Bouquet of wild flowers: gentle charm

Bouquet of wild flowers: gentle charm
Bouquet of wild flowers: gentle charm
bouquet of wild flowers

Big-eyed daisies, piercing blue cornflowers, delicate crocuses, dazzlingly burning poppies… Each of us has our favorite wildflowers. Probably, every woman sometimes prefers a modest bouquet of wild flowers, presented for no reason at all, just like that, to an official bouquet of solemn roses. Because simple flowers, collected without the help of professional florists, most often express the most sincere feelings: tenderness, love, affection. Beautiful bouquets of wild flowers can be made from anything: the more different plants, the more luxurious and magnificent the bouquet. Field carnations, forget-me-nots, yellow and white "porridge", long spikelets and blades of grass will look great in a ceramic vase. And if you make a bouquet of wild flowers correctly, you can deeply touch the heart of your beloved. The word "correct" does not imply the accuracy of the combination of plants, a certain length or splendor of the composition. correctflowers are the ones that we like, that cheer up or remind us of childhood, first love, first romantic date.

How to give wildflowers

photo bouquet of wild flowers

A bouquet of wild flowers is a wonderful, very touching sign of attention, but it is not always appropriate. It's nice to find a small bouquet of forget-me-nots on your pillow early in the morning, but getting them on your birthday or wedding anniversary is a dubious pleasure. This is the first rule. There is one more thing. Before presenting a bouquet of wild flowers to your beloved (or mother, sister, employee), find out which plants she loves the most and which ones she cannot stand. Your loved one will not be able to appreciate the sign of attention that causes her allergies. The third and last rule: you should not wrap a bouquet collected in a field or in a forest in luxurious wrappers. Simple flowers are beautiful without additional decorations. In order to collect a bouquet of wild flowers, there are no rules. Large armfuls of flowers of the same species look great: daisies with a yellow center, burning poppies, yellow colza, snow-white "porridge". You can decorate them with a few sprigs of simple green grass or fluffy spikelets, or you can give them without any decorations. The heart is touched by a bouquet composed of a variety of plants found in the steppe. Motley and bright, it does not look like polished flowers from salons, carefully selected by florists. Look at the photo: a bouquet of wild flowers looks even better than large garden roses with petals painted with brilliant varnish.

beautiful bouquets of wild flowers

How to keep the bouquet longer?

In order for wild flowers to please the eye for a long time, you need to collect only those that tolerate indoor conditions well: bluebells, forget-me-nots, cornflowers, chamomile. Ivan tea and dandelions will wither in an hour, and this must be taken into account. Picked flowers should be carefully cut, put in a vessel so that they are not cramped. You can add a few drops of fertilizer for indoor flowers to the water. And further. Many wild flowers are listed in the Red Book, so a large fine is imposed for their collection. When going for a bouquet for your beloved, make sure that you do not break the law and do not expose the lady of your heart to the risk of a fine or an explanation with the foresters or rangers.

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