Kindness will save the world. Love will save the world. Children will save the world (photo)

Kindness will save the world. Love will save the world. Children will save the world (photo)
Kindness will save the world. Love will save the world. Children will save the world (photo)

Helping others, especially if they are weaker or for some reason in trouble, is not only commendable, but also obligatory for every member of society. Misfortune can happen to anyone, which is why it is so important that if something happens, there are people nearby who are ready to help. Such assistance can be both material and moral. This is usually done by various charitable organizations, but it is good when each person is so empathic that he is ready to respond to a call for help on his own.

Charity events

Charity is such a broad concept that it is difficult to describe everything related to it. Under the slogan "Kindness will save the world!" fundraisers are held to help cancer patients, to treat other diseases, collect clothes for orphanages, animal feed, etc. For example, not so long ago, a campaign was held in Dnepropetrovsk where volunteers cooked delicious food and fed the homeless during the day. More than 50 people who had not seen hot food for a long time were fed. Unfortunately, the action ended there, and people remained in the status of homeless, since there are a very small number of shelters of this kind.type. But still…

Kindness will save the world

Animal shelters

Shelters are organized for homeless animals. A number of them exist in ordinary private houses, and sometimes in apartments. Volunteers acquire everything necessary for keeping animals, engage people in buying food and participating in the life of the shelter, and most importantly, they are looking for those who are ready to take the animals permanently or at least for overexposure. Many shelters negotiate with veterinary clinics about discounts for the provision of services. After all, animals are so often maimed on the streets that even a third of them will be very expensive to treat. Groups are being created on social networks in which they post photos of injured and abandoned cats and dogs for clarity. An electronic wallet is created for each of them, where those who wish to transfer funds. The group makes a weekly report on where the money went by providing checks. Volunteers are also given the opportunity to bring food and other necessary household items, shampoos for dogs, leashes to the shelter. After all, kindness will save the world only when people themselves want it.

Save the world pictures


When we say that music means a lot to every person on Earth, we put a different meaning into it. For some, listening to music is a daily ritual that seems to be of little importance. And for some, the world of sounds and rhythms becomes a real window into life. For example, very often evenings of classical music are held for children who are blind from birth. In it they find what is missing forthem in other moments of life - harmony with oneself. No wonder they say that music will save the world. True connoisseurs - composers, singers, conductors - understand that they can attract the attention of anyone, if they just want it a little. The maestro is able to inspire a person who is ready to give up because of the ups and downs of fate, to a new step, an upsurge. Music changes our mood, allows us to dream, create and act. What, besides her, can so influence the child's imagination? Music delights and makes the world more beautiful, purer and stronger.

Music will save the world

About love

It's been a long time since the Beatles wrote their famous song "All you need is love". Of course, what else could be so necessary for a person? Love will save the world, because only it makes a person strong and weak at the same time, makes you become better for someone else, awakens altruism. The no less famous now group "Muse" also speaks a lot about this feeling. "Love is all resistance", they sing in one of the tracks. And this is also true, love is our only resistance, what distinguishes us from animals and from others like us. Each feeling is priceless and unique. True love can be carried through life, and this will only beautify its "carrier" and make people around him better. Care and tenderness of one person to another, self-giving, understanding and respect - this is the key to happy love. Thanks to this feeling, families are created, the human race continues. Not only songs and poems are written about love, but also books full of philosophy and personalexperiences. This is the main source of inspiration for creative people.

Love will save the world

Children will save the world

Speaking of love and procreation, one cannot fail to mention the meaning of children. When they say the phrase: "Children will save the world" (photos on the topic of this slogan, by the way, are the most numerous), it means that great hopes are placed on them. Parents always believe that the life of their offspring will turn out better than their own, that their children will not repeat their mistakes. It is a pity, but most often these hopes are not justified. Nevertheless, the purity of children and the naivety of their thinking allows us to say that kindness will save the world if it is childish kindness. After all, their manifestations of tenderness are so sincere that they touch not only their parents, but also everyone around them. Therefore, various shows are created in which kids say what they think about such phenomena as love, friendship, marriage, family. Their responses are both funny and touching. It is children who make the world more beautiful and kinder.

Children will save the world, photo


The concept of patriotism has long been distorted. Unfortunately, the new generation does not believe in their country. This can be seen from the statistics provided annually by social organizations. Previously, there were much more patriots, people honored the traditions and merits of their homeland. Therefore, social actions are now very necessary to increase the level of citizenship and patriotism of the population. In the slogan "Russia will save the world!" we should see not empty pathos, but a call to action. Raising one's own cultural level, education and erudition onlycontribute to the solution of this important problem of our time. In addition, patriotism should be nurtured from childhood.

Development of patriotism

First, the foundations of socialization are laid for a small child in the family. The cell of society becomes the first institution where the personality of the future citizen is formed. If from the very beginning you instill in a child that everyone around is dissatisfied with some socio-political problems in the country, he will develop a negative opinion about his homeland. Therefore, even at the family table, it is worth choosing expressions to assess the objectivity of what is happening around. We should emphasize more the advantages of the current state of the state, talk about its rich history.

Save the World! Pictures

On various information resources you can find many articles on the topic of charity. All of them make a person think that perhaps the world has really become more cynical, and it's time to start restoring moral norms and ethical values. Only then kindness will save the world in the person of each new member of society, when everyone will begin to think about the common good. The hippies weren't that bad when they talked about world peace, it's just that their actions weren't rational.

Russia will save the world

A lot of pictures and photos on the networks remind us that the world is beautiful, and it is worth making every effort to make it even better. In addition, the optimism and sense of unity that these images bring cannot but cheer up. On a cold rainy morning you can look at the screenyour mobile phone, from where the eyes of a child will look at you, holding out his hand to you, and you will immediately feel better at heart. If everyone strives for charity and simple good deeds, we will truly save the world.

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