Sights of Iraq: overview, history and interesting facts

Sights of Iraq: overview, history and interesting facts
Sights of Iraq: overview, history and interesting facts

This land, steeped in legends, is the birthplace of ancient civilizations. The eventful history of the country, an incredible number of architectural, religious and archaeological monuments make Iraq one of the most interesting places on our planet. And even the tragic events of recent decades could not prevent the development of tourism, although now it is not in the best condition.

Getting into a colorful country, the whole history of which is numerous wars, is very difficult, but the memories of an extreme journey will last a lifetime.

Iraq: attractions and general information

The Republic of Iraq, which is divided into 16 provinces, is headed by a president. The area of ​​the country is more than 441 thousand km2, its capital is located in Baghdad. Lying in the valley between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the Islamic State has the second largest oil reserves and the tenth largestdeposits of natural coal. Most of it is located in the continental subtropical climate zone with hot summers and warm winters. Life in a country of about 31 million people is subject to Sharia law, and when visiting it, one should take into account Muslim norms of behavior.

A state that can tell about highly developed civilizations and their rich history, today has become a hot spot on the planet. In Iraq, the sights of which were not spared by the war, the unstable political situation persists to this day. Unfortunately, not all historical and architectural monuments can now be found, since many were destroyed as a result of hostilities. We will focus on the most interesting and popular tourist sites:

  • Al-Askari Mosque.
  • Ziggurat of the moon god Nanna.
  • The tomb of the son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Ruins of Babylon.
  • Archaeological Museum.
  • Golden Mosque.

The long-suffering Al-Askari Mosque in Samarra

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When it comes to the main sights of Iraq, it is impossible not to note the Al-Askari Mosque, which suffered after the terrorist attack. The main Shiite temple of the country, built in the 9th century in the city of Samarra, is one of the most popular sites among tourists. The largest mosque, reconstructed several times, is protected by UNESCO and recognized as a national treasure of the Iraqis. The tomb, in which two imams rest, was famous for its golden dome about 68 meters high. Tounfortunately, as a result of a terrorist attack in 2006, it and two minarets were badly damaged, and restoration work was carried out for several years.

Now the dome no longer shines with luxury, but it still adorns the city landscape. Despite the fact that the beautiful mosque has become the epicenter of hostilities, it continues to attract pilgrims rushing to bow to the holy place.

Ziggurat of the moon god Nanna in Ur

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For four thousand years BC, life was in full swing on the territory of the ancient state. The pagan place of the priests, who conducted magical rituals and astronomical observations here, testifies to the Sumerian culture - a highly developed civilization, the secrets of which have not been discovered to this day. The lunar god Nanna descended into the ziggurat imitating a mountain, making his journeys through the night sky, where various gifts were presented to him.

A large tower with multi-tiered ledges-terraces, painted in different colors, is a bit like an Egyptian pyramid, on top of which there was a sanctuary of a deity. Researchers are amazed by the fact that a unique landmark in Iraq, built from ordinary bricks, was able to stand for such a huge period of time.

Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf

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One of the significant shrines of the Muslim world is the tomb of the son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad - Ali ibn Abu Talib. Initially, it appeared over his grave in the 10th century, but soon the mosque was destroyed by a terriblefire, and it took a long time to restore. Located on the main square of the city, it is an important landmark in Iraq, visited by thousands of pilgrims to honor the memory of the Imam. There is also a famous university that gave the world many preachers and scholars who have made a huge contribution to the development of Islam.

In 2004, fierce fighting took place in the city for three weeks between Shiites, who threatened to blow up the temple, and coalition troops, but the shrine with a golden gate and a gilded dome did not suffer very much, and traces of skirmishes are visible only on the facade of a religious monument.

Babylon ruins

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Perhaps there is not a single person who has not heard of Babylon and its unfinished tower. The ruins of the ancient city, appearing in historical and religious books, can be seen a hundred kilometers from Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. Sights (monuments of archeology), reminiscent of the past greatness of the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, attract tourists who dream of getting to know the oldest city in the world, where the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the palaces of Nebuchadnezzar and other wonders of the world were.

The majestic and influential center of ancient civilization, lying on the banks of the Euphrates, existed until the moment when it was captured by the Persian king Cyrus. Babylon has been gone for a long time, but the picturesque ruins silently tell about the power of the city of Babylon (that's what the Iraqis call it). Historical ruins with the remains of the residence of Nebuchadnezzar, the asph alt road, the royal ziggurat, the Ishtar gate attract the attention of archaeologists fromaround the world, who found out that there were more than 50 temples and 300 shrines where local gods were worshiped.

Today, this legendary site, considered the greatest archaeological site of all times and peoples, can be visited by every daredevil who decides to travel to Iraq that leaves a lasting impression.

Treasury of the country

The ancient city, which was once the main one in Mesopotamia, can rightly be called a real treasury of the country. The giant metropolis keeps a huge number of monuments, and among them it is impossible not to mention the Archaeological Museum - a recognized landmark of Iraq. His collection of approximately 10,000 priceless artifacts from Sumerian, Babylonian and other cultures will delight all history buffs. During the bombing, the museum was closed to visitors, but today it has reopened its doors to everyone.

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By order of former President Hussein, in 1983, the Al-Shahid monument was erected, located in the middle of an artificial lake. Dedicated to Iraqi soldiers, it consists of a tall turquoise dome that sparkles in the sun. Its two halves, between which the Eternal Flame burns, are displaced relative to each other, and below them there is an underground level with an exhibition complex, a museum and a library.

Golden Mosque in Baghdad

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Tourists who enter the country decide for themselves what to see in Iraq, but pass byThe Golden Mosque is not allowed in Baghdad. The ancient city is full of amazing architectural gems, but the historical building, richly decorated, attracts the eyes of vacationers.

The gilded domes of the magnificent building and eight minarets of different heights delight with luxury and grandeur. The entrances of the mosque are lined with colored tiles and mirrored stalactites, and the walls of the religious monument are decorated with calligraphic inscriptions made in fine Arabic script. Tourists will not be able to see the interior decoration and the tombs of the imams, since the entrance to the “infidels” is strictly prohibited, so they will have to admire the building, as if descended from the pages of an oriental fairy tale, from afar.

In our article, we tried to highlight the main and main sights of Iraq, but it is impossible to tell about all the monuments that the country that has seen a lot is famous for. Most often, the most desperate adrenaline lovers come here, however, tourists from different countries can already afford to visit the mysterious country and touch the secrets of ancient civilizations.

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