The world's largest bird. Who is she?

The world's largest bird. Who is she?
The world's largest bird. Who is she?

The question of which bird is the largest cannot be answered unambiguously. You must first define the criteria. The answer can be completely different - it all depends on the selected parameters.

The ostrich is the largest bird in terms of weight and height

world's largest bird

The largest living bird in the world is the American ostrich. The weight of an adult individual can reach 180 kg at a height of 2 meters 70 centimeters. Ostriches also own another record: the diameter of the eyes of these birds is 5 centimeters, and the weight of both eyes often exceeds the weight of the brain of this bird.

Ostriches are flightless birds. This is due to the structure of their body. They have no keel, ostriches have small wings and poorly developed pectoral muscles. But these birds are excellent runners with strong long legs. One of the fingers on each limb ends in a horny growth. The ostrich leans on this "hoof" while running. All these devices allow him to reach speeds of up to 70 km/h.

the largest bird in the world. Ostrich leg

The main food of ostriches is shoots, seeds, fruits and flowers. But with pleasure they eat small insects, and even rodents and reptiles. Ostriches don't have teeth, and that's why fooddigested faster, they have to swallow stones and pieces of wood. Sometimes iron gets into the stomach of these birds.

What ostriches suffered for

The body of an ostrich is covered with beautiful loose feathers. The exceptions are the head and neck, hips and "breast callus". Most often, males have black plumage, females are usually painted in gray-brown tones. This curly plumage led to the active extermination of these birds.

The fashion for ostrich feathers, decorating men's hats and women's hairstyles, headdresses and other accessories, has led to the fact that the largest bird in the world is endangered. Shooting for feathers has led to a sharp reduction in individuals in nature.

Man is a threat and salvation

Ostrich farms around the world help to preserve and increase the number of these unusual majestic birds. It turned out that ostriches live very well in captivity. The world's largest bird has adapted even to Russian frosts.

The breeding of these birds is very profitable: they live for about 70 years, and retain reproductive functions until the age of 30. Ostrich meat competes with beef in terms of nutrient content; during the season, the female brings up to 45 eggs. And each such testicle weighs an average of about 1.5-2 kg. The shell also comes into play. Craftsmen make various souvenirs from it, even caskets. The pen is still used today to make theatrical costumes and props.

The largest flying bird in the world

Albatross and condor are considered the largest birds that can fly. Their wingspan- 3.5 meters, sometimes reaches 4 meters. But the championship still belongs to albatrosses. The weight of an adult bird reaches 13 kg.

Interesting facts about albatrosses

largest flying bird
  • In search of food, they travel long distances. This largest bird in the world, hovering over the sea, has a very developed sense of smell. Therefore, the albatross hunts more often at night. It feeds on carrion, molluscs, plankton, fish and crustaceans.
  • Love albatrosses and food scraps from ships. Therefore, they often accompany ships, flying far from the coast. Sailors consider these birds to be storm harbingers. Before a storm, they fly over the water in search of food thrown up by the sea.
  • The average lifespan of these birds is 10-20 years. But in nature there are also 50-year-old individuals. Albatrosses prefer to nest in colonies. Although they are solitary birds, a colony settlement is safer.

Which flying bird is the heaviest?

what is the largest bird

This record belongs to the bustard. The weight of this bird, capable of taking off, reaches 19 kg. Currently, this species is listed in the Red Book. Its restoration is difficult, since the bustard breeds poorly in captivity. A nursery for breeding this species has been operating in the Saratov region for about 30 years.

Sensational discoveries of scientists

In 1980, scientists discovered the remains of the largest flying bird that lived on Earth more than 6 million years ago. They called this extinct species Argentavis magnificens, since excavations were carried out on the territorymodern Argentina. A stuffed animal of this giant bird is on display at the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles.

the largest bird

The largest bird in the world weighed about 80 kg and had a wingspan of up to 8 m. One of its feathers was about 1.5 m long and its width was about 20 centimeters. The heavy weight made it difficult to fly. But, using ascending air currents, Argentavis magnificens could rise to a height of about 3 km and fly over 200 km. At the same time, he did not even need to flap his wings. Scientists suggest that ancient birds used hills to take off.

Experts have found that giant ancient birds were predators and fed on small land animals the size of a rabbit. The structure of the jaws and beak did not allow chewing food or tearing it into pieces. They simply swallowed the animal whole.

Thus, there are several answers to the question of which bird is the largest. This once again illustrates the diversity of species in nature.

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