Fradkov Petr Mikhailovich: career and biography

Fradkov Petr Mikhailovich: career and biography
Fradkov Petr Mikhailovich: career and biography

The fates of children of famous politicians are different. Some of them make full use of their starting opportunities to achieve heights in various fields, others become rock musicians, actors, and still others simply disappear from the field of view of others. Among those who realized themselves in business is Petr Mikhailovich Fradkov, whose biography is the subject of this article.

Fradkov Petr Mikhailovich biography


Mikhail Efremovich Fradkov was born in 1950 in the Kuibyshev region in the small village of Kurumchi. In 1981 he graduated from the All-Union Academy of Foreign Trade. Prior to Perestroika, he served as deputy head of the Main Directorate of Supply of the State Committee for Economic Relations of the USSR.

The further career of Fradkov Sr. was no less impetuous. In particular, in 1992 he was already the Deputy Minister of the FES of Russia, and in 1997 he was appointed to head this department.

In 1998, M.E. Fradkov was elected chairman of the board of directors of Ingosstrakh, and soon hetook over as CEO of the company. In May 1999, he joined the government of S. Stepashin as the Minister of Trade of the Russian Federation.

The peak of Fradkov's career came in 2004, when he became the country's prime minister. Under him, an administrative reform was carried out, the monetization of social benefits, the national project "He alth" was launched, the housing and communal services reform began, etc.

In 2007, Fradkov Sr. turned to the President of Russia with a request for the resignation of his government. After it was accepted, he headed the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

At the moment, Mikhail Efimovich has been appointed director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies. Most likely, this is not the last position of this successful politician and manager.

Fradkov Petr Mikhailovich Russian export center

Pyotr Mikhailovich Fradkov: mother and brother

Our hero was born in the capital in 1978. He became the first-born in the family of Mikhail Efremovich and his wife Elena Olegovna. The mother of a businessman has a degree in economics. At one time she worked at the World Trade Center. Today, Elena Olegovna only takes care of her family.

In 1981, Pyotr Mikhailovich's brother Pavel was born, who is currently the deputy head of the President of the Russian Federation.


In 2000 Fradkov Petr Mikhailovich graduated from MGIMO with a degree in World Economy. He then entered graduate school and in 2006 defended his Ph.D. thesis on the integration of the Russian economy into the world economy.

In 2007, Pyotr Mikhailovich passedstudying at the business school of Kingston University (Great Britain, London). At the same time, he worked at the Academy of National Economy, operating under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Fradkov Petr Mikhailovich

Career start

In 2000-2004, having the qualification of an expert of the first category, Petr Mikhailovich Fradkov was appointed Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank in the United States. Then (2004–2005) he served as Deputy General Director of the Far Eastern Shipping Company.

In the next two years, Fradkov was:

  • First Deputy Directorate of Vnesheconombank of the USSR;
  • head of VEB's structured finance department.

One of the large joint-stock companies run by Petr Mikhailovich Fradkov is Exar. This is the state export credit agency of the Russian Federation, established in 2011 to support domestic exporters.

Besides, at the beginning of 2006 there was information that another large organization, to which Petr Mikhailovich Fradkov is related, is Vnesheconombank. She was confirmed, and it turned out that he was offered to become her deputy director.

Career in the past decade

Since June 2007 Fradkov Petr Mikhailovich has been Deputy Chairman of the state corporation better known as Vnesheconombank.

In the same year, he was included in the board of directors of JSC "Terminal" ("subsidiary" of "Aeroflot"), engaged in the construction of the 3rd terminal of the capital's Sheremetyevo airport.

What is Petr Fradkov doing today

The Russian Export Center is a state support instituteexport. It was created with the participation of the Russian government. Its mission is comprehensive assistance to exporters in the field of financial and non-financial issues, including organizing interaction with relevant ministries and other departments. It is carried out in a convenient and efficient single window format. For this purpose, EXIAR and Roseximbank JSC are integrated into the REC group headed by P. M. Fradkov.

Fradkov Petr Mikhailovich Vnesheconombank

Private life

Pyotr Mikhailovich is married to Victoria Igorevna Fradkova. His wife teaches at the Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia at MGIMO. The couple had a daughter in 2005.

Now you know who Pyotr Mikhailovich Fradkov is. According to experts, from the middle of the next decade the country will be ruled by a generation of politicians, public figures and managers born in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Most likely, this successful manager, who received an excellent education and already has an impressive list of high positions behind him, will be one of his brightest representatives.

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