The origin of the name Alexander obliges him to match

The origin of the name Alexander obliges him to match
The origin of the name Alexander obliges him to match

There is no such month in the year that Alexander does not have a name day. If in January and February it is only one day - the 7th, then, for example, in March and June - six days each, on which Alexanders can celebrate their name days. This suggests, perhaps, that this is the most common male name, and the origin of the name Alexander should be of interest to many. And given that it is found in many countries and sounds the same in different languages, then it can also be called international.

Name in different ways

The origin of the name Alexander is ancient Greek. It consists of two words: "protect" and "man", therefore, in translation it means "protector". Despite its foreign origin, in Russian it has a great many modifications: Sasha, Sashko, Sashura, Shurik, Shura, Shurochka, Sanya, Sanya, Sanya, Sashunya, Sashulya. Even foreign forms of this name are widespread among us, such as Sandro, Sano and Alex.

Pros and cons

origin of the name Alexander

The very origin of the name Alexander obliges its bearers to be strong, he althy and persistentmen. Otherwise, how can you protect? Alexandrov's mothers need to know that, despite some sickness of their sons in childhood, it is vital for these children to go in for physical education, and then they will fully justify the meaning of their name. They are very inquisitive, they are also distinguished by a rich imagination. If anyone will constantly take care of their loved ones and take care of them, then it is Alexander, whose secret name also speaks of his destiny. Persistence and purposefulness will be enough for him in full, unless, of course, he is sometimes too self-confident. For all the stamina of his character, any violation of plans unsettles him, but instead of quickly solving the problem, Alexander begins to identify the guilty, forgetting to look for the cause of failures in himself, or at least simply admit his mistake. He may have a difficult relationship with alcohol. No persuasion will work on him until he himself makes a decision, or an event occurs in life that can stop him. And yet, the owners of this name go to fate in the favorites - they are very often just lucky.

Alexander and others

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The very first of all known Alexanders was the king of Macedonia. And sometimes it is with him that the origin of the name Alexander is associated and his popularity in all subsequent times. By the way, such a man is really capable of being a good leader, innate sanity helps him in this. He is not afraid to manage a team and treats all employees fairly, knowing how to appreciate the work of each.With women, Alexander is charm itself. His courtesy, courtesy, friendliness affect the weaker sex flawlessly. He will give the girl flowers and compliments, he will swear love and fidelity. He will do so with complete sincerity and honesty. But after a while, Alexander will repeat all this for another person.

Alexander the mystery of the name

Suitable for everyone

Alexander! What other name can sound so solemn, confident and at the same time gentle? The newly born Prince of Great Britain also has Alexander in his triple name (full name: George Alexander Louis). Among the Russian emperors, three bearers of this name ruled the country in the 19th century. And who does not know Alexander Pushkin or Alexander Suvorov? There are a lot of famous owners of this name, and even more unknown ones. In our country, the name Alexander is most often passed down from father to son: it is Alexandrov Alexandrovich that we have more than any other combinations of the same root name and patronymic.

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