Two-channel amplifiers: basic parameters, types and classification

Two-channel amplifiers: basic parameters, types and classification
Two-channel amplifiers: basic parameters, types and classification

In various stereo systems, the sound amplifier is built into the unit. However, when connecting higher powered speakers and setting a louder sound, two-channel power amplifiers must be used. You can connect amplifiers to both speakers and common channels using a bridge connection. They support low-impedance loads. The main advantage is the ability to save adjustment combinations.

two-channel amplifiers

When an amplifier is installed in a stereo system, the sound quality is not always good. You can fix this problem by installing a sound processor.

Parameters of two-channel amplifiers

Power is an important indicator for an amplifier. It comes in two types: nominal (RMS) and maximum (PMPO). When buying in the documents, you can read about the rated power. On the product itself they write about multi-channel, which shows maximum powercommon channels. When buying an amplifier, you should check for a certificate that indicates the factory power measurement of the device.

two channel power amplifiers

Two-channel amplifiers contain a built-in crossover, which makes it possible to cut the low frequencies, leaving the high frequencies. By using this parameter, you can adjust the cutoff frequency gradually and reproduce the sound gain on one channel. The bass adjustment key is a useful feature, especially when connecting a subwoofer: it is possible to smoothly increase the bass level.

Bridge connection makes it possible to increase the total power. Using this method, the connection of powerful subwoofers is used.

Two-channel amplifiers are equipped with a connector for connecting a linear wire. Line wires receive signals from the standard stereo system. From overheating of the system, a fan is installed in the amplifiers.

two-channel audio amplifiers

When choosing audio amplifiers, pay attention to the trade manufacturer, giving preference to those who have proven themselves on the positive side.

Main species

Two-channel amplifiers are: tube, transistor, hybrid, digital and tripats. The first type uses an electronic vacuum tube, and the sound is cascaded. Transistor amplifiers are more powerful and generate louder sound. Digital audio amplifiers work on integrated circuits, have high efficiency and better sound quality.

Hybrid amplifiers are made up of vacuum tubes, semiconductors andintegrated circuits, combining the advantages of previous types.

Classification of two-channel amplifiers

Depending on the principle of operation, there are several classes of two-channel amplifiers, which are discussed below.

Type of amplifier






Have low power and overpriced. They distort the sound, resulting in an efficiency of 20%.

Low power.



High COP, heat dissipation but not popular.

Two-channel power amplifiers have reduced noise levels.

Compact, efficient.



High COP: 75%.

The best option for car sound system equipment.



Dual-channel audio amplifiers have a high performance factor.

Mode - intermediate between modes A and B.

All the benefits of Class A and B.



Digital Signal Processing Capability.

UsePWM modulation and fixed frequency.

The presence of a smooth phase control and a bass boost circuit.

Small size, good sound in its purity, high efficiency.


G, N

The amplifier consists of a switching power supply and provides digital signal processing. High cost.

Good sound quality.



Output transistors are switched at a pseudo-random frequency depending on the level of the input signal.

Modulation circuits get ultra-low non-linear distortion. High efficiency.

Car Sound Amplifier

The two-channel subwoofer amplifier is designed to amplify the sound and improve the quality of the volume to an optimal level. To buy the right device in the car correctly, select it according to the characteristics of the subwoofer.

two channel subwoofer amplifier

Two-channel amplifiers will create a harmonious sound for any stereo system.

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