The beauty of the underwater world of the seas: photo

The beauty of the underwater world of the seas: photo
The beauty of the underwater world of the seas: photo

The depths of the ocean are amazing and incomparable in their beauty. Photographers, overcoming fear, panic, excitement and low temperatures, plunge into the waters of the seas and oceans to capture amazing pictures of the mysterious underwater life.

The beauty of the underwater world of the seas is unique, magnificent and delightful.

Underwater world

This world fascinates absolutely everyone, especially those who observed this miracle with their own eyes. This is a completely different dimension. It is home to a wide variety of colorful fish, shellfish, starfish, sharks and rays. In this amazing underwater kingdom, rocks and grottoes, as well as gardens consisting of colorful corals and a wide variety of algae, show their magnificence.

Probably there is not a single person who would not want to plunge into this magical kingdom and at least for a while be its inhabitant. It has its own laws and rules that must be followed in order to survive. Plunging into the study of this fairy-tale world, you should remember that without the necessary minimum skills, doing this is quite dangerous.

Red Sea

Beauty of the Red Sea

The beauty of the underwater world of this purest sea is indescribable. This is a true paradise. Fish in the waters of the Red Sea with their unprecedented colors resemble flowers, and corals are a real fantasy. The warm waters of the sea, filled with vibrant life, bright colors and radiant light, never cease to amaze both professional divers and snorkeling tourists.

Next, you can look at the beauties of the underwater world (we offer photos of them in this article) on the example of several paradise places in the Red Sea.

blue hole

The Blue Hole (Dahab) is a round-shaped failure with a diameter of 50 m, a depth of more than 100 m. It was formed in a coral reef. This hole is located near the shore. The path, which takes about thirty minutes, runs along a steep picturesque wall, richly decorated with a variety of underwater plants. The Blue Hole itself is made up of many different types of coral.

Reef Thomas

Reef Thomas. The beauty of the underwater world can also be felt in this place, located near Sharm El Sheikh. This place can please not only with the colorful corals, meetings with turtles, trevally and goopers. The most interesting is at a depth of more than 35 meters. There is a crack going down to a depth of about 109 meters. This is Thomas Canyon. Passing along it through three arches and looking up from the water column, you can witness the amazing glow created by sunlight.

The Dahlag Archipelago is the place wherethe oldest reefs and shipwrecks in the Red Sea. The archipelago is a national park of Eritrea, where only four of the two hundred islands are inhabited by people. Diving into the depths of the sea near Dohul Island, you can watch the life of green turtles, dugongs, sharks, as well as follow hedgehogs and starfish. There are also coral gardens (hard and soft) that are home to rays, barracudas, reef sharks and turtles.

Sea dwellers


All the beauty of the underwater world of this hot exotic state can be seen on the Phi Phi Islands, located two hours sailing from Phuket in the direction of Krabi. The underwater world of this heavenly place can be seen by everyone, even without scuba gear.

There are many beautiful places around the island, however, the best place for snorkeling is the area where Shark point is located. A lot of coral reefs, tropical exotic fish - all this is available for tourists. Sharks are literally swarming near the shore, and it is impossible not to meet them.

Underwater world of Thailand

The beauty of the underwater world of Kamchatka

Fascinating with its beauty and wonderful nature of the peninsula, located in the north-eastern part of Eurasia. Tourists from all over the world come here.

But the underwater world of this unique corner of the earth is much more diverse and richer than everyone used to think. This universe, hidden under powerful layers of water, was opened to people by documentaries by the famous French explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, who managed toto demonstrate the beauty of this amazing miracle of nature. The underwater world of the peninsula is as interesting and beautiful as the underwater kingdoms in many other corners of the Earth.

Inhabitants of the underwater world of Kamchatka


The world under water is a real fairy tale, full of magic and miracles. In the depths of the seas and oceans, literally everything comes to life. Huge expanses and marvelous creatures amaze with their beauty and originality. Looking at all this, it becomes clear that nature is an excellent creator of miracles, which cannot be compared with any work created by man.

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