What is the UN emblem?

What is the UN emblem?
What is the UN emblem?

The United Nations has existed for more than half a century, but not everyone knows what its flag is, what the UN emblem is and what is the meaning of the image printed on a proudly waving flag near the headquarters in New York ?

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Symbol of reconciliation

The owners always put a certain message into various coats of arms and emblems. Depending on the orientation of the organization and its activities, the image becomes a method of identification. In the past, it was customary to put frightening elements on various coats of arms, to denote the successes and achievements of the owner. The emblem of the UN is intended to fully characterize the organization as a peacekeeping organization.It shows a map of the world enclosed in olive branches. The design of the emblem is white, and it is located on a blue background.

Meaning of individual elements on the emblem

The work of the Organization involves peacekeeping, assistance to countries in difficult situations, in the area of ​​natural disasters or military conflicts.

the un emblem symbolizes

Image of the map of the world, whichcontains the emblem of the UN, is designed to convey to everyone that any country and nation on the planet can count on help and support, and two branches of an olive tree, like palms embracing the Earth, symbolize peaceful thoughts. The olive branch is a kind of brand of peace and harmony.

What do the colors on the UN flag mean?

The color scheme itself, in which the UN emblem is made, symbolizes the purity of thoughts. And although there is no official confirmation that designers were guided by certain criteria when choosing colors, colors, their saturation, shades always have an impact on the perception of an image by a person. White color is usually associated with innocence, crystal purity. This is exactly the impression the designers were looking for when they designed the emblem for the United Nations. The whole world should have known that this structure is unbiased, does not represent the interests of any of its members and, in general, is absolutely impartial in its actions and judgments. The sky blue color of the flag is meant to show the strength and confidence as well as the loy alty and authority that this institution has.

Plant element

Since ancient Greece, the olive branch has been considered a kind of sign of prosperity and fertility. It was this plant that provided livelihood in an arid country with rocky soil and rather difficult living conditions. A good harvest of olives was vital for the whole country. In addition, according to legend, createdolive tree goddess Athena.

what is on the un emblem

In addition to Greek legends, the olive branch is also found in the Bible, its leaf was brought by a dove to Noah, which meant the end of God's wrath and the beginning of a new life in harmony with a higher power. Therefore, it is not surprising that this particular plant is depicted on the UN emblem.

History of Creation

Designed by Donald McLaughlin at the request of the General Assembly. Immediately after the founding of the UN, the organizers realized the need to have their own symbols and flag.

However, few people know that the modern emblem is not the only one. There were two options, the first was invented in 1945, but after some changes, a year later, the world saw the emblem of the UN, which the organization uses to this day.

At first glance, the coats of arms are not much different, but still they have difference. The first option provided that the world map is located in the figure in a more vertical position. At the moment it is an equidistance azimuth projection.The design for the emblem for the UN is also used as the official seal and design on the flag. This decision was made almost immediately after the approval of the Assembly.

un emblem and flag

Use of the flag and emblem

The seriousness and closeness of this organization is characterized by the fact that the UN emblem and flag should not be used without official permission. This decision was made in order to avoid illegal exploitation, as well as speculation withparties of unscrupulous organizations.To get access and permission, you must apply to the UN. To do this, write to their head office, or rather the Executive Secretary, who will submit a request for consideration to the UN Secretary General. The decision is made there, and based on it, the requester receives a response.


The approval of the flag as the emblem of the UN, occurred a little later than its creation. The resolution is dated October 20, 1947. The decision was then taken unanimously by all members of the General Assembly.The flag is a blue cloth with an image on it. The UN emblem can be located on one or both sides at once. There are no clear recommendations and instructions in this regard. However, it must be centered. The size of the flag and its shape are also not mandatory criteria. What does it mean? Both square and rectangular flags are allowed.

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