Chechen male names - an interesting meaning, the personification of courage and honor

Chechen male names - an interesting meaning, the personification of courage and honor
Chechen male names - an interesting meaning, the personification of courage and honor

Chechens are a heroic, proud people who value their foundations and history. Chechen male names reflect the strength and spirit of the people, personify male power and honor. Among the names and nicknames of this people you will not find diminutive formulations and translations, each name reflects the meaning of masculinity and status.

Chechen male names

For example, male Chechen names often mean representatives of the animal world with pronounced strong-willed characteristics.

Animal world

  • Bula, or Bull - translated from Chechen as "bison".
  • Borz, or Buorz is a wolf respected by all the Chechen people.
  • Crowbar, Loma - lion and some derivatives of this word.
  • Tshyogal is a cunning fox, this name personifies a person inclined to dodge responsibility.
  • Kuyra is a hawk, a name for proud and keen-eyed men.
  • Makkhal is a kite, a warlike and well-aimed warrior.
  • Lecha is a falcon, a proud, arrogant bird.
  • Arzu - an eagle, a man of high flight.
namesChechen boys

Often, Chechen male names in translation mean a guide to action, like parting words from parents and a good wish. This is especially true of examples of the birth of weakened babies, whose lives are in danger. They are given names with wishes for a long or he althy life.


  • Waha - translated - "live".
  • Dukhavaha - "live long"!
  • Wahiyata - "let this baby live".
  • Visiyata - "Let him stay".

There were also cases when a newborn was given some characteristic in the name.

Character assessment

  • Masa - means "fast, frisky".
  • Dika - "that's a good guy".
  • Mairsolt - "brave boy (man)".

It's a pity that many Chechen names are forgotten today. Although they carry such valuable and interesting speech turns from the native language of the people.

Also, many Chechen male names carry a symbolic Muslim meaning. They are borrowed from the Arabs and the history of the emergence of Islam. These are the names that belonged to the companions and contemporaries of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

Chechen names for men

Names from Muslim Sunnah

  • Muhammad (Mohmad, Mahmud, Muhammad, Mohammed, Magamat) - the name of the Prophet Muhammad, translated means "glorified" or "glorious".
  • Abbas is the name of the uncle of the prophet. Meaning - harshgloomy gloomy.
  • Abdulrahman - this name means "servant of the Merciful Lord". Favorite name of Muslims, an attribute of any true believer.
  • Ali is the name of a friend and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad, the fourth righteous caliph of the Islamic world. And its meanings are "ex alted", "leading", "supreme".

Chechen male names borrowed from Arabs before the rise of Islamic history

  • Ahmad - praised, glorified.
  • Damask steel - steel.
  • Daud is a beloved friend.
  • Jamal - beauty, beauty or attractiveness.
  • Chechen names for men
  • Zaman - time, era, epoch.
  • Malik is the ruler, possessing, leading.
  • Mansour is victorious.
  • Fadl - honorary, venerable.
  • Sultan - sovereign, lord, king.
  • Shamil - encompassing, embracing, as well as the name of the legendary Chechen leader - Imam Shamil.

According to customs, the names of Chechen boys are given with a certain attitude and parting words. It is believed that the name reflects the character, will, spirit of its bearer. Therefore, names with a strong-willed and courageous orientation are most popular.

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