Traian Basescu: impeachments, biography

Traian Basescu: impeachments, biography
Traian Basescu: impeachments, biography

Traian Basescu - President of Romania from 2004 to 2014, currently deprived of Moldovan citizenship. The newly elected Moldovan President I. Dodon believes that Basescu, when obtaining citizenship, violated the current legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

Traian Basescu: biography

The Romanian city of Basarabi, where the future president was born on November 4, 1951, is now renamed Murfatlar. Trajan's father was a military officer.

After graduating from the Institute of Civil Navigation (Constanta) in 1976, Traian Basescu took the captain's bridge of a large-tonnage vessel at the Navrom trade agency.

In 1987 he was appointed head of the agency in Antwerp.

In 1989, he took over as Director General of the State Inspectorate for Civil Navigation, established by the Romanian Ministry of Transport.

Traian Basescu

In April 1991, Basescu took over as Minister of Transport. With two breaks, he headed the Romanian Ministry of Transport until mid-2000

Victory in the local election campaign of 2000 allowed him to become the mayor of the Romanian capital in the month of June.

President Election

12.12.2004 TrajanBasescu, whose photo was on the front pages of various periodicals, became the winner of the second round of the presidential elections.

He was an ardent pan-Romanian and supporter of European integration. Without waiting for Romania to join the European Union, in 2005 he came up with a plan to unite the country with Moldova. However, Moldovan leaders were skeptical about this project.

1.01.2007 Romania joined the European Union.

In April 2007, a special parliamentary commission revealed the fact that the head of the Romanian state exceeded the powers granted to him by the constitution.

First impeachment

Based on the commission's findings, the parliament announced the impeachment of the president. Three hundred and thirty-two deputies and senatorial votes were cast for impeachment, although this required only 235 votes. 108 voters in parliament did not support the impeachment.

traian basescu president of romania

19.05.2007 the question of the president's resignation was put to a referendum. The results showed that 75 percent of Romanian citizens wished to keep the country's president in office.

2009 re-election

In December 2009, Traian Basescu made it to the second round of the presidential elections, where he scored 50.33 percent.

At the end of 2010, he announced that unification with Moldova could be carried out in the next twenty-five years, but later this statement was disavowed.

During the 70th anniversary of the launch of the Barbarossa plan,The Romanian President came out in defense of the dictator Antonescu, justifying his actions of seventy years ago. In particular, he supported Antonescu's decision to issue the order of 06/22/1941, on the basis of which the Prut River was forced and the border between Romania and the Soviet Union was violated.

Such a statement led to a diplomatic row between our country and Romania at the end of June 2011.

traian basescu biography

January 2012 was remembered by the Romanian people for mass protests expressing dissatisfaction with the proposed reform of the he althcare system. The slogans of the protesters called for the resignation of the government and the president.

The result of these actions was the resignation of the government of E. Bock.

Second impeachment

6.07.2012 The Romanian parliament again impeached the country's president. The decision was made by 258 deputies' votes. One hundred and fourteen deputies and senators out of 432 voted against.

Crin Antonescu, chairman of the Romanian National Liberal Party, who headed the Romanian National Liberal Party, was temporarily appointed to act as president.

traian basescu photo

The impeachment referendum was held on 07/29/2012. The day before, Traian Basescu called on Romanians to boycott the referendum.

Impeachment was supported by 87 percent of those who voted, but since the turnout was low (only 46 percent of the population), the results of the referendum were declared invalid.

After the Romanian Constitutional Court invalidated the results of the referendum,President Basescu resumed his duties.

In the summer of 2012, Traian Basescu, in relation to the former King Mihai, made the statement "Russian lackey", for stopping cooperation with Hitler in 1944, arresting Antonescu and opening the front for Soviet troops. The President did not come to Mihai's parliamentary speech on his birthday. From the royal house after this conflict, critical voices were often heard regarding the policies pursued by the president.

In 2013, President Basescu expressed support for the idea of ​​holding a referendum on the return of the monarchy.

At the end of 2013, he announced his intention to create a single state with Moldova, which again did not find support from the Moldovan leadership.

05/10/2014 Romania closed its airspace without any explanation, as a result of which the government plane with Russian State Duma deputies under the leadership of Dmitry Rogozin could not take off from Transnistria after the Victory Day celebrations.

21.12.2014 Klaus Iohannis became President of Romania.

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