Actress Cameron Diaz: biography, films, personal life. Star Book

Actress Cameron Diaz: biography, films, personal life. Star Book
Actress Cameron Diaz: biography, films, personal life. Star Book

Cameron Diaz is a talented actress, the existence of which the world learned thanks to the film project "The Mask", which was released in 1994. Over the past years, the spectacular blonde not only got rid of the role of the protagonist's close girlfriend, but also became a real Hollywood star. What interesting facts are known about her personal life and career?

Cameron Diaz Biographical Note

The actress, whom the press forever dubbed the "Hollywood cutie", was born in 1972 in San Diego. Among the ancestors of Cameron Diaz there are British, Germans and even Mexicans. The blonde has an older sister, with whom she has been friends throughout her life due to the similarity of characters.

Cameron Diaz

Despite her angelic appearance, the girl was a naughty child from an early age, constantly fighting with the neighborhood children. With age, the character of Cameron Diaz has not changed much. As a teenager, she didn't stop providing her parents with reasons to worry. The star made dubious acquaintances,she preferred such a musical direction as metal, and did not tolerate encroachments on her own freedom. However, the mother did not limit her daughter in choosing her favorite music, she often accompanied her on trips to Ozzy Osbourne's concerts.

It is interesting that becoming an actress was not at all part of the plans of little Cameron Diaz. She was rather attracted to the animal world, as evidenced by the home mini-zoo, which was inhabited not only by dogs and cats, but also by mice with snakes. However, the blonde did not become a zoologist.

First successes

Cameron was offered to try her hand as a model by the photographer of the Elite agency, having accidentally met her at a party. Already at the age of 16, "cutie" signed the first contract in her life and began to participate in the creation of commercials. Her daily earnings could reach 2 thousand dollars.

Cameron Diaz book

Films with Cameron Diaz fans can now watch also by the will of fate. The scenario of "Mask" caught her eye by accident, but she was so captivated by the girl that she decided to get to the casting. The applicant’s lack of acting experience did not bother the creators of the comedy, thanks to her external data, the blonde got the role, becoming the girlfriend of the famous Jim Carrey. After the release of the film, 22-year-old Diaz literally woke up famous.

Best movie roles

It is difficult to choose the most successful of the pictures in which Cameron took part. In the romantic comedy "Best Friend's Wedding," she played a fragile girl, ready to fight for an elusive love. In Charlie's Angels, Diaz transforms intoa cool and self-confident young lady-super agent, who is fluent in innovative weapons and hand-to-hand combat techniques.

Cameron Diaz movies

The thriller Vanilla Sky, in which she acts as the abandoned bride of Tom Cruise's character, helped the actress get rid of the role of "cutie". Her role in Gangs of New York cannot be called frivolous, as the heroine Cameron Diaz finds herself at the epicenter of the struggle of warring criminal gangs.

Audiences who love romantic comedies with happy endings will love The Exchange Holiday, which stars an American star as one of the main characters. The heroine Diaz changes houses with a friend for the sake of fresh impressions that do not keep you waiting. The comedy "Bad Teacher" will help to improve a bad mood, where the blonde acts as a sexual hunter for rich husbands.

Writing experience

Journalists and fans have been interested in the secrets of the beauty and he alth of the star for many years. Cameron Diaz's book, written with her direct participation, answers such questions in detail.

Literature, which was a surprise that the actress made to her fans, does not offer general recommendations regarding proper nutrition. It will be of interest to those readers who want to know what happens with a piece of cake that they allow themselves at dinner. "Cute" is convinced that it is her Body Book that will help people develop he althy habits.

Cameron Diaz in his youth

Private life

It's no secret thatCameron Diaz was a loving girl in her youth. She met with such stars as Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake, Alex Rodriguez. At the moment, the actress has found family happiness thanks to her husband Benji Madden. Husband Cameron is also an actor, the couple has no children yet.

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