Which is the largest petting zoo in Moscow?

Which is the largest petting zoo in Moscow?
Which is the largest petting zoo in Moscow?

The petting zoo is a great opportunity for children and animals to communicate through tactile sensations. This is an important experience in the life of every person, allowing you to get acquainted with wildlife. In such zoos, there is an opportunity not only to pet and hold its inhabitants, but also to feed animals and birds, which undoubtedly arouses the sincere delight of visitors.

The largest Moscow petting zoo

the largest petting zoo in moscow

Recently, islands of wildlife have been opened and are successfully functioning in many cities. That's what you call a petting zoo. The largest in Moscow is "Zveryushki". It opened not so long ago, in February 2016. It is located in the Vegas shopping and entertainment center on Kashirskoye Highway. To find it, you need to use the first entrance to the shopping center and go to the second floor. The price of visiting on weekdays is 350 rubles, on holidays and weekends - 400. Large families and pensioners can take advantage of a 50 percent discount. People with disabilities enter the zoo for free. Time spentinside - optional.

Zoo animals and their conditions

list of petting zoos in moscow and moscow region

Zveryushki is the largest petting zoo in Moscow. Covers an area of ​​450 sq. m. Visitors are presented with 25 species of various animals, from familiar domestic rabbits to exotic spiders and lizards.

For example, this is a ring-tailed lemur, a raccoon, a white fox, parrots of various breeds, funny mini-pigs, a flower bear.

All animals are daily examined by a professional veterinarian, kept clean, communication with them is not only pleasant, but also safe. Residents of the "Zveryushki" communicate with people from early childhood, so they are completely tame and good-natured, they can be hand-fed.

List of zoos

the largest petting zoo in moscow

List of petting zoos in Moscow and Moscow region with addresses:

  1. "Forest Embassy". A special kind of zoo, which provides not only communication with various representatives of the animal kingdom, but also educational programs and excursions. Located at: Markos Mall Shopping Center, 3rd floor, Altufevskoe shosse 70/1.

  2. "Children about animals" is located in Izmailovo on the street. Pervomayskaya, 42. Its inhabitants are domestic animals such as guinea pigs, parrots, piglets, etc.

  3. "Wonderful Paradise" presents visitors with dwarf goats, rabbits, pheasants, peacocks, chickens. Located on st. Ostrovityanova, ow. 10

  4. "Moskovsky" is not a fully petting zoo. The largest in Moscow in terms of its area. On the territory of the children's zoo there is a specially designated area for direct communication between visitors and residents of the zoo. Located at: st. Big Georgian, 1.

  5. "Animals as toys" - a network of zoos, which can be imagined as a petting zoo in Moscow, the largest in terms of the number of accommodation sites and their total area. Addresses:

    - Yasenevo district, Novoyasenevsky pr-t, 2A, building 1, 3rd floor;

    - Reutov, Nosovikhinskoe highway, 4, 3rd floor;

    - st. Borisovskie Prudy, 26, Klyuchevoi shopping mall.

  6. "Gorki" is located in the Kolomensky district in the village. Gorki. Will please visitors with communication with llamas, deer, raccoons, camel in the open air.

    best petting zoos in moscow
  7. "Exotic Park" on the 27th km of the Kaluga Highway will please its guests with a variety of animal species that live in spacious enclosures. Lemurs live on a separate island. There is an area for direct communication with rabbits, guinea pigs, ponies.

Brief description of popular petting zoos in Moscow

  1. The top petting zoos in Moscow invariably include "My Little World", which is located near the Tushinskaya metro station on the street. Tushinskaya, 8. The zoo is stylized as an island, where the famous Robinson Crusoe spent a lot of time. In the hall where the animals are located, caretakers are always on duty, who are well versed in the features of each ofpresented types of inhabitants. Little visitors will be prompted with the rules of behavior in the enclosures, they will tell you what actions are unacceptable in relation to the animals, how to properly feed the pets. Also, "My Little World", the "Khutorok" project, can be visited in Mytyschi, Sharapovsky pr-d, property 2.

  2. "Country of Enotia" and "Guys about animals". These petting zoos can be found at the following addresses: Golovinskoye Highway, Vodny shopping center and Izmailovsky shopping center, st. Pervomayskaya d. 2. Friendly coats and raccoons communicate with visitors with pleasure. Animals alternate during the day, going to rest, so it is impossible to meet tired animals there. You can also meet turtles, rabbits, goats.

  3. "Forest Embassy" - a petting zoo. The largest in Moscow is the recently opened "Zveryushki", but the "Forest Embassy" is not inferior to it in terms of variety of species, it also has spacious enclosures. The territory has its own forest laws. During the interactive game, any child can become a citizen of the embassy.

Rules of conduct

list of petting zoos in moscow and moscow region

When visiting any petting zoo - the largest in Moscow or a modest courtyard, you must always follow certain rules of conduct. If the zoo is located in a shopping center, then its visits must be strictly in shoe covers and without outerwear. It is forbidden to bring food with you. It is necessary to convey even to the smallest visitors that animals cannot be dropped, pinched, pulled by the tail and hair.Violation of these simple rules can not only harm the inhabitants of the zoo, but also provoke their aggression, which can lead to bites.


The best petting zoos in Moscow, judging by the feedback from visitors, are, first of all, those that keep well-groomed animals in spacious enclosures with ventilation and fresh air. Most Moscow zoos meet these requirements. The cost of visiting, as a rule, is small and affordable - 200-350 rubles. Children under 3 years old are admitted free of charge. Animal food can be purchased for 50 rubles (cup). With a friendly attitude towards the inhabitants of the petting zoo, communication with them will bring a lot of positive emotions to every person, regardless of age.

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