Infancy is the immaturity of an adult

Infancy is the immaturity of an adult
Infancy is the immaturity of an adult

The maturity of a person is difficult to determine, especially if you have no experience of interacting with him in a situation of shared responsibility. But sometimes immaturity is simply evident. And more often we meet her among the female representatives. And we are not talking about situations of mental illness, just the behavior of such women and girls is normal - but not age-appropriate. And it's not about the pink bears that she attached to her purse, everything is much more serious.

At the Center of the Universe

Infancy is, first of all, an internal refusal to recognize oneself as an adult. The most common symptom is "everything for me." In this case, the infantile girl believes that all events and people simply exist in order to help or hinder her, and also to set her on the right path.

infantilism is

Caution! Fatalism

Although this sign alone is not enough. Sometimes older peoplesubject to religious fatalism. And it's hard to argue with them. To the objection that it is impossible for all people to be given certain signs at the same time, you will receive the answer that nothing is impossible for God. Therefore, if you doubt, a mature person will give you this argument. And infantilism is the unwillingness to think deeper than usual, so an immature person will be confused in response to such criticism, and he is unlikely to mention God.

Victim position

infantile woman

Also, infantilism is the unwillingness to take responsibility. If an immature person makes a mistake, he will not admit it. Teachers say that in junior years, often in response to the question "Why are you not ready?" young students answer: "It happened so." The older they get, the more sophisticated the excuses become. However, this does not mean that the girls have matured psychologically, they just learned to throw off responsibility in ways more acceptable to society. A mature woman will say: "It's my fault that … I'm ready to do … Or other options at your discretion." An infantile woman will blame circumstances and will look like a victim of events or other people.

Deep Hunger

infantile girl

Still immature personalities talk a lot. And they hardly listen. Therefore, they often have problems with friends, especially if immaturity has dragged on. Everyone in childhood goes through a stage of interest only in themselves, but some cannot go further and learn to listen, and notonly speak. The underlying reason is that a person does not receive the type of information he needs in due time, and therefore the psyche cannot develop correctly. Infantilism is a kind of developmental delay. A good psychologist will help you recover, who will help you find ways to “get enough” of the necessary information. It literally works wonders, and finding a way on your own is often not easy. Moreover, an infantile person often cannot realize his problem.

Immaturity is often very attractive. This is immediacy, brightness of emotions and an alternative way of understanding that a person offers to others. So an immature person needs to be handled with care and tenderness to help him or her become psychologically mature.

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