Kirill Kleimenov: the face of Channel One

Kirill Kleimenov: the face of Channel One
Kirill Kleimenov: the face of Channel One

Today, Kirill Kleimenov is the head of news broadcasting on Channel One. Formerly worked as a news anchor and journalist. Childhood and youth passed in Moscow. Cyril was born into an intelligent family. Parents taught their son to linguistic sciences from childhood. He learned to read and write early, studied foreign languages.


As a teenager, he had a tough temper, could conflict with classmates, react violently to criticism. There was a period when the guy became interested in sports. Hockey and swimming became especially attractive for him. Among other things, he managed to master the guitar and learn several foreign languages. After graduation, he went to Finland, where he trained at the capital's university.

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After returning home, I had to go to work. First, he got a job as a presenter on Radio Roks, in parallel, the young man was entrusted with news on Radio 101.

Television activities

Thanks to the work on the radio, Kirill Kleimenov (photos are given in the article)gained invaluable experience and gained self-confidence. In 1994, he ventured to try his hand at television. His debut was the work as an editor on the program "Telemorning". Three years later, it was renamed "Good Morning".

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According to Kleymenov, at first it was not easy. Working on radio is fundamentally different from working on television. First of all, by the fact that you constantly need to be collected on the air, it was not allowed to be distracted by extraneous objects. But gradually the young man became so immersed in this "kitchen" that he firmly decided that he would devote his life to television.

To strengthen his linguistic knowledge, Kleimenov decided at the age of 23 to enter the Faculty of Romano-Germanic Languages ​​of the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University.

"News" and "Time"

After his debut on television, three years later, Kirill Kleymenov was invited to the editorial office of the ORT channel. On the air, he had to conduct the main programs - "Time" and "News".

Knowledge of several foreign languages ​​was useful to the newly minted presenter. He was often sent on business trips, including abroad. In 2002, when the World Cup was held in Japan and South Korea, Kleymenov hosted a special show from the scene.

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In 2003 he was directly involved in the birth of the documentary "Kill Kennedy". The film became a real sensation.A year later, Kirill was offered to take the post of press secretary of Vagit Alekperov. Six months later, Kleimenov missed television activities. Upon his return, he took up the post of director of information programs. After his appointment, he repeatedly took part in live broadcasts with the president, interviewed Dmitry Medvedev as part of the Vremya program, played in the Night Watch as himself.

Currently, for two years now, he has been one of the shareholders of Channel One OJSC, and is a member of the Board of Directors.

Private biography of Kirill Kleimenov, journalist's wife

Due to the fact that the man carefully hides the details of his life, little is known. The journalist was married twice.

The current wife Maria is his colleague. For several years they worked together shoulder to shoulder in Ostankino. At some point, young people realized that they could not live a single day without each other.

At the time of close acquaintance with Maria, the TV presenter was married. It was for this reason that his new relationship was not welcomed by colleagues in the shop. For a long time they "washed the bones", savoring the details of Kirill Kleimenov's personal life. But all the barbs and unpleasant moments were smoothed out. Cyril divorced his first wife and married Maria. Now the couple are raising a joint daughter, Alexandra.

What a journalist is doing today

In the winter of 2017, a memorial was opened in Ostankino, which was dedicated to all the journalists who died in a plane crash over the Black Sea. In 2016, the Tu-154 crashed,having flown to Adler, public figures leading the First Channel were on board from the passengers. Kirill Kleymenov took an active part in the opening of the monument. At the ceremony, he took the floor and honored the memory of the dead, expressing grief.

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A month later, the Vremya program celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, to which Kleymenov was also invited. The TV presenter expressed his gratitude to his colleagues and expressed the hope that only a bright future awaits the program.

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