Wearable emergency stock: composition, purpose, how to make and the necessary set of tools

Wearable emergency stock: composition, purpose, how to make and the necessary set of tools
Wearable emergency stock: composition, purpose, how to make and the necessary set of tools

Probably every survivalist (a supporter of the theory that any person at any moment may need to fight for his life) has heard about NAZ. However, many ordinary people who do not belong to this subculture also carry NAZ in their pocket, purse or purse without even thinking about it. But still, it would be useful to talk about this in more detail.

What is NAZ?

First, let's decipher the popular abbreviation. NAZ - wearable emergency stock. The term first appeared among pilots. It was they who, in the event of an aircraft breakdown (or damage during hostilities), ended up in wild territory or on land controlled by the enemy. Sometimes the best tactic is to stay near the aircraft. And at other times - move away from him as far as possible. It is for such cases that a wearable emergency supply is provided. On the one hand, it is quite compact. On the other hand, having it at hand, you can often survive even in very hostile circumstances for humans.

With suchyou won't get lost

But recently the abbreviation NAZ has become popular not only among pilots. You can hear it in the conversations of many survivors, or preppers. Having such a set on hand is a rule of good form for representatives of this subculture, slightly paranoid.

The set can be very different. But it always includes items that you may need at any time and therefore should be on hand.

Typical survivalist NAZ

First, consider the composition of the wearable emergency supply, which is most often found in ordinary survivalists, who spend most of their time in large cities, in a society of people who often do not share their views.

Most newcomers try not to reinvent the wheel - why, if the military and special forces have long ago compiled the optimal survival kit?

Therefore, in such stocks you can often see medicines, water disinfection tablets, a steel or magnifying glass, a life blanket, fishing tackle, chemical light sources, a small snack, and much more. Most often, such a number of items takes up a considerable volume. In order to be able to carry it, many survivalists purchase a small backpack, which they fill to capacity with useful things, without which they try not to leave the house. Very often there are objects decorated in military style.

Pretty compact

Alas, most do not know how to use the available items and do not even think about what to use mostall this just won't have to.

How to make a pocket NAZ for the city?

Experienced people are trying to create a wearable emergency supply with their own hands. They do not use standard guidelines, relying on their own habits and common sense.

Wearing a backpack to go to work or on a business trip is not the best solution. Therefore, one of the main requirements for NAZ is that it should be compact and fit into the pockets of a jacket or jeans without being too conspicuous. So what should it include?

First of all, medicines. Those that you use yourself, as well as your loved ones. You can also add the most important ones like validol and a powerful general pain reliever. Even if you yourself do not use validol, there may be a chance to save the life of a person who becomes ill near you. It would also be useful to put a few disposable patches here - no one canceled calluses or small cuts.

You don't have to carry a whole first aid kit. It is better to take 2-4 tablets of each drug. It is unlikely that you will use more drugs at one time. And you can replenish stocks at home or by going to any pharmacy.

Also, documents or their copies should always be at hand. This is an iron rule and is not even discussed. This also includes a certain amount of money - at least about a thousand rubles. Taxi fares, urgent purchases and other small items may incur costs.

The next step is the flashlight. Many smartphones are equipped with an LED flash to light the way, but they usually run out of power at the verywrong time. Therefore, a powerful, light and compact flashlight will be quite useful.

Take a few needles and two or three meters of black and white thread. Also, threads in the color of the clothes you usually wear will be useful.

Finally, the knife. It is not necessary to take a huge cleaver in the style of Rimbaud or Dundee from famous films. A regular folding knife from Opinel, NOKS or Kizlyar is much better. Inexpensive, high-quality and compact, they will fit in any pocket and will not attract unnecessary attention.

Elegant and simple

As you can see, everything will easily fit in a pocket or a maximum of two. And such a reserve can be useful in a variety of cases.

What is included in the tourist NAZ?

Tourist's emergency wearable should be more extensive. Which is understandable - he leaves the city for whole days and even weeks. Therefore, buying the necessary things in the store or taking it when you go home will not work.

At the same time, NAZ should be light and compact - there is no extra space in the backpack, and no one wants to carry extra cargo.

First of all, this should include food stock. 200 grams of chocolate and about 200 grams of sublimates. That's enough to eat a fairly satisfying meal for a couple of days.

Easy to fit in pockets

Also, the kit should contain water disinfectants - "Aquatabs" or at least simple potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate). Good water is not always available.

Of course, we must not forget about the first aid kit. In addition to all medicines (they needtake already a pack, and not two tablets) it should contain a tourniquet, several bandages, a flask of alcohol, a hemostatic sponge.

A knife and a lantern are quite expected tourist companions. But you can already take a larger lantern, and a fixed knife is better. A good choice would be the Swedish Mora, domestic NOX and hundreds of other brands that differ in size, price and other indicators.

Half a dozen hunting matches, sealed in plastic for water resistance, should also be in your pocket.

Everything you might need

It would be useful to take a rescue blanket - a very versatile thing that fits easily into your pocket and weighs a few grams.

NAZ for car enthusiast

If you often travel by car, then creating a small NAZ is also worth it. Of course, the car usually has everything you need anyway - a first aid kit, tools, a cable, a spare tire and much more. But it will be very useful to supplement this standard set.

First of all, this is a shovel and an ax - if you at least sometimes go to the forest or just off-road.

You can throw a two-liter bottle of water under the seat or in the trunk - so that it is in reserve. Some experienced motorists also carry with them the IRP - an army ration, which is enough for a day of tasty and satisfying food. Yes, usually on a long trip you can stop by a roadside cafe. But if this suddenly turns out to be impossible, such a supply will be quite useful.

In general, a motorist is not as constrained in the weight and dimensions of NAZ as a tourist, so he canafford and other useful items.

Reserve for pilots

A pilot's wearable emergency supply is carefully designed and selected. There are no random items here - many are multifunctional. For example, the Taiga knife can be used as an axe, machete, knife, shovel, wrench, ruler. And in some modifications - as a butt for weapons.

NAZ pilots

Also, NAZ pilots include a small amount of high-calorie food and water. Be sure to have means of making fire (special matches) and means of signaling - a rocket launcher and a smoke bomb. And of course, not without weapons.

Buy or make your own?

Specialized stores offer a wide range of NAZs. But experienced users try to collect them themselves. In this case, you can customize the set to suit your specific needs. Yes, and it is much cheaper.

Compactness is very important

Additional plus - you can use quality items. After all, manufacturers, trying to increase profits, usually complete sets with the cheapest tools. Therefore, they can let you down at the most inopportune time.

Terms of Use

When starting NAZ, do not forget certain rules. For example, medicines must be constantly updated - at least once every six months. Then you will definitely not find yourself in a situation where you have to choose between using expired drugs or staying without them.

In general, you can use NAZ only in the most extreme cases. It's ironrule - if you can do without using it, then you should do it.


This concludes our article. Now you know how to make a wearable emergency supply for different people. We also learned a little about the rules for compiling and about what NAZs are. It is possible that this information will help you one day.

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