Elena Shifrina: biography, activities, personal life and interesting facts

Elena Shifrina: biography, activities, personal life and interesting facts
Elena Shifrina: biography, activities, personal life and interesting facts

Elena Shifrina is a well-known domestic entrepreneur. She founded the company BioFoodLab, which is focused on people who care about he althy eating. She actively talks about her success story, proving that it is possible to build a career in business even with small children.

Biography of an entrepreneur

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Elena Shifrina has a prestigious education. She graduated from the MBA business school in Skolkovo. She holds the view that success is guaranteed only if you do what you really love.

True, it is recognized that love for what you do is not enough. After three or four months of hard work, the so-called operating system comes. Nobody loves her. During this period, you will have to understand a large number of legal and accounting issues, solve problems.

After all, for a new product to see the light of day, you need to do a lot of work. Establish logistics, understand the economic intricacies.

Shifrina's company

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Elena Shifrina hides her date of birth, like any woman who does not want to advertise her age. It is only known that she is 33year.

In 2011, she founded BioFoodLab, which specializes in the development of natural food products. At the same time, it uses a unique lean manufacturing technology.

Elena Shifrina CEO of this company. She managed to assemble a team of like-minded people who began to produce a delicious and natural product. It allows you to have a snack at any time, while only benefiting your he alth.

Elena Shifrina considers her company's mission to help adults and children take steps towards a he althy lifestyle on a daily basis. This is how natural nut-fruit bars Take a Bite appeared. They contain only spices, fruits and nuts. This is the best product for those who care about their he alth and lead an active lifestyle. It also monitors nutrition and appreciates the natural taste of products. You no longer have to compromise between tasty and he althy food. What Shifrina's company offers combines these two conditions.

Flavor line

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The company of Elena Shifrina, whose biography is closely connected with business, quickly introduced a line of five flavors. Each of them was aimed at a specific functionality. These were "Intellect", "Tone", "Weight Control", "Immunity" and "Sport".

In 2015, "Mint", "Balance", "Mood" and many others were added to them. Since 2013, the company has been actively promoting itself on social networks. Elena Shifrina -creator of BioFootLab - actively maintains a blog in which she shares with readers the peculiarities of running her business, ups and downs. A lot of attention is also paid in the company's accounts to the issues of a he althy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

Elena Shifrina, who is only 33 years old, has ensured that the company began to open points of sale throughout the country. At the moment, there are already more than four thousand BioFootLab representative offices. The company seeks to enter the international market. Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine have already been developed, Canada and the United States of America are next in line.

Shifrina opens her blog on Youtube. It is dedicated to educating Russians about a he althy lifestyle.

Production site

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Increasing the pace of sales, Shifrina's own production site is also opening. She appears in Moscow. This allows you to repeatedly strengthen the control over product quality. And also open a line for the production of he althy snacks for children. In February 2016, a new product comes out - Bitey fruit and berry bars.

Production voluntarily undergoes all possible certifications in order to once again convince consumers of the safety and usefulness of their products. This is one of the main ideas promoted by Shifrina. Over time, it is possible to establish contacts and mutually beneficial relations with large international companies. Like Disney and Nike. For example, it is Take a Bite bars that become the official snack at running training and large city races,organized by Nike in Russia.

Be on trend

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Shifrina's company is closely following all the changes in the modern marketing market. Staying in trend, it is always in demand among consumers. For example, in 2015, sales of another line of bars are opened, dedicated to the release of a new episode of the popular Star Wars saga to the screens of the whole world. A limited series enters the market, which includes the three most common flavors - "Immunity", "Intellect" and "Weight Control". They feature an Imperial stormtrooper, Yoda, and Darth Vader, to the delight of fans.

Also, BioFoodLab is an official sponsor of many sports competitions. The most prestigious of them is the St. Petersburg Open Tennis Championship, which annually attracts the world's strongest tennis players. Among the latest marketing successes, one can note the conclusion of a sponsorship contract for information support of the Open Biathlon European Championship, which took place in Tyumen in 2016.

Charity activities

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The image of the company is positively reflected in patronage and social activities, which is carried out by Shifrina's firm. It all started in 2014 when BioFoodLab launched a joint project with Big Brothers, Big Sisters charity. It was possible to attract even popular domestic athletes to participate in it,Olympic medalists in snowboarding competitions - Vic Wild and Alena Zavarzin. The new Bite Star bar has entered the market.

All profits from its sales were transferred without a trace to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters fund, which is engaged in the formation and development of the institution of social mentoring in Russia. With the help of this money, the fund's employees help children from dysfunctional families to reveal their real inner potential with the support of a volunteer mentor. All this is done through professionally organized communication with an experienced fund staff.

In 2015, Shifrina's company took an active part as an official partner in the Running Hearts charity run, which was initiated by the Natalia Vodianova Foundation. Donations collected as part of this action were directed to help children with special needs, in particular, to their educational summer integrative holidays.

Business Mom

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It so happened that Shifrina's business is directly related to her personal life. For example, she founded the company when she was expecting her first child. Of course, when she attracted specialists and the first investments in the project, she did not yet know that she was pregnant. And when it turned out, the flywheel was spun so much that there was no turning back. I had to shorten the time of maternity leave as much as possible in order to continue the business. Elena Shifrina's husband helped her with this.

True, she doesn't talk about the details of her private life. Very little is known about her wife. Once againtries not to spread Elena Shifrin about her biography, her husband. One can only say that he is also engaged in business, has a private matter.

Family Traditions

But Shifrina willingly talks about the fact that her mother laid her passion for a he althy lifestyle and proper nutrition. She always fed the children separately, recalls the heroine of our article. Therefore, when Shifrina began to think about the idea for her own business, she decided to help as many people as possible learn about the basics of he althy eating, how to change their lives for the beauty and he alth of the body, why it is important to actively go in for sports.

Her second business project Bitey appeared after she had children. It was then that Shifrina realized that most of the food and snacks that they love, normal parents will not allow their children to eat. After all, it is simply crammed with all sorts of chemicals. Therefore, she began selling he althy snacks for the little ones, so that she, and all other parents, would not worry about what their children eat.

For gender equality

By her example, Shifrina proves that it is possible to combine personal life and career success even with small children, which still seems surprising and unrealistic to many modern women.

This is her family too. The heroine of our article often says that her grandmother went to work three months after the birth of her father. And already her mother gave Elena to a nursery at the age of 9 months.

She is categorically against the stereotype that pregnancy isa kind of "weekend ticket" for every woman. On the contrary, in her opinion, it is necessary to stay at home as little as possible, otherwise it will be incredibly difficult to return to a busy work rhythm later.

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