was named Andrei. Inna devoted all her time to her beloved child. After 5, 5 years, another replenishment took place in the family. A charming daughter, Eva, was born.

Being the wife of a famous football player, Inna constantly read unpleasant articles in magazines and newspapers. Representatives of the yellow press regularly told the public about how a football player is cheating on his beautiful wife. Our heroine did not believe all these rumors, considering them the machinations of ill-wishers.

Mikhailov's wife Inna


Marriage with Andrei Kanchelskis lasted almost 15 years. All this time, Inna was engaged in raising children, maintaining comfort in the house. Her husband rarely saw his family. In the first place he had training and football matches. The wife tried not to interfere in his affairs. But one day her patience came to an end. Andrei began to visit clubs and restaurants, accompanied by young beauties. Photos instantly hit the Internet.

Instead of making excuses, Kanchelskis made scandals to his wife. He accused her of constant betrayal, as well as failure as a wife and mother. Inna could not forgive such a thing. In 2006, the couple officially divorced.

Second marriage

TodayStas and Inna Mikhailov are very happy. And few people know what tests of strength they have withstood. But first things first.

Their acquaintance took place in 2006, when Inna arrived in Moscow and was in the process of divorcing her first husband. The famous singer was not embarrassed by either the difficult relationship with the ex-husband or the woman's children. He himself was married twice and was at that time the father of two kids.

The romance of Inna and Stas developed rapidly. It was love at first sight, on both sides. For the first time in several years, our heroine felt like a beautiful and desirable woman.

Stas and Inna Mikhailov

In 2007, the couple legalized their relationship. Only friends and relatives knew that Mikhailov's new wife was Inna. A year later, the couple went to Paris, where they had a chic wedding ceremony. This event could not be ignored by representatives of the print media or television.

In 2009, Inna Mikhailova gave her beloved husband a daughter. The baby received a beautiful and rare name - Ivanna. The singer was in seventh heaven with happiness. He devoted all his free time to his daughter: he played with her, changed diapers and fed her. In 2012, in one of the Moscow maternity hospitals, the second daughter, Maria, was born. To date, Stas Mikhailov is the father of six children (two of them are from Inna's first marriage). He has no division into friends and foes.

Big family - that's what Inna Mikhailova dreamed of. Today, she may well call herself a happy woman.

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